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Legal Professional Privilege and the Snooper's Charter

Legal Professional Privilege has been a vital principle in common law since 1577. It underpins justice; Lord Bingham once said that without it "everyone would be thrown upon his own legal resources". However the draft Investigatory Powers Bill threatens to undermine this important principle.

12:00, 30th December 2015
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The Sanctity of Life? An Update on Abortion Law in Northern Ireland

On 30 November 2015, the High Court handed down judgment in a landmark judicial review brought by the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission on the matter of abortion law. The ground breaking decision could be the first step to bringing Northern Irish law in line with the rest of the UK.

12:00, 14th December 2015
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What could ‘Brexit’ mean for UK environmental law and policy?

In the 1970s and 80s, the UK earned the title ‘the Dirty Man of Europe’ as a result of its poor environmental regulation, which has since improved. However, with the possibility of revoking EU membership following the 2017 referendum comes the threat of great lacunae in environmental law.

12:00, 2nd December 2015
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Causation in Mesothelioma Claims: Stretching the Definition

For a tortious claim to succeed, a number of elements need establishing. However, the tests for establishing causation in asbestos claims do not cohere with the every-day construction of it. This article explores that distinction and seeks to explain it, taking a somewhat philosophical approach.

12:00, 12th November 2015
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The Impact of the CRA on Financial Services

The CRA 2015 is one of the most significant pieces of UK contract legislation since the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977. It seeks to reform and consolidate consumer law and also implements numerous directives. However, it has the potential to have significant impact on financial service providers.

12:20, 11th November 2015
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Unproductible! Losing Clarity In The Law of Product Liability

A recent European Union case has the potential to greatly increase producers' liability for defective products by awarding damages without it being proven that the actual product was defective. Instead, it only had to be shown the production series had a significantly increased risk of failure.

12:00, 4th November 2015
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ADR: The Future of Litigation

We are fortunate to live in a democracy and a country that, as far back as 1215 enshrined in its laws a desire for and reverence of justice. Traditionally, we have been an international leader in access to the courts. However, traditional litigation is making way for new forms of dispute resolution.

12:00, 3rd November 2015
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The Housing Bill: Ignoring Those That Need It Most

The Conservative's Housing Bill aims to address 'unfinished business'. However, three key policies contained therein, namely 'start homes', extension of right to buy, and a mandatory requirement to charge market rate rent to 'high earners', ignore the needs of those that need help the most.

12:00, 27th October 2015
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Chelsea leaves Carneiro in the blues: the legal position

On 22 September 2015 Eva Carneiro, the Chelsea FC first-team doctor, made the decision to leave the football club six weeks after a very public demotion and criticism from manager Jose Mourinho for treating a player on the pitch. Could Carneiro have a constructive dismissal claim against the club?

12:00, 15th October 2015
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The Ashley Madison Scandal: It’s About More Than Infidelity

The recent hacking of alternative dating site Ashley Madison caused thousands of users’ details to be spread across the internet, causing quite a scandal. This has exposed, or reiterated, depending on your perspective, the issue of internet privacy and its vulnerability to attack and manipulation.

12:00, 14th October 2015
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Living in an Interconnected World – A Legal Conundrum

It is no secret that the tech sector is booming, in part to the growing trend of inter connected devices; the internet of things. Whilst this has many excited, it may make those that are legally minded a little dizzy. These developments pose some novel questions, particularly regarding privacy.

12:00, 17th September 2015
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The Rise of Cohabitation Agreements

Between 1996 and 2012 the number of unmarried couples living in the UK has doubled to reach three million. With it, the popularity of cohabitation agreements has grown. With this in mind, when is such an agreement legally binding, and how does it compare to marriage or civil partnership?

12:00, 7th September 2015
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Mitochondrial donation in the UK: entering a new era

Mitochondrial donation has been given the green light by parliament in the UK, but it is not without its staunch opponents. Do these opponents have reasonable grounds on the basis of the procedure's safety, ethical correctness or legality under international European Union obligations?

12:00, 3rd September 2015
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‘The right to be forgotten’ – the answer to revenge porn?

This week the first person to be found guilty of the new ‘revenge porn’ offence has been sentenced. However, whilst this may give the victim a feeling of justice, it does not remedy the situation; images remain online. How might the right to be forgotten help victims of revenge pornography?

12:00, 2nd September 2015
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