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Facebook Consumes WhatsApp

Facebook's recent acquisition of WhatsApp represents one of the biggest acquisitions ever seen at a staggering cost of $19 billion. During the process of the deal, the European Commission carefully decided that the two companies were not close competitors in order to approve the acquisition.

12:00, 16th October 2014
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The Rotherham Abuse Scandal

The stories that have escalated from the Rotherham abuse scandal have left people questioning how should negligent agencies and the exploitative perpetrators be punished. Despite the resignation of several people of authority, there are further punitive and preventative measures that must be taken.

12:00, 15th October 2014
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Deprivation of liberty: A blatant disregard of the process

The recent judgment in Somerset v MK (Deprivation of Liberty: Best Interests Decisions: Conduct of a Local Authority) [2014] EWCOP B25 criticised the actions of a Local Authority depriving an autistic girl of her liberty due to their lack of knowledge of procedures formulated to protect her rights.

12:00, 14th October 2014
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The Emergence of ODR

Under Civil Procedure Rules, Alternative Dispute Resolution has become an obligatory consideration before the commencement of legal proceedings. Technological advances have allowed for Online Dispute Resolution, making this useful means of dispute resolution more accessible and effective.

12:00, 13th October 2014
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Solving the Judiciary's Diversity Problem?

Our Guest Author, Kristyna Domokosova attempts to provide a solution to the diversity problem currently being experienced by the UK judiciary. Does this comparative analysis of the judicial appointment procedures in the UK and Czech Republic (representative of continental Europe) provide a solution?

12:00, 10th October 2014
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Proposed Strict Liability Offence for Offshore Tax Evasion

HMRC's strategy of 'No Safe Havens' proposes the introduction of a strict liability criminal offence for failing to declare taxable offshore income and gains. Helen Morse discusses why strict liability is necessary in light of the professional advice received by those attempting to pay less tax.

12:42, 9th October 2014
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Doctors Who Harm Patients Face Tougher Sanctions

The General Medical Council (“GMC”) has recently announced that it will be considering tougher sanctions for doctors who harm patients. Alexander Barbour explores the current tests applied when determining harm caused to patients by doctors and criticises the thought of imposing tougher sanctions.

12:36, 8th October 2014
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The Legality of Armed Intervention

MPs in the House of Commons recently voted in favour of airstrikes being carried out in Iraq in an attempt to silence the growing threat of Islamic State. Francesca Norris explores the legal basis for the sanctioning of this military action and its importance for providing legal intervention.

12:00, 7th October 2014
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Unified Patent Court - A Real Proposition?

A proposed Unified Patent Court (UPC) would unite patent litigation across the Europe Union (EU). The decisions of the UPC would be enforceable across the EU. Maxi Kussatz discusses the UPC's bases, and its potential to allow patent holders to have greater and wider enforcement of their patent(s).

12:00, 6th October 2014
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"English votes for English Laws" – Is it really that simple?

'English votes for English laws' is an attractive proposition, but is the answer really all that simple? Ryan Turner assesses the challenges facing the government in implementing this proposition, demonstrating that there is no simple answer to this controversial constitutional conundrum.

12:00, 3rd October 2014
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Death of the Unitary State (Part I)

In the first of a two-part series of articles, Josh Dowdall provides a picture of the United Kingdom's unitary system of government. The outcome of the Scottish referendum has provided a further blow to the unitary system of government, yet there are conventions demonstrating its resilience.

12:15, 2nd October 2014
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Private Enforcement of EU Competition Law: Worth the Risk?

Competition law consists of legal rules intended to protect the process of competition in order to maximise consumer welfare and achieve economic efficiency. Matt Bogdan discusses changes in enforcement of competition law in the European Union and the effects these have on a micro and macro level.

12:00, 1st October 2014
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The truth about the "Sham Marriage Industry"

"Sham marriages” are not unions involving two people who are in a relationship, but a union established to bypass immigration rules. Ivonna Beeches presents a new perspective of the mass press coverage that has affected people's perception of this testing area of law to highlight changes needed.

12:10, 30th September 2014
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Extradition reform: new legislation, old practice

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 came into effect in July, bringing with it a whole host of legal developments to the pre-existing Extradition Act 2003. Jessica Johnson provides a scathing review of the lack of legal development the 2014 Act has brought despite strong scrutiny.

12:00, 29th September 2014
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