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The Parent-Subsidiary Directive: Closing the Loophole

The tax avoidance of companies such as Google, Amazon and Starbucks brought to light in the last year show how these vast companies are able to exploit their transnational status to reduce their tax liabilities. However the EU has recently attempted to close an increasingly popular loophole.

12:47, 10th December 2013
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Legitimate forms of protest in the 21st Century

We live in an age of rapid change, in which technological progress is exponential. However not everything is changing so quickly. Whilst certain forms of protest, such as discrimination, are no longer acceptable, society is failing to accept new forms of protest that our technological age needs.

13:50, 8th December 2013
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A step away from the ECHR

A couple who ran a hotel have recently had a decision go against them in the UK Supreme Court after turning away a homosexual couple who were in a civil partnership. What are the implications of this decision with regards to the ECHR?

15:03, 7th December 2013
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Should Contract Law be used to Enforce Surrogacy Arrangements?

As it stands UK legislation is forcing many families abroad to find a surrogate mother for their child due to limitations on what can be paid to a surrogate mother. However by travelling abroad the resultant baby may be left in legal limbo - a citizen in neither state. But what is the solution?

13:20, 5th December 2013
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Can it ever really be in your ‘best interests’ to be left by doctors to die?

When can it be in the best interests of a living patient to withhold treatment from him that would keep him alive? The Supreme Court has recently asked a different question that must be asked where a patient lacks capacity: Is it in the best interests of the patient to give the treatment?

12:02, 3rd December 2013
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Freedom of Design: Should 'simplicity' be protected?

Last week some finality was finally brought to the first round of the Apple v Samsung disputes when a US court handed down final judgement on the amount of damages due to Apple for the breach of numerous patents. However, should these damages have been awarded, can Apple really protect simplicity?

13:08, 1st December 2013
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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - Realistic?

Last week was the second round of talks between the European Union and the United States to try to create a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), in an attempt to reduce trade barriers between the two major markets. However is the removal of trade barriers realistic?

14:02, 30th November 2013
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CILEx: An Alternative Route to Legal Qualification

When posed the question ‘how do you qualify as a lawyer?’ most aspiring lawyers will cite the processes required to qualify as a barrister or a solicitor. However these are not the only ways. Few know there is a much cheaper way, which does not require a training contract or pupillage...

12:10, 28th November 2013
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The Consumer Rights Bill: Progression or Regression?

The Consumer Rights Bill: A piece of legislation which aims to modernise and simplify consumer protection law whilst clarifying consumer rights. However are the proposed changes effective in achieving these aims, and have consumers rights been fairly balanced with those of industry?

12:40, 27th November 2013
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Cameras in the Courtroom: Justice must be seen to be done

Cameras have recently been introduced to proceedings in the Court of Appeal. Whilst the development is representative of justice being seen to be done, there is a need for open justice to not stretch too far as to undermine justice.

12:44, 25th November 2013
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Judicial Review - The Protector of Those without a Voice

A consultation paper entitled ‘Judicial Review: Proposals for Further Reform’ has recently closed and within is a proposed change to the rules on standing in Judicial Review proceedings. However the changes suggested appear extremely detrimental to the work of Non-Governmental Organisations.

11:18, 24th November 2013
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Recent Decisions Avail to Clarify 'Piercing the Corporate Veil'

The Supreme Court has recently brought some clarification to the corporate veil principle. Lord Sumption suggested in Prest that the veil would only be lifted where separate legal identity has been used for the purpose of fraud.

12:45, 23rd November 2013
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A Bad Time for the Burqa?

Prohibiting face coverings may appear simple, but undermining a religious belief and identity can have severe effects. Britain's proposition on banning the burqa demonstrates the possible dangers of secular laws.

12:03, 20th November 2013
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A Case Study: Are patents a help or hindrance to innovation?

Criticism of patent systems around the world has been rife in the last few years, so much so it is getting to a point where many are beginning to question the benefits patents actually bring to innovation. Whilst patents have in recent years been abused, they do have significant benefits.

12:06, 18th November 2013
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