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The Pistorius Appeal: Are The Prosecution Likely To Succeed?

Oscar Pistorius was recently found guilty of the culpable homicide of Reeve Steenkamp, and was sentenced for five-years' imprisonment. The National Prosecution Authority of South Africa has announced an appeal of the verdict on the basis of dolus eventualis, in hope of a more substantial sentence.

14:00, 11th November 2014
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The Dangers of Transparency in the Family Courts

The Family Courts have been criticised for not being as accountable as other divisions of the judiciary. The President of the Family Division of the High Court has spoken out against criticisms, and has provided cautious guidance to increase the openness and accountability of the Family Division.

12:00, 10th November 2014
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Francis v Phillips - A Victory for Common-sense?

The Court of Appeal recently handed down their welcomed judgment in the case of Francis v Phillips. The previous decisions of this litigation episode had caused a significant headache for landlords, leaving them with an unnecessary burden when completing trivial works on their tenants' properties.

12:00, 6th November 2014
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Decriminalisation of Abortion

Abortion is a sensitive debate that is consumed by religious and ethical arguments. By examining the legal and ethical arguments on both sides, the effects that decriminalisation of abortion might have in Great Britain can be analysed to show that a woman's right to choose is of utmost importance.

12:00, 5th November 2014
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The EU Data Protection Regulation and UK Business

In 2012, the European Commission proposed major reforms to the protection of personal data by publishing a draft Data Protection Regulation. This draft Regulation is unlikely to come into effect for at least three years, yet data collectors face a dramatic increase in their responsibilities.

12:00, 4th November 2014
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Judge Condemns CPS for Pursuing Sexual Assault Case

Judge Anthony Morris QC recently criticised the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for pursuing a sexual assault case when there was inadequate evidence. This is not the first time the principal public prosecution service for England and Wales has faced such criticisms; is change imminent for the CPS?

12:00, 3rd November 2014
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The Downfall of Head of State Immunity

The long-standing convention of head of state immunity allows heads of state, such as Prime Ministers, Presidents and Monarchs, to avoid criminal prosecution from another country's jurisdiction. However, this convention is fading in light of the growing recognition and protection of human rights.

12:00, 30th October 2014
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The Biggest Challenges Facing the Legal Profession in 2015

The ability of law firms to adapt to the financial climate and the expanding technology-dependent environment they work in is crucial for their continued survival and progress in the globalised legal market. Law firms, and not just Training Contract applicants, need to be commercially aware.

12:00, 29th October 2014
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Protecting the Green Belt from Urban Sprawl

The green belt protects surrounding areas from encroaching developments of cities, yet the urgent need for increased building of homes is putting the green belt under threat. Several housing developments appearing in London are demonstrating how the green belt can be protected from urban sprawl.

12:00, 28th October 2014
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Death of the Unitary State (Part II)

The first article of the 'Death of the Unitary State' series explored the impact the Scottish Referendum and devolution has had in changing the unitary state of the UK. It must now be determined what should replace our current governmental system; are we moving towards major constitutional changes?

12:00, 27th October 2014
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Fundamentally Dishonest Personal Injury Claims

The growing phenomenon of claimants fraudulently or grossly exaggerating personal injury claims has provided a significant challenge for the courts. The government has responded with the 'Criminal Justice and Courts Bill', which proposes to allow courts to dismiss fundamentally dishonest PI claims.

12:00, 24th October 2014
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A New Approach to Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour

In 2012, the government attempted to discover new and better ways of dealing with crime and anti-social behaviour ("ASB"). Two years later, the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 has recently received royal assent, producing interesting, new powers to tackle crime and ASB.

12:00, 23rd October 2014
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Preventing Revenge Porn

Revenge Porn has become a growing problem in recent times. The act of "getting back" at an ex-partner by exposing intimate photos of them previously given during a trusting relationship is soon to become a criminal offence. No form of relationship abuse is tolerated, inclusive of revenge porn.

12:00, 22nd October 2014
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First to the Punch: Out of Touch with Consent in Sports?

The recent actions of professional Ruby League player Ben Flower test the boundaries of how far consent can act as a defence to a criminal charge for actions carried out in the sporting arena. Despite the inherent violence of some sports, there are limits to how much violence is consented to.

12:00, 21st October 2014
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