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Questions Without Answers: The Grenfell Tower Disaster

While the political fallout from the Grenfell Tower fire has been intensely covered by the media, legal questions that examine the effectiveness of the relevant regulations, as well as notions of accountability, have been given less airtime and scrutiny. But is this an oversight?

12:00, 28th June 2017
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The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Block-Chain and Smart-Contracts

New online technology, and the 'Smart-Contracts' it facilitates, could have a dramatic impact on the future work of law firms in areas such as insurance and private equity management. But what exactly are these new developments?

12:00, 2nd May 2017
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Alright for SAAMco? Redefining Negligence for the Legal Profession

The scope of negligence liability faced by legal professionals was authoritatively determined in the late 1990s; the law was stable and well-known. But a Supreme Court decision from earlier this year heralded a new approach - so should lawyers start to worry, or breathe a sigh of relief?

12:00, 11th April 2017
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Lord Lester's 'Five Ideas to Fight For' - And How Brexit Changes Them

Lord Lester QC's book, published in April 2016, outlined the importance of fighting for five key ideals. Almost one year and a Brexit vote later, the protection that these principles are afforded is under threat, and the nature and content of the battle for them has changed.

12:00, 21st March 2017
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Briggs v Briggs: Rethinking the Law on Withdrawal of Treatment

In late 2016, the case of Paul Briggs tested the law on the withdrawal of treatment for those in a Minimally Conscious State. With courts invariably receptive to applications on behalf of patients in Persistent Vegetative States, can greater judicial reluctance to cases like Briggs' be justified?

12:00, 17th February 2017
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A Legal Headache: Negligence, Concussion and Rugby Union

The world of Rugby Union is slowly coming to terms with the serious long-term impacts that concussion can have on players. And while practices are changing to minimise the risk of head injuries, there are some historic cases that could lead to negligence lawsuits - but how would they fare?

12:00, 13th January 2017
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Gagging the Sock Puppet: Impact of Anti-Lobbying Clauses on Scientific Research

In 2012, a report on behalf of the Institute of Economic Affairs claimed to identify fundamental problems with the way government funding was used by many charities. The government is now including anti-lobbying clauses in grants, which could materially jeopardise the effectiveness of research.

12:00, 25th May 2016
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Trade-based Money Laundering: The Need for an Effective Regulatory Framework

International trade providers a prime opportunity for criminals to launder illicit funds, and until recently, it has gone nearly entirely unnoticed. However, there is still a need for an effective regulatory framework to detect money laundering through trade. What could the FATF learn from the US?

12:00, 7th April 2016
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Is Mass Surveillance Safer in the Hands of Parliament?

The Government has now published the draft Investigatory Powers Bill that it hopes to see through Parliament by December 2016. However, the Bill is not what it seems and has been subject to widespread criticism. What 'safeguards' to privacy does the Bill contain, and are they effective?

12:00, 11th March 2016
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The Gift That Keeps on Giving: Legal Implications of ‘Bugchasing’

Gift-giving is an integral part of human socialisation, but in some LGBT+ subcultures there is a more insidious form of ‘gifting’ taking place. ‘Bugchasing’ is the act of intentionally becoming infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Could buchasing be a criminal offence under current law?

12:00, 22nd February 2016
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Accidental Americans: The US Citizenship Conundrum

It is a largely unknown fact that a person born in the US becomes subject to its jurisdiction, no matter the associations they keep with the country throughout the rest of the life. This had little significance for some, until the US strong armed their now home nations into disclosing their details.

12:00, 5th January 2016
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The Syria Airstrikes: Creative Ambiguity and Transient Definitions

In September 2014, Prime Minister David Cameron told Parliament that ISIS was ‘an evil against which the whole of the world should unite.’ Since the Paris attacks, it seems they have done so. Whilst there is widespread political support, are the legal tests being applied correctly?

12:00, 23rd December 2015
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Causation in Mesothelioma Claims: Stretching the Definition

For a tortious claim to succeed, a number of elements need establishing. However, the tests for establishing causation in asbestos claims do not cohere with the every-day construction of it. This article explores that distinction and seeks to explain it, taking a somewhat philosophical approach.

12:00, 12th November 2015
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Let There Be Light: Evaluating Legal Reform of Energy Companies

The rising cost of energy occupies a prominent position in political discourse. Ed Miliband pledged to freeze energy prices, and Jeremy Corbyn has gone further in advocating that the UK's leading energy companies should be nationalised. How has this worked out elsewhere. and should we consider it?

12:00, 8th October 2015
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