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With the upcoming referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union, the Brexit series intends to explore key issues surrounding Brexit, particularly what effect EU law currently has on the UK, and what would be left with it gone.

Each article will explore a discrete area of European Union competency, ensuring you are able to make an informed choice when the referendum arrives.

Series Editor: Matt Bogdan

Articles In This Series

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Event Report: Capturing European Views on the Progress of Brexit Negotiations

The future for the EU and the UK's relationship remains unclear. Brexit negotiations have stalled, while the British government, public and press are split. Rarely heard, though, are views on Brexit from those on the Continent. To overcome that, a German lawyer gives his take on where things stand.

18:00, 27th May 2018
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Brexit and State Aid: A Sad Story or Freedom from Bureaucratic Constraint?

The form that the UK's relationship with the EU will take following Brexit remains unclear. The arrangements put in place could impact heavily on the law governing State aid in the UK; it is as yet unknown whether this area of the law will face continuity or change. How might this all play out?

11:00, 1st September 2017
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Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There! Reforming the EU

There is now a fourth significant turning point in modern British history - Brexit. Brexit could be the shock that the EU needs to reform. For the European Union to survive, it must understand that member states are significantly frustrated at the way it has operated over the past decade.

11:00, 4th August 2016
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Escaping Daddy’s Dance Hall? The Impact of Brexit on Employment Law

It was not apparent in 1972 that the UK’s accession to the European Economic Community would have a fundamental impact on employment law. How would the UK's exit from the European Union affect domestic employment law, if at all? Would it be business as usual for both employers and employees?

12:00, 25th March 2016
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Control vs. Community – Sacrificing Sovereignty

Informing the debate as part of the Brexit series, Rachel Dean asks: what is UK national sovereignty and how does it work alongside EU membership? Have we lost control of our national affairs since joining? If the answer is yes, what is the most effective and appropriate solution to regaining it?

08:51, 2nd February 2016
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What could ‘Brexit’ mean for UK environmental law and policy?

In the 1970s and 80s, the UK earned the title ‘the Dirty Man of Europe’ as a result of its poor environmental regulation, which has since improved. However, with the possibility of revoking EU membership following the 2017 referendum comes the threat of great lacunae in environmental law.

12:00, 2nd December 2015
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Brexit: Treating The Renegotiations Correctly

On 20 October 2015, Foreign Secretary Philipp Hammond explained on the 'Today Programme' that the government was hoping to secure a legally binding agreement, but not a treaty, to enshrine a new deal between with the EU. However, this statement highlights a misunderstanding of international law.

12:00, 23rd November 2015
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Would Brexit make the UK a Safe-Haven for European fugitives?

Sir Hugh Orde, the former head of the Association of Chief Police Officers, has this month shifted the Brexit debate away from economic issues toward issues of European criminal justice. If the UK were to leave the EU, would the UK become a safe haven for European Criminals avoiding extradition?

12:00, 29th October 2015
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Brexit: Would Disruption to the Financial Industries Be Worth It?

The UK’s financial sector is heavily influenced by EU law and ensuring compliance is fundamental to the industry. Consequently, the instability and uncertainty created by Brexit is unlikely to be worth it, given how little is likely to actually change if we want to remain in the common market.

11:00, 5th August 2015
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Why Brexit May Not Be Worth It: A Competition Law Perspective

When it comes to leaving the EU and competition law, the question should not be 'what do we have to gain by leaving?', but 'what do we stand to lose?'. The EU competition regime is one of the best in the world, we'd still have to abide by it to trade with the EU, and we would have no vote in reform.

11:00, 6th July 2015
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It’s Time to Talk About Brexit: An Introduction

With the chance of Brexit drawing ever closer, we are publishing a series articles discussing the legal implications of a Greek exit. With 2/3rds of our law deriving from EU law, what would be left? This introduction covers a history of the union, and the powers it has developed since inception.

11:00, 11th June 2015
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