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Counter-terrorism in China: Public Protection or Minority Oppression?

Terrorism dominated the media for over a decade. It is not just IS attacks in Europe that are feared, however. In China, a rise in the number of clashes with Muslim Uighurs has led to the introduction of a new anti-terror law, which raises a number of concerns on grounds of basic human rights.

12:00, 15th January 2016
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Killing for Baseball Cards: Analysing The Drone Papers

Recent whistleblowing has revealed more about the United States drone programme than previously known. This article examines target selection policy, the intelligence gathering that precedes it, the high level of collateral damage and finally the counterproductive consequences of drone strikes.

12:00, 12th January 2016
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The Syria Airstrikes: Creative Ambiguity and Transient Definitions

In September 2014, Prime Minister David Cameron told Parliament that ISIS was ‘an evil against which the whole of the world should unite.’ Since the Paris attacks, it seems they have done so. Whilst there is widespread political support, are the legal tests being applied correctly?

12:00, 23rd December 2015
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The Illegality of Guantanamo Bay

The Guantanamo Bay detention camp, a prison where accounts of torture and incarceration without trial have been rife, remains a highly controversial aspect of US foreign and domestic security policy. What are the implications of international law on Guantanamo Bay and why has it not been stopped?

12:00, 30th October 2015
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The British Antiquities Trade: Funding ISIS Terrorism

The current law that governs trade in antiquities and artefacts is ineffective. Vague in its drafting, it does little to prevent trade in illicit goods. What is the problem with the current legislation in the context of ISIS’ terrorism, and what small addition could make all the difference?

12:23, 9th October 2015
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Drone Strikes, ISIS and the Right to Self-Defence

Tensions have always been high on the topic of drones, but never more so in the UK since the strike on Reyaad Khan earlier this year, a British national believed to be a serious threat to the country, involved in planning attacks on UK soil. Was this legally justifiable as self defence?

12:00, 28th September 2015
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The Legalities of Preventing Islamic State

Given the threat of ISIS is ever-increasing across the world there has been international outcry for intervention by transnational bodies, including the International Criminal Court (ICC). Will we be able to bring ISIS to justice through international and domestic counter-terrorism laws alone?

12:00, 3rd August 2015
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On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: UK mass-surveillance

Edward Snowden's revelations earlier this decade where not targeted at the USA alone. Snowden believes that '[GCHQ] are worse than the US.' This came to a crux in late 2014 before the Investigatory Powers Tribunal. GCHQ's powers remain legal, with details behind a different set of closed doors.

12:03, 27th July 2015
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For your eyes only: Down the rabbit-hole of mass-surveillance - USA

The threat of terrorism in modern times is clear. However, the practices of intelligence agencies was less so until Edward Snowden's revelations. Can flagrant abuses of the right to privacy be tolerated in light of the protection such practices give us, or is it the first step to an Orwellian state?

12:00, 3rd July 2015
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Statelessness is Not a Solution to Extremism

The British Government’s approach to fighting the threat of terrorism with enforced statelessness represents a major disembarkation from international law, and several fundamental legal principles. Policy makers are being very shortsighted; this is not the way to tackle extremism on home soil.

12:00, 9th March 2015
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Drone Strikes under International Law

Over years the years, use of attack drones inside and outside of armed conflict has been controversial. Questions have been raised over whether the USA's extensive use of drones has been legal. Breaches of state sovereignty, international humanitarian law and human rights law are all apparent.

12:00, 3rd March 2015
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The Sony Hack: Cyber Attacks and International Law

In December 2014 the world was shocked to hear that North Korea was responsible for the Sony hack. In response, it is alleged that the US government pulled the cord on North Korea's internet. What does international law say about retaliation to 'cyber warfare'? Do the usual rules of warfare apply?

12:00, 24th February 2015
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CIA Interrogation Tactics Unveiled

Global shock and outrage have followed recent revelations that CIA agents were complicit in and party to acts of torture against detainees suspected of terrorist offences, demonstrating a significant digression by the USA from its international commitments for the protection of fundamental rights.

12:00, 4th February 2015
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Our Liberties in Anti-Terror Law

Following concerns raised by David Anderson QC regarding the recently proposed Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill by Home Secretary Theresa May, what impact are we likely to see on pre-existing anti-terror laws and how are measures balanced with our liberties should this Bill receive royal assent?

12:00, 5th January 2015
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