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LLMs, Worth it or Not?

In recent years, more and more graduates are choosing to pursue an LLM. Many criticise LLMs for being too academic for practice, but are these critics jumping to hasty conclusions? Mani Basi highlights some points to consider in deciding whether to pursue an LLM, drawing upon his own experience.

12:00, 16th February 2015
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Criminal Justice and Courts Bill: An Attack on Judicial Review

The Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, a brainchild of Chris Grayling, aims to some relieve of the burden of judicial review. However, will the Bill in its current form alleviate the problems perceived by the Ministry of Justice, or is it an affront to democracy and the rule of law in the UK?

12:00, 12th February 2015
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Magna Carta as Constitutional Principle

Lord Denning once described the Magna Carta of 1215 as, ‘the greatest constitution-al document of all times’. Josh Dowdall respectfully disagrees. He argues it should instead be thought of as an important constitutional principle that implies the powerful idea of government under the law.

12:00, 11th February 2015
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The Chilcot Report: Absent Without Leave?

In July 2009, the Iraq Inquiry was launched with a mandate to investigate the UK’s involvement in Iraq, but publication has been delayed until after the May General Election. Two important questions must be asked: Why has the report taken so long to surface? And what can we learn from the delay?

12:00, 10th February 2015
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Young Adults In Mental Health Transition

It is becoming clear that there is a general consensus against mandatory transfer to Adult Mental Health Services at the age of 18. Whilst transfer is mandatory under current legislation, it is not reflected in practice. This clash puts healthcare providers in a perilous situation; reform is needed.

12:00, 9th February 2015
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Freedom of Speech, Within Limits

Freedom of speech. It is one of our fundamental human rights. It is a right that stands up against oppression and can instigate change. It is a right that allows us to tell the world what we want the world to hear. Balancing this right with rationality, however, is creating tension.

12:31, 6th February 2015
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Discrimination in the Women's Football World Cup

International sporting events showcase the world's greatest sporting talents and, for good or bad, have been used as platforms for change. Canada, who are hosting the 2015 Women's Football World Cup, appear to have missed an opportunity to demonstrate their support for gender equality in football.

12:00, 5th February 2015
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CIA Interrogation Tactics Unveiled

Global shock and outrage have followed recent revelations that CIA agents were complicit in and party to acts of torture against detainees suspected of terrorist offences, demonstrating a significant digression by the USA from its international commitments for the protection of fundamental rights.

12:00, 4th February 2015
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Politics in Competition Law

Following their influx into the European Union, American technology companies have been greeted with a degree of political hostility towards their dominant market position. This has notably seen EU politicians impetuously attempting to push competition law enforcers against these technology giants.

12:00, 3rd February 2015
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Court of Protection: Friend or Foe?

The Court of Protection exists to make decisions on behalf of those who lack capacity. In light of a spate of questionable decisions, and the particularly contentious position the CoP finds itself in, criticisms have surfaced of a lack of transparency, alongside calls for clearer court procedures.

12:00, 2nd February 2015
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Renewable Energy in the United Kingdom

Recent energy reports and damage sustained by some of the UK's biggest power stations have raised fresh concerns over the current level of investment and commitment to the use and development of renewable energy. It is time for energy providers and our government to ensure future energy supplies.

12:02, 30th January 2015
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The Palestinian Position

Few conflicts are as fraught with public opinion and historical background as that of Israel and Palestine. Palestine’s quest to receive accepted statehood is far from complete; yet with no specific guidelines as to what constitutes a state's existence, an outcome for this conflict looks bleak.

12:00, 29th January 2015
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GM Babies and Three Parent Children?

In July 2014, the Coalition Government initiated proposals to change the law to allow a woman’s DNA to be altered to avoid transferring specific genetically inherited conditions. However, there are many legal, ethical and safety questions of this proposition that must be answered before realisation.

12:00, 28th January 2015
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Have food waste laws passed their use-by date?

Food poverty has had a particularly damaging effect on society’s most vulnerable. 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink is thrown away by British households each year. Current laws are contributing to such excessive food waste and prevent help being given to those subject to food poverty.

12:00, 27th January 2015
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