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From Farm to Fork: Legislating Against Food Waste

The Food Waste (Reduction) Bill, supported by Conservative, SNP, Liberal Democrat, and Green MPs comprises two broad objectives: to reduce food waste by individuals, businesses and public bodies, and for businesses to enter into formal agreements with food redistribution organisations.

12:00, 19th April 2016
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General Data Protection Regulation:Triumph for Privacy or the End to Expression?

Due to come into force in the latter stages of 2018, some have already described the General Data Protection Regulation as “a milestone of the digital age”. We must celebrate that privacy law is now developing through the GDPR to allow effective protection of technology users, but at what cost?

12:00, 13th April 2016
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The Internet: A Force for Good or a Nuisance in Litigation?

In a world where information is more freely available and widespread than ever, comparable with the trend in medicine for self-diagnosis, clients have often done a lot of research before speaking to lawyers. However, is this always a good thing, or can it be a nuisance in litigation adding to cost?

12:00, 6th April 2016
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On The Line: Domestic Violence, Contact and Estranged Parents

The government have shown a willingness to protect victims of domestic harm with legal aid, but are not using Child Arrangement Orders as effectively as they could to protect the victims of domestic violence. Should there be a presumption in favour of contact, or a presumption against contact?

12:00, 31st March 2016
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Escaping Daddy’s Dance Hall? The Impact of Brexit on Employment Law

It was not apparent in 1972 that the UK’s accession to the European Economic Community would have a fundamental impact on employment law. How would the UK's exit from the European Union affect domestic employment law, if at all? Would it be business as usual for both employers and employees?

12:00, 25th March 2016
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Whose Justice? The Search for Principled Causation in Negligence

Causation in the law of torts has lost its way in the search for principle. Is there anything that can be done to save it? Has has the judiciary become too claimant friendly on vague notions of public policy, putting people at risk of incurring tortuous liability where they have caused no harm?

12:00, 21st March 2016
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In Time: Access to Justice for Victims of Domestic Violence

The Court of Appeal has ruled that regulations which restricted the access to legal aid for domestic violence victims, based on Grayling’s flagship Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO), are invalid and now must be amended. Amy Ling considers the judgment.

12:00, 15th March 2016
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Civil Partnerships: Are We All Equal Before the Law?

Since the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, same sex couples have been able to both marry and enter into civil partnerships. However, opposite sex couples have only the option of marriage (religious or civil). This clearly creates inequality in position; can the government justify it?

12:00, 2nd March 2016
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The Case for Good Faith in English Contract Law

English contract law rests on the assumption that parties are free to contract as they please. This assumption has been qualified by the imposition of ‘implied terms’, one of which is the requirement of good faith. What is good faith, when does it apply and should the implied term be extended?

12:00, 1st March 2016
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Transgender Equality and Transitioning to Gender X

Over the past decade momentum has been gathering to bring about greater equality for transgender people. The Gender Recognition Act 2004 was pioneering for its time, but is failing to address transgender issues in a number of key areas. Is it time the UK transitioned to gender X as Australia has?

12:00, 5th February 2016
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Clearing up the Quistclose Trust

Where property is transferred for a particular purpose, a Quistclose trust ensures that the recipient uses the property solely for that purpose. However, until recently, the courts have had conceptual difficulties determining how the trust comes about. Bellis v Challinor has brought some clarity.

08:46, 3rd February 2016
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Ill Conceived with Disingenuous Motivations: Personal Injury Reform

The spending review in November 2015 bore troubling news for personal injury (PI) firms as the Chancellor pledged to raise the small claims limit from £1,000 to £5,000 while axing soft tissue and whiplash cash payouts. What is the impact of these proposals, particularly the implications for victims?

12:00, 28th January 2016
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At Home and at Work: Consequences of the Immigration Bill 2015

Though heavily criticised both for the rhetoric and factual accuracy of this speech, the Home Secretary’s continued focus on immigration is reflective of the topic’s dominance in public concern. What are the proposed changes, and do they have any merit in terms of potential efficacy?

12:00, 13th January 2016
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Accidental Americans: The US Citizenship Conundrum

It is a largely unknown fact that a person born in the US becomes subject to its jurisdiction, no matter the associations they keep with the country throughout the rest of the life. This had little significance for some, until the US strong armed their now home nations into disclosing their details.

12:00, 5th January 2016
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