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Extending the DIFC’s Jurisdiction: a Blessing or Failure?

The creation of the Dubai International Financial Centre represents the United Arab Emirates' attempt to be amongst the elite commercial environments, such as England and Singapore. Maxi Kussatz explores the creation of the DIFC and its Courts' jurisdiction used to settle commercial disputes.

10:32, 8th June 2014
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Constitutional Standards in the 21st Century

In January 2014 the Constitution Unit of University College London produced a code of constitutional standards. Alex Barbour discusses these blueprint codes that should be used during the process of legislative decision making to safeguard constitutional principles underpinning our legal system.

11:20, 5th June 2014
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Phillips v Francis: The Big Consultation Headache

Amy Ling analyses the procedure used to consult and inform tenants of financial contributions required for maintenance carried out on their properties. The appeal of the High Court's decision in Phillips v Francis to be heard in October 2014 poses huge changes to the procedure previously used.

11:00, 29th May 2014
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How Would the Prison Book Ban Fare Judicial Review?

In review of prison framework, the Ministry of Justice's "prison book ban" has great expectations of reducing illicit substances entering prisons. Francesca Norris provides several grounds upon which a judicial review of the policy could be brought to determine its illegality and proportionality.

11:00, 27th May 2014
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Richard III - Finally Laid to Rest

The High Court recently decided on the validity of the process utilised to determine where the remains of Richard III should be reinterred. Thomas Horton analyses the judicial review, which focused on whether there was a requirement for consultation of the King's final resting place.

11:00, 25th May 2014
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All Bark and No Bite? ‘The Pitbull’ Gerrie Nel

Gerrie Nel, the prosecutor they call ‘the Pitbull’, recently cross-examinatined witnesses in the Pistorius Murder Trial. Joseph Switalski demonstrates why Mr Nel's advocacy sparked criticism from esteemed legal viewers, and how the prosecution's case could have been better presented.

11:00, 22nd May 2014
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Gruelling roaming charges: a thing of the past?

On April 3rd 2014 the European Parliament voted in favour of abolishing roaming charges incurred by mobile phone usage abroad by Christmas 2015. The ultimate aim of such a move is to create a single telecoms market. Jessica Johnson analyses how this decision removes a huge barrier within the EU.

11:00, 20th May 2014
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Is There Really a ‘Right’ to be Forgotten?

Has a decision from the European Court of Justice this week created a 'right' to be forgotten? By analysing the decision of the ECJ who held that Google should remove listings from their search engines, Chris Bridges explores whether a right to be forgotten is simply a construct of existing law.

11:00, 17th May 2014
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How does the Government propose to increase transparency and trust in UK Business?

In July 2013, Secretary of State for business, innovation and skills, Vince Cable MP published a ‘Transparency and Trust’ discussion paper. Thomas Horton analyses the recent Government Response to this discussion paper and the robust proposals to make the UK the leading business environment.

11:30, 15th May 2014
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Students and the Cuts to Legal Aid

A concern emanating from cuts to legal aid is that aspiring lawyers are being forced out of progressing into the legal profession. Saema Jaffer discusses what predicament the cuts to legal aid are putting students in and the implications those cuts are currently having upon junior lawyers.

11:22, 13th May 2014
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Implications of the Immigration Bill for Landlords

If passed, the Immigration Bill will bring in new responsibilities for landlords to take reasonable steps to assure themselves of the immigration status and ‘right to rent’ of prospective residents. Amy Ling expresses her concerns of this additional responsibility being imposed upon landlords.

11:13, 10th May 2014
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Criminalising the Transmission of STDs

The criminalisation of the transmission of STDs is a controversial issue. Following developments in case law, Jade Rigby analyses the consequences of imposing a criminal sanction under s. 20 of the Offences Against the Persons Act 1861. Does this criminal sanction act as a needed deterrent?

11:15, 8th May 2014
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Complex Criminal Cases – what next?

In the wake of R v Crawley, there is serious uncertainty surrounding very high cost cases. This could not have come at a worse time, with criminal proceedings just launching for the extremely high profile and complex LIBOR Scandal. Thomas Horton looks at the issues involved and the future for VHCCs.

11:08, 6th May 2014
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Sharia law and the importance of last wills for UK expats in the UAE

Around 80% of UK expatriates living in the United Arab Emirates may not be aware that their UK will has no validity in the UAE without further steps being taken. By default, Intestacy and child custody are handled by Sharia law, which differs significantly from counterpart law in the UK.

11:32, 3rd May 2014
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