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Preventing Cyber-bullying: New Zealand Leading the Way?

There is international concern of the growing problem of cyber-bullying. The advancements in social media provide a faceless platform for bullies to carry out their demeaning actions. Yasmin Daswani analyses legal developments made in New Zealand that seek to prevent and punish cyber-bullying.

11:00, 9th July 2014
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ECJ and the UK - Surrogacy Arrangements

A judgment of the European Court of Justice has considered whether a commissioning mother from a surrogacy agreement is to be given similar flexibility from her employer as a mother who gives birth by the traditional method. Emily Clements analyses the ECJ's decision and the UK's relative position.

11:00, 7th July 2014
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Associative Discrimination: Equal Treatment?

Should measures preventing discrimination be extended to protect those who are associated with a disabled person? Guest author, Hannah Larsen discusses recent judgments from the Court of Justice of the European Union and the UK's Court of Appeal to determine the UK's position to this question.

11:00, 4th July 2014
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UK Counts Itself Out of European Account Preservation Order

The European Account Preservation Order (EAPO) has received backing from the European Parliament and looks set to take legal effect this month. The Order will prevent companies diverting funds to secure them from creditors. Edmund Day discusses the Order and why the UK has decided to opt-out.

10:57, 3rd July 2014
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The Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill - Is it Needed?

In the Queen's Speech last month, the Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism (SARAH) Bill was announced in an attempt to prevent claimants from recovering damages in negligence if the harm was the result of an action of social responsibility. Ryan Turner analyses the Bill's necessity.

13:14, 1st July 2014
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‘One punch’ Manslaughter: One Dissatisfied Public

'One punch' manslaughter has received public attention recently due to the lenient prison sentences that have been imposed upon those guilty of the offence. Jessica Johnson presents an analysis of the sentences imposed, and discusses whether stricter sentences should be imposed for this offence.

11:00, 27th June 2014
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Hoarding: Possession for Possessions?

Several documentaries have recently highlighted the significant problems thats can be created from having a "hoarding disorder". Amy Ling presents the problems that hoarding creates for landlords when their tenants are subject to this disorder and discusses preventative solutions to these problems.

11:00, 25th June 2014
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A Gilded Cage is Still a Cage

A recent decision of the UK Supreme Court has demonstrated how protection of human rights is provided to everyone regardless of any disability. Jade Rigby discusses how the the Supreme Court's decision will ensure the protection and recognition of the rights of those that require care from others.

11:00, 23rd June 2014
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Employment Law and Religious Rights - Striking a Balance

Employers can be placed in the difficult position of balancing the working needs of a business with he religious beliefs of their employers. Georgia Mitchell analyses a decision of the Court of Appeal which concerned an employee's supposed right, based on religious beliefs, not to work on Sundays.

08:26, 21st June 2014
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Property Guardians - PG Agreements Down to a Tee

Property Guardian agreements provide a solution to preventing empty properties being subject to burglary and squatting. Questions have arisen as to whether a Property Guardian is to be classified as a tenant or a licencee. Thomas Horton analsyes their legal structure to provide an answer.

10:02, 20th June 2014
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The Loophole in the Nuclear Disarmament Process

The Marshall Islands has brought proceedings against nine States for their lack of cooperation in the progression towards international nuclear disarmament. Ivonna Beeches analyses the grounds of the Marshall Islands' claim which highlights lacunae in international Treaties on nuclear disarmament.

11:00, 16th June 2014
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Tackling Fraud and Corruption in the European Union

A proposed Directive from the European Union seeks to clamp down on the problem of fraud within the European Union and deal with any dishonest conduct of parties tendering for EU project contracts. Ryan Turner analyses how a harmonised understanding and prevention of fraud will benefit the EU.

10:00, 14th June 2014
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The Semi-Secret Terror Trial - A Leap of Faith in the Judiciary

A recent decision by the Court of Appeal provides furthers discussion on 'secret trials', and when they should be allowed. Merry Neal discusses why this particular anti-terrorism case will be heard partially behind closed doors, and the effects this has upon the rule of law.

09:18, 13th June 2014
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A Duty of Candour in Our Hospitals

There is a high level of good medical care in the United Kingdom. However, several recent incidents highlight considerable room for improvement for the prevention of future preventable mortalities. Emily Clements explores a proposed introduction of a duty of candour to strengthen medical standards.

11:00, 9th June 2014
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