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The Biggest Challenges Facing the Legal Profession in 2016

Understanding the challenges facing law firms is a great way to show recruiters that you are commercially aware. Our Executive Editor discusses three issues he foresees as significant challenges facing law firms in 2016 and beyond: fixed fees, market consolidation and the rise of the Big 4.

12:00, 17th February 2016
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Public Service Broadcasting Pt II: Cutting The Licence Fee

Following up on an earlier comparison between public service broadcasting in the UK, USA and Germany, this article provides an analysis of how we might reduce the licence fee at the BBC's next Charter renewal. Is it time the BBC went subscription only, took adverts, or cut premium content?

11:28, 7th August 2015
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Public Service Broadcasting Pt I: How Do We Compare?

With the upcoming renewal of the BBC's Charter, we compare British public broadcasting with that of Germany and the USA. Is the BBC really as bad as the British think? The Germans have a much higher licence fee, with lower public perception, and the USA a grant of a mere $445 million USD.

11:00, 6th August 2015
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Rightsinfo: Play Your Part In Awakening The British Public

Rightsinfo intends to change the way we communicate about Human Rights, provide clear and reliable Human Rights information that can be easily shared, and to use infographs and stories to bring Human Rights to life. It has the potential to change perceptions, it just needs to be shared.

11:00, 27th April 2015
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Vidal-Hall v Google: Can Big Brother Be Defeated?

The latest installment in this test case has arrived, confirming there is a discrete tort of misuse of private information, and suggesting non-pecuniary damages are available for breach of EU data protection laws. However, this case also raises wider questions: can we avoid Google's all-seeing eye?

11:15, 30th March 2015
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Social Media and Unfair Dismissal: Bad News for Employees

The damage social media can cause to employment relationships struck a little too close to home in recent months, with a Clifford Chance trainee making the national press for an alleged jihadist video. Where do employees stand in claims for unfair dismissal over misconduct on personal social media?

12:00, 26th February 2015
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Commercial Awareness: Defining the Undefinable

Commercial awareness is a catchphrase used by the vast majority of law firms, but despite many attempts, there appears to be no universally agreed definition. This article considers the various limbs of commercial awareness, and makes a few suggestions on how to develop and demonstrate said limbs.

12:05, 15th December 2014
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Law Firm Application 101: Maximising Your Return

At times, law firm applications feel like a lottery. What is it that sets two applicants apart, who at face value are both worthy of a training contract? With vacation scheme deadlines fast approaching, our Executive Editor gives applicants advice on how to maximise their return on applications.

12:00, 17th November 2014
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How Long Until Privacy Prevails?

Last month, Lord Neuberger gave a speech concerning the need for privacy law reform. As consumers, we are increasingly giving more and more personal information to second and third parties. Chris Bridges presents some ideas for heightened data regulation to protect this valuable information.

11:15, 13th September 2014
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Online Gambling: A Jurisdictional Nightmare

Companies operating online bookmakers and casinos have been able to dodge their tax bills, and avoid UK regulation, by relocating abroad, in particular to the Isle of Man, Guernsey, and Gibraltar. However, this is all about to change, with incoming game-changing licensing and tax regulations.

11:00, 21st August 2014
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Is There Really a ‘Right’ to be Forgotten?

Has a decision from the European Court of Justice this week created a 'right' to be forgotten? By analysing the decision of the ECJ who held that Google should remove listings from their search engines, Chris Bridges explores whether a right to be forgotten is simply a construct of existing law.

11:00, 17th May 2014
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Domain Names, Trademarks, and Squatters

With the launch of .london domain names this week, Chris Bridges looks at the value of domains, the rights of trademark holders in relation to domains, and the frowned upon practice of domain squatting. Is enough being done to protect rights holders, start-up businesses, and ultimately end users?

11:05, 1st May 2014
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Groundless Threats, Groundless Reform

Threats can be as scary as this tiger for a business. Whilst facing up to a tiger is not recommended, businesses are often too scared to make a stand against an intellectual property threat, even when it might be groundless. More extensive reform than that suggested by the Law Commission is needed.

11:13, 22nd April 2014
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It's not the end of the line for data retention

On Tuesday the CJEU came to the conclusion the European Data Retention Directive was, and always had been, invalid, marking a significant step for the protection of privacy. However, is this the end of the line for telecommunications data retention within Europe, or just a minor setback?

11:15, 10th April 2014
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