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Commercial Awareness: The Fortnightly Round-Up (w/b 13th February)

Understanding the complex world of commerce is vital for aspiring commercial lawyers. But with financial news often inaccessible in terms of both volume and complexity, enter Keep Calm Talk Law's new fortnightly round-up: a succinct and manageable guide to the commercial stories you should know abou

18:43, 19th February 2017

Briggs v Briggs: Rethinking the Law on Withdrawal of Treatment

In late 2016, the case of Paul Briggs tested the law on the withdrawal of treatment for those in a Minimally Conscious State. With courts invariably receptive to applications on behalf of patients in Persistent Vegetative States, can greater judicial reluctance to cases like Briggs' be justified?

12:00, 17th February 2017

You’ll Never Walk Alone: How Hillsborough Put Negligence on a Wrong Turn

The impact of the Hillsborough is still being felt right across society and across the law. Indeed, the fallout of the disaster saw the creation of a precedent applied to negligence claims for psychiatric harm. Though of the highest authority, is it time for that decision to be rethought?

12:00, 14th February 2017

Slipping off the Mask: The Failure to Protect our Right to Privacy

Our privacy is under threat. The fight against terrorism and the emergence of social media have meant it is increasingly hard to protect information about our personal lives. And, to compound matters, the current remedies for the infringements of privacy rights we do have are simply not sufficient.

12:00, 10th February 2017

Commercial Awareness: Thinking like an Investor

Getting to grips with the stock market is a vital tool for bolstering your commercial awareness. It will stand you in good stead if you enter the world of commercial law. But it can seem like a confusing and alien place: what should you be looking for and where exactly should you begin?

12:00, 3rd February 2017

Preventing Self-Harm: A Call for Strongwear Specific Guidelines

The use of strongwear in care facilities can help support patients desist from engaging in self-harm. NICE, the agency that promotes clinical excellence in the UK, has already published guidance on strongwear's use. However, a recent case in Nottingham shows the need for something more specific.

12:00, 31st January 2017

For Whom the Bells Toll: The End of Civil Partnerships?

Statistics document a decline in homosexual couples formalising their relationships in Civil Partnerships since the legislation of gay marriage in the UK. While some argue in favour of an extension to heterosexual couples, the law should recognise that it is time for a divorce from the concept.

12:00, 27th January 2017

The Recoverability of Pre-Action Costs: An Unfair Balance

The Jackson Reforms of 2013 introduced an element of fairness into the management of costs in civil litigation. Though largely successful, when combined with the Pre-Action Protocol, it is clear they were not comprehensive enough to afford protection to defendants on the issue of pre-action costs.

12:00, 24th January 2017

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Prisoners’ Dilemma

The UK's prisons are under strain. Overcrowding, underfunding and ageing facilities are leaving the system stretched to breaking point. Some see privatisation as the solution, but how can this be the valid way forward when politicians simply do not have the mindset to approach the issue properly?

12:00, 20th January 2017

Editors' Pick January

A Legal Headache: Negligence, Concussion and Rugby Union

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18th Nov 2016

Two Years On, KCTL’s Legacy is Expanding

11th Nov 2015

Our First Birthday

11th Nov 2014

From Noticeboard to Broadsheet

13th Oct 2014


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