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The Curious Case of the Legal Academic Route

With the country's top firms and barristers' chambers keen to recruit the best legal graduates, the world of legal academia can, at times, seem under-represented at careers events. Therefore, KCTL has put together a handy guide, aimed at shedding light on this most enigmatic of career paths.

12:00, 25th April 2017

Commercial Awareness: The Fortnightly Round-Up (w/b 10th April)

Understanding the complex world of commerce is vital for aspiring commercial lawyers. Keep Calm Talk Law's fortnightly round-up continues in earnest to provide a succinct and manageable guide to the commercial stories you should know about.

12:00, 18th April 2017

Alright for SAAMco? Redefining Negligence for the Legal Profession

The scope of negligence liability faced by legal professionals was authoritatively determined in the late 1990s; the law was stable and well-known. But a Supreme Court decision from earlier this year heralded a new approach - so should lawyers start to worry, or breathe a sigh of relief?

12:00, 11th April 2017

Unexpected Item in the Sacking Area? Summary Dismissal in Adesokan v Sainsbury’s

The right of employees to claim for wrongful dismissal is an important limit on the managerial prerogative of employers to run their business how they please. However, as examined in a case from earlier this year, this right is of limited scope and the extent of its application is hotly contested.

12:00, 7th April 2017

Commercial Awareness: The Fortnightly Round-Up (w/b 27th March)

Understanding the complex world of commerce is vital for aspiring commercial lawyers. Keep Calm Talk Law's fortnightly round-up has a special focus on the British currency this week, as it continues to provide a succinct and manageable guide to the commercial stories you should know about.

19:00, 2nd April 2017

Incompetence and Impressionability: Considering the English Jury System

The use of juries dates back to the time of William the Conqueror. Though steeped in history, there is increasing concern that utilisation of the process can lead to erroneous decisions, particularly where the facts of the relevant cases are highly technical. So, have juries had their day in court?

12:00, 31st March 2017

Authoritative Guidance or ‘Inspired Discussion’? Lord Hoffman on Implied Terms

It is over a year since Lord Hoffmann's controversial approach to implied terms was overruled by the Supreme Court. The law, having been reverted back to its prior state, is generally considered more satisfactory now. But why?

12:00, 28th March 2017

The People v Tony Blair? Examining the Crime of Aggression

The life of Tony Blair is beset with calls for him to face charges for 'war crimes' at the ICC in The Hague. However, such demands are flawed: they advocate prosecuting Blair for the wrong offence. Instead, the Crime of Aggression is more appropriate - despite uncertainties surrounding its scope.

12:00, 24th March 2017

TransAm Trucking v ARB: Time to Freeze Out Judge Neil Gorsuch?

The Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearing of Donald Trump's nominee for the empty seat on the US Supreme Court discussed one of Gorsuch J's past decisions: TransAm Trucking v ARB. His dissent in this case suggests he may not be as good a fit for the Supreme Court as it might seem.

13:00, 22nd March 2017

Editors' Pick March

Lord Lester's 'Five Ideas to Fight For' - And How Brexit Changes Them

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Rising from the Ashes: The Return of Keep Calm Talk Law

18th Nov 2016

Two Years On, KCTL’s Legacy is Expanding

11th Nov 2015

Our First Birthday

11th Nov 2014

From Noticeboard to Broadsheet

13th Oct 2014


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