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How does the Government propose to increase transparency and trust in UK Business?

In July 2013, Secretary of State for business, innovation and skills, Vince Cable MP published a ‘Transparency and Trust’ discussion paper. Thomas Horton analyses the recent Government Response to this discussion paper and the robust proposals to make the UK the leading business environment.

12:30, 15th May 2014
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Students and the Cuts to Legal Aid

A concern emanating from cuts to legal aid is that aspiring lawyers are being forced out of progressing into the legal profession. Saema Jaffer discusses what predicament the cuts to legal aid are putting students in and the implications those cuts are currently having upon junior lawyers.

12:22, 13th May 2014
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Implications of the Immigration Bill for Landlords

If passed, the Immigration Bill will bring in new responsibilities for landlords to take reasonable steps to assure themselves of the immigration status and ‘right to rent’ of prospective residents. Amy Ling expresses her concerns of this additional responsibility being imposed upon landlords.

12:13, 10th May 2014
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Criminalising the Transmission of STDs

The criminalisation of the transmission of STDs is a controversial issue. Following developments in case law, Jade Rigby analyses the consequences of imposing a criminal sanction under s. 20 of the Offences Against the Persons Act 1861. Does this criminal sanction act as a needed deterrent?

12:15, 8th May 2014
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Complex Criminal Cases – what next?

In the wake of R v Crawley, there is serious uncertainty surrounding very high cost cases. This could not have come at a worse time, with criminal proceedings just launching for the extremely high profile and complex LIBOR Scandal. Thomas Horton looks at the issues involved and the future for VHCCs.

12:08, 6th May 2014
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Sharia law and the importance of last wills for UK expats in the UAE

Around 80% of UK expatriates living in the United Arab Emirates may not be aware that their UK will has no validity in the UAE without further steps being taken. By default, Intestacy and child custody are handled by Sharia law, which differs significantly from counterpart law in the UK.

12:32, 3rd May 2014
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Domain Names, Trademarks, and Squatters

With the launch of .london domain names this week, Chris Bridges looks at the value of domains, the rights of trademark holders in relation to domains, and the frowned upon practice of domain squatting. Is enough being done to protect rights holders, start-up businesses, and ultimately end users?

12:05, 1st May 2014
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Insanity and Automatism: The Dysfunctional Defences

While there have been improvements to the law of insanity in recent decades, there is still a long way to go until the defences of insanity and automatism are satisfactory. Extensive reform has widespread support, however, to-date, Parliament has appeared reluctant to pursue full reform.

12:08, 29th April 2014
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Immigration Income Requirements: What is the real purpose?

Immigration has been a political hot topic of late, with the coalition government promising to cut net migration during their term. One way they have done this is by introducing new rules on income requirements to bring families to the UK. However, the government's justification does not add up.

12:18, 26th April 2014
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Groundless Threats, Groundless Reform

Threats can be as scary as this tiger for a business. Whilst facing up to a tiger is not recommended, businesses are often too scared to make a stand against an intellectual property threat, even when it might be groundless. More extensive reform than that suggested by the Law Commission is needed.

12:13, 22nd April 2014
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UK Air Quality – Is enough being done?

The quality of the air that we breathe has a dramatic impact on health and it has been highlighted in recent weeks that the UK and other European nations are not maintaining a suitable level of clean air. Is enough being done to combat this, and what are the implications of not doing enough?

12:17, 20th April 2014
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Compensation for psychiatric harm: the lesser known victims of Hillsborough

25 years on from the Hillsborough disaster, Holly Abel examines the law on compensation for psychiatric harm, which is predominantly governed by a post-Hillsborough case. Given the advancement of medicine, is a restrictive approach to compensation for psychiatric harm still necessary or desired?

12:11, 17th April 2014
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Logic in Liability: Defending a Duty of Care

Tort law is subject to intense scrutiny, with some believing the rules are vague and ambiguous, leaving the law unpredictable and indeterminate. Jade Rigby deconstructs these arguments in order to show tort law is not just a theoretical relic of English jurisprudence, but an important branch of law.

12:00, 15th April 2014
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The Fate of Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures

The Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act 2011 was introduced to replace the anti-terrorism control order, which was much stricter than its successor, yet delivered the same goal. However, TPIMs are criticised on grounds of human rights and in-effectiveness. Are these criticisms fair?

12:08, 13th April 2014
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