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A complicated relationship: The ECtHR, media, privacy & freedom of expression

Hugh Tomlinson QC, a well-regarded media and privacy law expert, has recently criticised the ECtHR for blurring the boundaries between privacy and defamation cases. Chris Bridges provides a brief history of privacy law, highlights how this blurring has come about, and why it is important.

12:40, 9th February 2014
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Criminal Justice and Courts Bill: the erosion of accountability

On the 4th February the government issued their response to consultation and the controversial Criminal Justice and Courts Bill. Due for first reading on 24th February, this bill threatens to cause serious damage to UK justice, and has attracted widespread criticism.

13:29, 8th February 2014
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Judgement Day for Payday Lenders Approaches

We have all seen the laughable interest rates advertised by many payday lenders over the last few years, but for many, including some of the leading figures in politics, this situation is no laughing matter. Reform looms, but how desirable is reform, and to what extent should it go?

12:34, 6th February 2014
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Compensation Culture - Just a Media ‘Claim’?

We often hear of the compensation culture that is emerging here in the UK, but how much truth is there behind these rumours? Are we as a nation really becoming more and more like the USA, with a culture of overzealous pursuance of litigation, often over little more than spilled milk?

12:41, 4th February 2014
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No Win, No Other Choice: An Evaluation of the Conditional Fee Arrangement

It is impossible to imagine daytime television without the endless ‘No Win, No Fee’ advertisements gracing the screen. These fee arrangements were introduced to relieve the burden on civil aid and increase justice. However, are these arrangements always fair on the consumer in the current market?

12:42, 2nd February 2014
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Football Transfers - The Responsibilities of Footballers’ Agents

Transfer deadline has just passed so Thomas Horton takes a look at the logistics behind the signings your teams have recently made. Who determines the wages, the length of the contract, incentives for player achievements, or add-on fees being paid to the transferor club?

12:34, 1st February 2014
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The sufficiency of legal training in England and Wales

The present structure of legal training within England and Wales has for a long time come under fire for not being sufficient. These complaints come on a number of grounds: the lack of value of a law degree, over availability of LPC courses, insufficient LPC training and expense.

12:16, 30th January 2014
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The Mesothelioma Bill: A Fraction of the Justice They Deserve?

The malignant nature of Mesothelioma, and the equally unjust legislation underpinning industrial disease liability has left victims welcoming any reform within the sector. However, the 2013 proposals, reviewed last winter, offered little comfort for those in an already uncomfortable position.

12:03, 28th January 2014
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Gender Inequality & Parental Leave: What is the solution?

A number of solutions to gender inequality within the workplace are circulating. However not all promote inequality as much as they first appear. Board member quotas may prevent the best person from getting the job, and shared parental leave does not do enough to encourage men to take paternal leave

12:30, 27th January 2014
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Google to get a slap on the wrist for ‘stalking adverts’?

Last Thursday (16th January) the High court handed down judgement in Vidal -Hall & Ors v Google Inc, with an outcome Google will surely be dismayed by. Google are to be sued here in the UK for breach of privacy, potentially under an entirely new tort of misuse of private information.

13:10, 25th January 2014
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Unpaid work experience: A bar to diversity?

Jade Rigby examines the problems unpaid work experience poses to diversity within the legal profession, what some firms have done to combat this, and what further steps can be taken to stop the profession from slipping back into its secluded ways.

12:05, 22nd January 2014
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What’s the Fracking Problem?

The Government’s plans to permit fracking within the UK have faced a great deal of publicly scrutiny. An analysis of the problems that fracking could cause under land law further demonstrates some criticisms the controversial process could encounter.

13:01, 20th January 2014
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Social Media & Contempt of Court

The Contempt of Court Act 1981 has long restricted comment that could be seen as prejudicial to a court case, or those involved. Traditionally, this only concerned the media. However, social media has opened publication to the masses, leaving users in precarious positions, without guidance.

14:26, 18th January 2014
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Legal Aid: The Day of Action – What Next?

On 6th January, criminal lawyers took a very drastic step and staged a half day protest against the proposed cuts to the legal aid budget. Ryan Turner examines possible outcomes. Were these protests just? Will participating barristers efforts be rendered fruitless? Where next?

12:04, 16th January 2014
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