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Commercial Awareness: Thinking like an Investor

Getting to grips with the stock market is a vital tool for bolstering your commercial awareness. It will stand you in good stead if you enter the world of commercial law. But it can seem like a confusing and alien place: what should you be looking for and where exactly should you begin?

12:00, 3rd February 2017
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The Biggest Challenges Facing the Legal Profession in 2016

Understanding the challenges facing law firms is a great way to show recruiters that you are commercially aware. Our Executive Editor discusses three issues he foresees as significant challenges facing law firms in 2016 and beyond: fixed fees, market consolidation and the rise of the Big 4.

12:00, 17th February 2016
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The Great Divide: Women In Law

Inequality between men and women is no new social illness. There is a long and tumultuous history of gender inequality across the world and, until fairly recently, the UK was no different, particularly in the legal profession. How is this trend changing in the world of business and law?

12:00, 3rd December 2015
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ADR: The Future of Litigation

We are fortunate to live in a democracy and a country that, as far back as 1215 enshrined in its laws a desire for and reverence of justice. Traditionally, we have been an international leader in access to the courts. However, traditional litigation is making way for new forms of dispute resolution.

12:00, 3rd November 2015
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An Introduction to Partnerships

Partnerships play a crucial role in the establishment of businesses in the UK. What are the key features and drawbacks of partnerships, and how are they changing? What are the dangers of traditional partnerships, and how has this affected many firms move to limited liability partnership?

11:00, 21st October 2015
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Legal Process Outsourcing: A Worm’s Eye View

Legal Process Outsourcing, on a very basic level, is the exporting of legal services to lower wage regions or countries. With training contracts more competitive than ever, graduates should not write LPOs off; they provide similar experience to a traditional firm, with additional benefits.

11:00, 26th August 2015
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Does a man really ‘walk into the Bar’?

A familiar joke begins, ‘a man walks into the bar…’. Although referring to a public house, at one point it may have appeared the same was true for the English Bar. However, the modern Bar has come a long away from what it once was. Josh Dowdall discusses his experience with a diversity programme.

11:00, 23rd July 2015
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Gender Equality Is Still Falling Short In The Legal Profession

Women now make up the best part of the junior end of the solicitor profession and the Bar is not too far behind. However, as women progress through their legal career, their representation falls. Can this really just be a generational issue, or is there something more placing a glass ceiling?

11:00, 20th July 2015
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Ten Tips For Acing Your Vacation Scheme

It’s the beginning of July. You have slogged through your exams and freedom is around the corner, but not for eager minded lawyers in the making lucky enough to have secured vacation schemes. You best make the most of it with these top ten tips for securing that training contract at the end.

11:14, 15th July 2015
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The Negative Impact of UK Banking Reform

There has been talking of a number of the UK's large banking institutions moving their headquarters overseas as a direct response to recent banking reform, implemented in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. What are these measures, and why are they encouraging banks to move operations abroad?

11:00, 22nd May 2015
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The Graduate Recruitment Code: Does SRA Withdrawal Matter?

The Graduate Recruitment Code promotes fair recruitment and encourages a situation in which undergraduates are in the position to make informed decisions before receiving job offers. However, the SRA has recently announced it is to withdraw. Is this likely to have any practical consequences?

11:00, 7th April 2015
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Divide and Conquer: Dual Contracts and Legal Aid

Last week, the profession lost its latest Court of Appeal attempt to prevent cuts to legal aid. The latest round of reforms are being rushed through before the General Election, and threaten to do significant damage to the justice system. Coverage of the saga to date, and a look at the judgment.

11:00, 2nd April 2015
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Write Up: The JUSTICE Student Conference 2015

JUSTICE recently hosted a one-day conference was to give law students, trainee solicitors and pupil barristers a unique opportunity to explore key topical human rights issues in domestic law, policy and practice. Chris Duffy provides a write up of the day's activities.

12:00, 24th March 2015
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Israel’s Booming Hi-Tech Industry

Israel has had an astounding year of foreign investment, most notably in its Hi-Tech industries. With tech giants such as Dropbox, Microsoft and Amazon making Israeli acquisitions, is the future looking bright? What opportunities might this present for UK companies with international presence?

12:00, 18th March 2015
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