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Brexit: Would Disruption to the Financial Industries Be Worth It?

The UK’s financial sector is heavily influenced by EU law and ensuring compliance is fundamental to the industry. Consequently, the instability and uncertainty created by Brexit is unlikely to be worth it, given how little is likely to actually change if we want to remain in the common market.

12:00, 5th August 2015
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Regulating High-Frequency Trading: New EU Rules

This second part article considers incoming EU legislation which deals specifically with the problems caused by high-frequency trading. Legislation consist of an EU Regulation, in force in 2017, and a EU Directive, with an implementation deadline coinciding with the Regulation's commencement date.

12:00, 18th June 2015
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Regulating High-Frequency Trading: The UK

A technological development has gone under the radar outside professional circles: high-frequency algorithmic trading. This automated method of buying and selling on the financial markets can generate huge wealth for those that utilise it, but when it goes wrong, it can bring a market to its knees.

12:00, 8th June 2015
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The Negative Impact of UK Banking Reform

There has been talking of a number of the UK's large banking institutions moving their headquarters overseas as a direct response to recent banking reform, implemented in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. What are these measures, and why are they encouraging banks to move operations abroad?

12:00, 22nd May 2015
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The Legal Mechanisms of a Greek Exit

The euro was designed to be irreversible. It was a bold move made in financially sound times; exit did not seem feasible. However, with Greece teetering on the edge of a euro zone exit, Alex Hitchcock explores the legal complexities that such a move might entail given there is no 'formal' route.

12:00, 21st May 2015
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'I Honestly Have No Idea': Good Faith and Insurance Contracts

The concept of 'utmost good faith' in insurance law is intended to give the insurer some certainty over the risk they are taking on. However, over the years it has become a source of uncertainty for the assured, who are put in the position of honestly having no idea what facts they must disclose.

12:00, 6th April 2015
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HSBC: Shielded from the Criminal Law?

The latest tax evasion scandal has put HSBC in the spotlight worldwide. However, it appears that no criminal sanctions are being imposed against the bank itself, only against a number of the individuals who employed HSBC's services. Should HSBC be prosecuted to deter other institutions?

12:00, 19th March 2015
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A Bonkers Bonus Cap? Reigning In Remuneration

In recent years bankers have been consistently vilified. It therefore comes as no surprise that legislators are capping their remuneration. However, is a cap on bankers' bonuses a commercially sensible solution, or a knee jerk reaction to the blame placed on senior bankers for the financial crisis?

12:00, 18th February 2015
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Revisiting 'Debt Relief Orders'

Debt Relief Orders (DROs) are a relatively new concept of helping individuals in dire financial states, without resulting in bankruptcy. Yasmin Daswani discusses the effectiveness of DROs in comparison to the drastic measure of being declared bankrupt, and how DROs should have increased application.

12:05, 25th September 2014
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When is enough, enough? Balancing the rights of consumers and advisers

The law imposes time limits on when individuals can bring claims to court based upon when the offence or disputed action occurred. Nevertheless, recent claims against financial advisers are demonstrating that their are methods of circumventing the ordinary limitation periods. Is this practice fair?

12:00, 26th August 2014
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UK Counts Itself Out of European Account Preservation Order

The European Account Preservation Order (EAPO) has received backing from the European Parliament and looks set to take legal effect this month. The Order will prevent companies diverting funds to secure them from creditors. Edmund Day discusses the Order and why the UK has decided to opt-out.

11:57, 3rd July 2014
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Tackling Fraud and Corruption in the European Union

A proposed Directive from the European Union seeks to clamp down on the problem of fraud within the European Union and deal with any dishonest conduct of parties tendering for EU project contracts. Ryan Turner analyses how a harmonised understanding and prevention of fraud will benefit the EU.

11:00, 14th June 2014
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Extending the DIFC’s Jurisdiction: a Blessing or Failure?

The creation of the Dubai International Financial Centre represents the United Arab Emirates' attempt to be amongst the elite commercial environments, such as England and Singapore. Maxi Kussatz explores the creation of the DIFC and its Courts' jurisdiction used to settle commercial disputes.

11:32, 8th June 2014
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Complex Criminal Cases – what next?

In the wake of R v Crawley, there is serious uncertainty surrounding very high cost cases. This could not have come at a worse time, with criminal proceedings just launching for the extremely high profile and complex LIBOR Scandal. Thomas Horton looks at the issues involved and the future for VHCCs.

12:08, 6th May 2014
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