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Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Prisoners’ Dilemma

The UK's prisons are under strain. Overcrowding, underfunding and ageing facilities are leaving the system stretched to breaking point. Some see privatisation as the solution, but how can this be the valid way forward when politicians simply do not have the mindset to approach the issue properly?

12:00, 20th January 2017

X v Ofsted: Testing the Law on Gender Discrimination in Schools

A case from late 2016 tested the law on discrimination in a novel way, by asking whether the segregation of pupils was a violation of the Equality Act 2010. Indeed, the decision sheds light on the important role that society's new ideas about discrimination might have in the future.

12:00, 17th January 2017

A Legal Headache: Negligence, Concussion and Rugby Union

The world of Rugby Union is slowly coming to terms with the serious long-term impacts that concussion can have on players. And while practices are changing to minimise the risk of head injuries, there are some historic cases that could lead to negligence lawsuits - but how would they fare?

12:00, 13th January 2017

An Age-Old Question: The Law of Refugee Age Testing

Keep Calm Talk Law makes its comeback with an examination of law covering the tests through which the age of young asylum seekers is determined, following controversial claims from the tabloid press late last year that some refugees were falsifying their age to facilitate their entry into the UK.

12:00, 10th January 2017

Don’t just do something, stand there! Reforming the EU

There is now a fourth significant turning point in modern British history - Brexit. Brexit could be the shock that the EU needs to reform. For the European Union to survive, it must understand that member states are significantly frustrated at the way it has operated over the past decade.

11:00, 4th August 2016

PJS: Injunctions in an Online World

Injunctions are an incredibly common remedy, dealing with issues from boundary disputes to anti-social behaviour. In recent years, however, the power has come under more scrutiny where injunctions are used to prevent details of the private lives of public figures being reported.

11:00, 27th July 2016

Proportionality: A Panacea, or Something to Fear?

There exists what Taggart describes as a ‘bifurcated view’ of administrative law, where a line is drawn between human rights cases in which the proportionality test is used, and other cases in which the unreasonableness test remains operable. Does one provide better results than the other?

11:00, 21st July 2016

Fighting a Losing Battle? Justifying the Iraq War under International Law

With Sir John Chilcot soon to release his long-awaited report, one of the major issues that is likely to be examined is the legality of the initial invasion under international law. What valid justifications might there be for the UK and US invasion of Iraq, and are they likely to hold?

11:00, 5th July 2016

India’s National Green Tribunal: A Blueprint for Environmental Justice?

The National Green Tribunal, established by the National Green Tribunal Act 2010, is a special tribunal created in India to dispose expeditiously and effectively of cases pertaining to environmental matters. Has it worked, and could the same model be deployed in the UK without "floodgates" opening?

11:00, 22nd June 2016

Editors' Pick May

Gagging the Sock Puppet: Impact of Anti-Lobbying Clauses on Scientific Research

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Rising from the Ashes: The Return of Keep Calm Talk Law

18th Nov 2016

Two years on, KCTL’s legacy is expanding

11th Nov 2015

Our First Birthday

11th Nov 2014

From Noticeboard to Broadsheet

13th Oct 2014


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