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Law Commission: Plan your divorce before your marriage

At the end of February, the Law Commission published a paper advocating the legal enforcement of nuptial agreements. Previously considered unromantic and inconsistent with the fundamental principle of life long commitment, increasing divorce rates and legal aid cuts are forcing law makers hands.

12:44, 15th March 2014
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Online Bill of Rights: What might it look like?

Twenty-Five years ago yesterday, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the internet, filed the memo that led to the creation of the web. On the internet's 25th birthday, Berners-Lee has spoken out for online privacy, lobbying for an international online bill of rights, embodying original principles.

12:17, 13th March 2014
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Can we really blame the attrition problem on a ‘Culture of Disbelief’?

On behalf of the Rape Monitoring Group, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary reported on how many rapes were recorded within each county, and their outcomes. These reports highlighted a startling attrition rate, whereby cases are routinely 'no-crimed'. Is this due to a culture of disbelief?

12:11, 12th March 2014
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Insolvency and Unpaid Rent: Closing of a Loophole

The Court of Appeal recently closed a loophole that caused commercial landlords to miss out on payment of rents for their tenants that had gone into administration. Thomas Horton explores the context and reasoning of the decision, and its potential consequent commercial implications.

12:01, 11th March 2014
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Legal Aid – A Line in the Sand

The consultation over legal aid reforms has been largely ignored, and the battle between the Ministry of Justice and practicing barristers continues. Ryan Turner looks at the most recent action taken by the profession and further examines the impact of Grayling's legal aid reforms.

12:17, 10th March 2014
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The True Problem with Lie Detectors

Polygraph tests, also known as lie detectors, are soon to be trialled in the UK. They will be used in risk assessments of sex offenders under the jurisdiction of South Yorkshire Police. However, are we likely to see these controversial tests used for any other purposes in the UK anytime soon?

12:06, 8th March 2014
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Costs Management: A step in the right direction

The Jackson Reforms, among other things, have resulted in the introduction of strict costs management in civil litigation, essentially capping parties' spend. There has been significant movement over the question to which cases this should apply, but we are now moving in the right direction.

12:15, 6th March 2014
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Cheap Alcohol Ban: Good news for drinkers and most businesses?

The Home Office has announced that from the 6th April, the government is to ban the sale of alcohol at what they believe are ‘ultra cheap’ prices. However, this ban is far from the originally proposed minimum price per unit. How much will this ban effect drinkers and businesses?

11:57, 4th March 2014
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Whole Life Orders – The Balance of Justice

The Court of Appeal recently decided on the validity of the imposition of life orders in light of the European Convention of Human Rights Article 3 obligation of prohibition of torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Thomas Horton looks at the reasoning behind this decision.

12:26, 2nd March 2014
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Strategic Environmental Assessments: Decision-making all at SEA

The Supreme Court recently held that a European Directive applicable to plans that have a significant environmental impact is not applicable to the government's HS2 project. Is this lawful, and what lessons can be learnt for the future?

12:21, 1st March 2014
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Press Enemy #1: Lay off the Guardian, Cameron.

Last week, seven leading international press organisations addressed a public letter asking David Cameron to lay off The Guardian which is currently under investigation for the role it played in the publishing of leaked NSA secrets. How should press freedom and national security be balanced?

12:13, 27th February 2014
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Gender selecting doctors: should they be prosecuted?

Jade Rigby examines the debate on whether doctors performing abortions based on the gender of the foetus should be prosecuted by the CPS following their decision that prosecution of such doctors is not 'in the public interest' despite there being enough evidence to do so.

12:50, 25th February 2014
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A crackdown on tax benefits for LLP members

Significant changes to the employment status of LLP members for tax purposes are fast approaching. Up till now, all but salaried partners could claim self-employed status, deriving personal tax benefits, and benefits for the firm. This is set to change, with potentially serious repercussions.

13:05, 23rd February 2014
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Should we have a right to die?

The protracted court process of the ‘right to die’ appeals will come to a conclusion soon when the Supreme Court hand down their judgment. This article will provide a summary of the proceedings so far, and also give some comment on the possible outcomes for the parties involved.

11:58, 22nd February 2014
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