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‘The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers’

Whilst legal business may be booming, the reputation of the profession continues to take blows. However, does the legal profession deserve tarnish? What is the cause of this negative perception? Most importantly, what can be done to reverse the continuing decline in our profession's public standing?

12:07, 27th February 2015
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LLMs, Worth it or Not?

In recent years, more and more graduates are choosing to pursue an LLM. Many criticise LLMs for being too academic for practice, but are these critics jumping to hasty conclusions? Mani Basi highlights some points to consider in deciding whether to pursue an LLM, drawing upon his own experience.

12:00, 16th February 2015
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The Many Forms of a Law Firm

In preparation for a vacation scheme or training contract interview, you should ensure that you develop an understanding of the different forms of a law firm. Doing so will allow you to evaluate the characteristics of the firm you are applying to and the shape of the legal market as a whole.

12:00, 26th January 2015
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Oil Prices and Your Commercial Awareness

Recent falls in oil prices are being welcomed by the public in times where pay increases have been near non-existent. However, whilst there may be short-term advantages to this, deflation can have disastrous outcomes for our economy. Compare your commercial awareness with this methodical approach.

12:00, 19th January 2015
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The Benefits of the Graduate Diploma in Law

Not having studied the traditional three or four-year undergraduate LLB does not necessarily exclude the pursuit of a legal career. Many law firms are willing to accept applications from those of any degree discipline who then go on to complete the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL).

12:00, 14th January 2015
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Commercial Awareness: Defining the Undefinable

Commercial awareness is a catchphrase used by the vast majority of law firms, but despite many attempts, there appears to be no universally agreed definition. This article considers the various limbs of commercial awareness, and makes a few suggestions on how to develop and demonstrate said limbs.

12:05, 15th December 2014
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The Key Issues Surrounding International Commercial Arbitration

International Commercial Arbitration is a process of resolving disputes arising out of international commercial contracts, as an alternative to settling in court. This flexible method of dispute resolution is effective in saving costs and time for all parties involved; a wise business choice.

12:00, 1st December 2014
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Law Firm Application 101: Maximising Your Return

At times, law firm applications feel like a lottery. What is it that sets two applicants apart, who at face value are both worthy of a training contract? With vacation scheme deadlines fast approaching, our Executive Editor gives applicants advice on how to maximise their return on applications.

12:00, 17th November 2014
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The Biggest Challenges Facing the Legal Profession in 2015

The ability of law firms to adapt to the financial climate and the expanding technology-dependent environment they work in is crucial for their continued survival and progress in the globalised legal market. Law firms, and not just Training Contract applicants, need to be commercially aware.

12:00, 29th October 2014
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The Paralegal Enquiry

Jade Rigby discusses The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives' (CILEx) recently launched 'Paralegal Enquiry' to determine the position of paralegals in the developing legal market and the advantages that becoming a paralegal can have for those looking for a route to a professional legal career.

11:00, 28th July 2014
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Is there still a bar to diversity?

Baroness Hale recently presented a lecture on the importance of equal gender representation amongst the judiciary. Georgia Mitchell expands upon the points raised in Baroness Hale's speech to present the problems the Bar is facing in its attempts to ensure equal representation across the profession.

11:00, 16th July 2014
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The sufficiency of legal training in England and Wales

The present structure of legal training within England and Wales has for a long time come under fire for not being sufficient. These complaints come on a number of grounds: the lack of value of a law degree, over availability of LPC courses, insufficient LPC training and expense.

12:16, 30th January 2014
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Unpaid work experience: A bar to diversity?

Jade Rigby examines the problems unpaid work experience poses to diversity within the legal profession, what some firms have done to combat this, and what further steps can be taken to stop the profession from slipping back into its secluded ways.

12:05, 22nd January 2014
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Book Review: 'Tomorrow’s Lawyers' by Richard Susskind

Chris Bridges reviews Richard Susskind's latest book, 'Tomorrow's Lawyers' which puts forward a compelling and eye opening argument on what legal services of the future will look like. An absolute must read for all aspiring lawyers, especially those preparing for law firm interviews.

12:22, 15th December 2013
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