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From The Political Review

A Ring of Lies: Deconstructing the Green-Belt Fallacy

23 Feb 2016

Terms of the Debate... Iowa and Beyond

28 Jan 2016

Terrorism’s unintended consequences

19 Jan 2016

How ANC Corruption Is Destroying ‘The Rainbow Nation’

12 Jan 2016


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Gagging the Sock Puppet: Impact of Anti-Lobbying Clauses on Scientific Research

In 2012, a report on behalf of the Institute of Economic Affairs claimed to identify fundamental problems with the way government funding was used by many charities. The government is now including anti-lobbying clauses in grants, which could materially jeopardise the effectiveness of research.

12:00, 25th May 2016

Having a Laugh? The Parody Exception to Copyright Infringement

Parodies are an enigmatic force of comedy. Notoriously difficult to define with precision, parodies are something we ‘know when we see’. How does copyright law deal with something so difficult to define? When does a parody become so unacceptable that there should be no copyright exception?

12:00, 17th May 2016

The Case Against the Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act 1998 was greeted with much fanfare when it was announced. More than fifteen years on, the great constitutional change envisioned by the New Labour has turned sour, having failed to live up to its aims. Why has it gone wrong and how can we restore its noble vision?

12:00, 28th April 2016

Double Standards: Dual Nationality Passport Stripping

The Home Office has announced that the Asian-born perpetrators convicted of child sex exploitation in Rotherham will be stripped of their UK citizenship and deported at the end of their sentences. To what extent does the Home Secretary have such powers, and should they be used in this way?

12:00, 21st April 2016

From Farm to Fork: Legislating Against Food Waste

The Food Waste (Reduction) Bill, supported by Conservative, SNP, Liberal Democrat, and Green MPs comprises two broad objectives: to reduce food waste by individuals, businesses and public bodies, and for businesses to enter into formal agreements with food redistribution organisations.

12:00, 19th April 2016

Opening Pandora’s Box: Uncertainty in European Trade Mark Law

Over the years, the 'power' of trade marks has rapidly expanded. In 2016, trade marks are an invaluable asset to global business. However, the purpose of trade marks has become increasingly blurred. Are they designed to protect consumers or brand owners, and how well are they doing each?

12:00, 14th April 2016

General Data Protection Regulation:Triumph for Privacy or the End to Expression?

Due to come into force in the latter stages of 2018, some have already described the General Data Protection Regulation as “a milestone of the digital age”. We must celebrate that privacy law is now developing through the GDPR to allow effective protection of technology users, but at what cost?

12:00, 13th April 2016

Trade-based Money Laundering: The Need for an Effective Regulatory Framework

International trade providers a prime opportunity for criminals to launder illicit funds, and until recently, it has gone nearly entirely unnoticed. However, there is still a need for an effective regulatory framework to detect money laundering through trade. What could the FATF learn from the US?

12:00, 7th April 2016

The internet: a force for good or a nuisance in litigation?

In a world where information is more freely available and widespread than ever, comparable with the trend in medicine for self-diagnosis, clients have often done a lot of research before speaking to lawyers. However, is this always a good thing, or can it be a nuisance in litigation adding to cost?

12:00, 6th April 2016

Editors' Pick March

Is Mass Surveillance Safer in the Hands of Parliament?

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Two years on, KCTL’s legacy is expanding

11th Nov 2015

Our First Birthday

11th Nov 2014

From Noticeboard to Broadsheet

13th Oct 2014


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