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Cameras in the Courtroom: Justice must be seen to be done

Cameras have recently been introduced to proceedings in the Court of Appeal. Whilst the development is representative of justice being seen to be done, there is a need for open justice to not stretch too far as to undermine justice.

12:44, 25th November 2013
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Judicial Review - The Protector of Those without a Voice

A consultation paper entitled ‘Judicial Review: Proposals for Further Reform’ has recently closed and within is a proposed change to the rules on standing in Judicial Review proceedings. However the changes suggested appear extremely detrimental to the work of Non-Governmental Organisations.

11:18, 24th November 2013
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Recent Decisions Avail to Clarify 'Piercing the Corporate Veil'

The Supreme Court has recently brought some clarification to the corporate veil principle. Lord Sumption suggested in Prest that the veil would only be lifted where separate legal identity has been used for the purpose of fraud.

12:45, 23rd November 2013
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A Bad Time for the Burqa?

Prohibiting face coverings may appear simple, but undermining a religious belief and identity can have severe effects. Britain's proposition on banning the burqa demonstrates the possible dangers of secular laws.

12:03, 20th November 2013
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A Case Study: Are patents a help or hindrance to innovation?

Criticism of patent systems around the world has been rife in the last few years, so much so it is getting to a point where many are beginning to question the benefits patents actually bring to innovation. Whilst patents have in recent years been abused, they do have significant benefits.

12:06, 18th November 2013
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Are We Heading Towards An Olympics of Oppression?

In 1964, racial discrimination in South Africa sparked an Olympic ban of almost thirty years. South Africa was only restored to the games in 1992, following the repeal of all apartheid laws the previous year. Why then are we allowing the Winter Olympics to go ahead in a notoriously homophobic state?

12:28, 17th November 2013
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Are cuts to legal aid impeding the course of justice?

Government austerity measures have taken their toll in many areas, but should justice be one of these? This question has been recently answered by Lord Neuberger in his critical 'Justice in an Age of Austerity' speech, legal aid cuts come at the cost of justice.

11:38, 16th November 2013
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Employee Shareholders - Would You Sell Your Rights?

The John Lewis Model works for John Lewis, but can it work for other employers? On 1st September 2013 s205A Employment Rights Act 1996 came into force in an effort to introduce a new form of employee status. This provision has attracted a great deal of criticism, but why?

12:07, 15th November 2013
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Could Current ASBO Reforms Create a New Brand of Criminal?

Legislative reforms to the existing ASBO are currently going through Parliament. Are these reforms adequate? These reforms may remove the criminal conviction in less serious cases, but could they none-the-less create a new brand of criminal?

11:15, 14th November 2013
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Data Privacy: Due Diligence Due?

Following Edward Snowden's recent disclosures of top secret data surveillance programs, public awareness regarding data privacy has skyrocketed. However this controversy has prompted misguided assumptions about where data is 'safe'.

12:57, 13th November 2013
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OfWhat? Are Regulators Protecting Consumers Sufficiently?

Ofwat, the UK's water industry regulator was recently asked to keep control of water prices. However this advice seems to have been sent to the wrong regulatory authority, it should have been sent to Ofgem.

12:11, 12th November 2013
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The role of the UKSC recently determined following Chester and McGeoch

The relationship between the UK and Strasbourg has been incredibly beneficial for the development of the protection of human rights. The decision of the UKSC in Chester and McGeoch has clarified how the Rule of Law is upheld and determined their constitutional position.

07:30, 11th November 2013
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