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De-Arresting: How Does it Work?

Last month, Dean Farley, who ran into Prime Minister David Cameron as he left an event in Leeds, was de-arrested shortly after his initial arrest as police accepted his version of events that he had accidentally collided with the Prime Minister. How does this differ to release without charge?

12:00, 3rd December 2014
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The State Of Extreme Pornography Law In The UK

Pornography is a topic that sparks the strong views from those who would see it banned altogether and those who campaign for the relaxation of the law and greater sexual freedoms. The recent ‘Tiger Porn’ case and proposed new legislation have intensified the debate on relaxing the applicable law.

12:00, 2nd December 2014
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The Key Issues Surrounding International Commercial Arbitration

International Commercial Arbitration is a process of resolving disputes arising out of international commercial contracts, as an alternative to settling in court. This flexible method of dispute resolution is effective in saving costs and time for all parties involved; a wise business choice.

12:00, 1st December 2014
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Controversy Behind the European Arrest Warrant

The House of Commons recently approved the coalition government’s bid to readopt the European Arrest Warrant (“EAW”), which it had opted out of in 2013. The EAW has raised issues with its potential to infringe upon the human rights of suspects. Why has this controversial measure now passed scrutiny?

12:00, 27th November 2014
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The Benefits of Community Sentencing

A recent consultation paper has revealed the Government is planning changes to current sentencing guidelines for certain robbery offences. Those offences considered “low-level” could now be punished by community sentences rather than imprisonment, which should be seen as an effective punishment.

12:00, 26th November 2014
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Development in the Law of Permitted Developments

In this year’s Budget speech, Chancellor George Osborne announced that there would be a review of permitted development rights and an introduction of a new system to allow greater freedom to build and alter sites without the need for full planning permission. Would this be an unwelcome development?

12:05, 25th November 2014
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Appointing Justices of the Supreme Court

The appointment of a judge to a country's Supreme Court is an extremely important decision. It is vital that the selected candidate is properly qualified to provide judgments often concerning some of the most complex and uncertain areas of law. Should politics play any role in these appointments?

12:00, 24th November 2014
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Lauren Riley On The Link App

Apprentice star Lauren Riley discusses her business, The Link App. When Lauren went into family practice, she expected to be put through the mill emotionally, but nothing prepared her for the time spent on admin. Consequently, her app is a 21st Century Solution to solicitor-client communication.

12:15, 22nd November 2014
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The EU’s £1.7 billion Demand: is the Democratic Deficit Becoming Worse?

The UK is currently facing an unexpected EU demand for extra funding towards the EU budget in light of recent economic growth. In light of the EU's legislative process, in addition to this recent financial demand, the democratic deficit between Member States' citizens and the EU is deepening.

12:00, 20th November 2014
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Overtime to be Considered for Holiday Pay

At the beginning of November 2014, the Employment Appeal Tribunal handed down an eagerly anticipated judgment in respect of whether employers should take into account their employees' overtime when calculating holiday pay. In a landmark decision, HHJ Langstaff held that employers should do so.

12:00, 19th November 2014
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Britain First: An Affront to Liberal Democratic Values

This week's by-election contest in Rochester will include Britain First: an extreme right-wing political party that, amongst other things, campaigns against Muslims in Britain. This reprehensible political party demonstrate a need for constitutionally entrenched human rights protection in the UK.

12:00, 18th November 2014
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Law Firm Application 101: Maximising Your Return

At times, law firm applications feel like a lottery. What is it that sets two applicants apart, who at face value are both worthy of a training contract? With vacation scheme deadlines fast approaching, our Executive Editor gives applicants advice on how to maximise their return on applications.

12:00, 17th November 2014
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Ministry of Justice Loses Mesothelioma Costs Battle

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that develops as a result of exposure to asbestos. A recent proposed change by the MoJ to disallow sufferers of mesothelioma to recover their costs from their defendant employers that had caused their exposure to asbestos has been opposed by the High Court.

12:05, 13th November 2014
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A Glimpse at the New Draft UAE Commercial Companies Law

The new draft UAE Commercial Companies Law demonstrates an attempt by the UAE to continue its progress towards being an international leader in commercial activity. With a resilient financial climate and now impending favourable commercial law changes, the UAE's position is solidifying.

12:00, 12th November 2014
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