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Is the criminal records scheme compatible with Article 8 ECHR?

The application of the government’s criminal records scheme has lately been subject to extensive litigation. Specifically, questions have been raised about whether the scheme in its entirety is compatible with Article 8 ECHR. Georgia Mitchell provides an analysis of several of these decided cases.

11:00, 20th August 2014
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Employment Tribunal Fees: the Fight for Justice

The recent changes made to fees payable for Employment Tribunals has resulted in a significant decrease in the amount of claims being made by employees. Sophie Cole-Hamilton presents what changes were implemented and discusses the mounting legal challenges that are fighting for employees' justice.

11:00, 14th August 2014
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The Validity of E-signatures

Globalisation has had a huge impact upon the way businesses function. One notable impact has been the increased use of confirming transactions by way of contracts that are signed electronically. E-signatures are recognised internationally, yet, as Maxi Kussatz discusses, not homogeneously.

11:00, 12th August 2014
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Blurred Boundaries: have politics become an unwelcome influence upon the Lord Chancellor?

Our Lord Chancellor, Chris Grayling, has been exposed to criticism during his tenure. Yet should we have some sympathy for this position that goes in the face of the separation of powers and is becoming increasingly politicised? Christopher Sykes discusses how this conundrum is being approached.

11:00, 7th August 2014
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From DRIP to an ocean of trouble for the UK Legislature

The introduction of the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act in response to the ECJ's judgment in April, amongst other considerations, has demonstrated a blatant disregard for the protection of fundamental rights. Thomas Horton provides a comprehensive analysis of DRIPA and its likely fate.

11:00, 6th August 2014
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The Apparent Inadequacy of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Law

Last week's 'Girl Summit 2014' saw a gathering of world leaders and international campaigners to discuss solutions to preventing FGM. In light of this, Jessica Johnson presents analysis of the UK's old and new laws that aim to prevent FGM to demonstrate the progress made in eradicating the practice.

11:00, 1st August 2014
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Has the Law on Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders been Clarified?

The Court of Appeal recently held that there is a legal duty upon medical practitioners to involve and consult patients when placing a DNR order on their medical files; a failure to do so could breach patients' human rights. Helen Morse discusses the impact of this decision upon medical procedures.

11:00, 31st July 2014
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The Paralegal Enquiry

Jade Rigby discusses The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives' (CILEx) recently launched 'Paralegal Enquiry' to determine the position of paralegals in the developing legal market and the advantages that becoming a paralegal can have for those looking for a route to a professional legal career.

11:00, 28th July 2014
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Costs, Sanctions and Confusion

In a post-Jackson Reform world, good organisation of costs budgets are vital for those involved in litigation. The 'Mitchell decision' left the legal profession in a state of flux as to the application of rules governing costs. Ryan Turner discusses how clarification has recently been provided.

11:00, 25th July 2014
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The Burqa Ban: a Step Backwards in the Fight for Rights

The European Court of Human Rights recently upheld the French ban on the wearing of clothing designed to conceal one's face in public. Ivonna Beeches discusses the problems of a statute which is discriminatory in fact yet is still permissible as long as its wording provides an acceptable frontage.

11:00, 23rd July 2014
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Forcing Through the Criminalisation of Forced Marriages?

The high prevalence of instances of forced marriages in the United Kingdom have brought around the criminal sanctions that will be imposed upon those found guilty of forcing someone into marriage. Emily Clements discusses whether criminalisation is the best means of tackling this growing problem.

11:00, 21st July 2014
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Is there still a bar to diversity?

Baroness Hale recently presented a lecture on the importance of equal gender representation amongst the judiciary. Georgia Mitchell expands upon the points raised in Baroness Hale's speech to present the problems the Bar is facing in its attempts to ensure equal representation across the profession.

11:00, 16th July 2014
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Is 'Rent Convergence' Ripe for Judicial Review?

A proposed end to 'rent convergence' could cost millions of pounds to housing associations. There are calls from within the industry for providers to seek judicial review should the proposal be implemented following a recent consultation. Amy Ling discusses the possibility of this judicial review.

11:00, 14th July 2014
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Is it Possible to Trademark a Colour?

Louboutin's red soles and Cadbury's purple wrappers: two iconic colours which make the respective companies' products immediately recognisable. Is it possible that a company can trademark such colours? Maxi Kussatz explores UK, EU and US case law to discuss the challenges of trademarking a colour.

11:00, 11th July 2014
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