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Statelessness is Not a Solution to Extremism

The British Government’s approach to fighting the threat of terrorism with enforced statelessness represents a major disembarkation from international law, and several fundamental legal principles. Policy makers are being very shortsighted; this is not the way to tackle extremism on home soil.

12:00, 9th March 2015
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Rape and Consent: Changes to the Burden of Proof?

In January 2015, the CPS issued new guidelines on what constitutes consent. The mainstream media have portrayed these guidelines as a change to the burden of proof. However is this really the case, or misplaced hysteria? Further, do these guidelines withstand the wider criticisms they have faced?

12:00, 6th March 2015
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Prisoner Voting Rights: A Clash Between Human and Natural Rights

With reference to prisoner voting rights, Sam Winders explores the divergence between legalistic discussions held in the courtroom, and the common will of the people. Does this ultimately boil down to a conflict in two distinct conceptions of law? Natural justice v law as a tool, with function?

12:00, 5th March 2015
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A Consumer-Neutral Look at Jurisdiction in E-Commerce

EU law is notoriously protective of consumer rights. However, is this protective approach appropriate in the sphere of e-commerce, specifically in relation to the question of jurisdiction? Typically internet shoppers are more price-savvy, and with a higher tendency to take their business elsewhere.

12:00, 4th March 2015
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Drone Strikes under International Law

Over years the years, use of attack drones inside and outside of armed conflict has been controversial. Questions have been raised over whether the USA's extensive use of drones has been legal. Breaches of state sovereignty, international humanitarian law and human rights law are all apparent.

12:00, 3rd March 2015
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Divorce Law: In Need of Reform?

There is mounting pressure for reform of divorce law. On one hand, there is an argument that divorce should not be made 'easy' as doing so would undermine marriage, and on the other a belief that the current system encourages the placing of blame, which is not conducive to an amiable settlement.

12:00, 2nd March 2015
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‘The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers’

Whilst legal business may be booming, the reputation of the profession continues to take blows. However, does the legal profession deserve tarnish? What is the cause of this negative perception? Most importantly, what can be done to reverse the continuing decline in our profession's public standing?

12:07, 27th February 2015
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Social Media and Unfair Dismissal: Bad News for Employees

The damage social media can cause to employment relationships struck a little too close to home in recent months, with a Clifford Chance trainee making the national press for an alleged jihadist video. Where do employees stand in claims for unfair dismissal over misconduct on personal social media?

12:00, 26th February 2015
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The Beginning of the End for Section 106?

Section 106 gives local planning authorities to place obligations on certain developments, over and above what is possible with planning conditions. However, these orders are not being used to their full potential, and are gradually being eroded by regulation change. But is the tide changing?

12:01, 25th February 2015
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The Sony Hack: Cyber Attacks and International Law

In December 2014 the world was shocked to hear that North Korea was responsible for the Sony hack. In response, it is alleged that the US government pulled the cord on North Korea's internet. What does international law say about retaliation to 'cyber warfare'? Do the usual rules of warfare apply?

12:00, 24th February 2015
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Litvinenko Inquiry: The Current State of Play

The truth surrounding the assassination of former KGB agent, Alexander Litvinenko, on British soil is still a mystery. However, throughout the early months of 2015 an inquiry is being carried out, which it is hoped will provide definitive answers. There may, however, be political fallout.

12:00, 23rd February 2015
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The Rihanna Row: Where Fashion Clashes with Privacy

Rhianna has been successful in an action against Topshop for using an image of her on t-shirts without permission. This clash between two big names has yet again tested the flexibility of the common law, using passing off to enforce image rights, which are not formally recognised in English Law.

12:00, 20th February 2015
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A Bonkers Bonus Cap? Reigning In Remuneration

In recent years bankers have been consistently vilified. It therefore comes as no surprise that legislators are capping their remuneration. However, is a cap on bankers' bonuses a commercially sensible solution, or a knee jerk reaction to the blame placed on senior bankers for the financial crisis?

12:00, 18th February 2015
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Judicial Review of Abortion in Northern Ireland

The dichotomy between Northern Irish abortion law and that found in the rest of the UK has always attracted a great deal of controversy. However, it is clear that opinions are changing, and whilst the upcoming judicial review is unlikely to have a great deal of impact, progress is being made.

12:00, 17th February 2015
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