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Is the criminalisation of drugs the best approach?

The current state of legislation governing the possession, production and supply of drugs within the UK is a commonly debated topic. Arguments for the decriminalisation of drugs find their basis within concerns about public health. Is the Criminal Justice System the best way to tackle drug use?

12:00, 3rd January 2015
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The Next Step for Climate Change Regulation

The need to make commitments to combat the harmful effects being endured by the global environment due to climate change has never been more urgent. This month, delegates from 196 countries around the world met in Lima, Peru to discuss current problems and set new targets to tackle global emissions.

12:00, 2nd January 2015
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The Important Need for Diversity in Politics and Law

The Establishment appears to be alive and well at the apex of British society. With the electorate's growing disinterest in political affairs and an increasingly competitive legal profession, the need to recognise the importance of diversity has never been more needed to reconnect the public.

12:00, 29th December 2014
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Time for a Rethink of Adoption Decisions?

Sir James Munby recently appeared to criticise the the poor practice employed by a local authority's decision to foster children against their mother's wishes. With adoption being such a drastic measure in ensuring appropriate care for a child, is it time to rethink the importance of alternatives?

12:00, 18th December 2014
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Miscarriages of Justice in Prosecution of False Rape Claims

With so many elements stacked against victims of rape already, protection should be provided to victims of rape in reporting the offence they have been subject to. Focus should be shifted and continue to remain on actual and potential victims of rape, not possibly falsely accused individuals.

12:00, 17th December 2014
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Preventing Pension Dumping

There has been concern over the regulation of pension schemes in the UK. The Pension Protection Fund (PPF) was established under the Pensions Act 2004 to provide greater security to beneficiaries of companies' pension schemes. In addition to recent judicial developments, progress is being made.

12:00, 16th December 2014
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Commercial Awareness: Defining the Undefinable

Commercial awareness is a catchphrase used by the vast majority of law firms, but despite many attempts, there appears to be no universally agreed definition. This article considers the various limbs of commercial awareness, and makes a few suggestions on how to develop and demonstrate said limbs.

12:05, 15th December 2014
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Anonymity of Young Offenders Following Criminal Proceedings

On 3rd November 2014, William Cornick, aged 16, was convicted and then sentenced for the murder of his teacher within the confines of a classroom. Following his conviction, the court decided that Cornick should not be protected by an anonymity order, allowing the media to publicly identify him.

13:40, 12th December 2014
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Living In Squalor

Rented accommodation is usually based on an assured shorthold tenancy, and landlords do not require any reason or fault of the tenant to evict them with the powers afforded under a 'section 21' notice. Greater protections are needed for vulnerable tenants living in substandard accommodation.

12:00, 11th December 2014
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Is Ched Evans Being Unfairly Treated?

When an individual is found guilty of a serious crime, such as a sexual offence, there is a need for the public to be protected, and imprisonment is the initial protectional solution. However, upon the offender's release, rehabilitation is key for continuing protection. Should this ever be denied?

12:00, 10th December 2014
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Juncker’s Commission: Time To Review Competition Law Enforcement?

The election of the European Commission is a particularly important event because of its impact upon setting the EU’s policy direction of the EU, and this is particularly noticeable and important for competition law, which looks to be enforced robustly over this commission's term in power.

12:00, 9th December 2014
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Making Criminals “Pay Their Way”

The Criminal Justice and Courts Bill was unveiled in February 2014. The Government has described the Bill as ‘ambitious’, because the Bill attempts to rectify a variety of problems within the criminal justice system, which notably proposes that criminals pay court costs incurred from their cases.

12:00, 8th December 2014
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Off-patent drugs: off limits for the ill?

Although we may like to imagine that the pharmaceutical business is driven by people passionate solely about saving lives in any way they can, the truth is, as with any business, it is driven by money. How does this mentality, therefore, affect our access to drugs, and what is the solution to this?

12:00, 5th December 2014
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Left Outside in the Cold: The Scandal of Gatekeeping

Figures from the Department for Community and Local Government show that out of the over 110,000 homeless applications made in the period 2013-2014, less than half were accepted as meeting the necessary criteria. Are Local Authorities right, or is there more than meets the eye to these statistics?

12:00, 4th December 2014
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