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Unproductible! Losing Clarity In The Law of Product Liability

A recent European Union case has the potential to greatly increase producers' liability for defective products by awarding damages without it being proven that the actual product was defective. Instead, it only had to be shown the production series had a significantly increased risk of failure.

12:00, 4th November 2015
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Chelsea leaves Carneiro in the blues: the legal position

On 22 September 2015 Eva Carneiro, the Chelsea FC first-team doctor, made the decision to leave the football club six weeks after a very public demotion and criticism from manager Jose Mourinho for treating a player on the pitch. Could Carneiro have a constructive dismissal claim against the club?

12:00, 15th October 2015
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The Ashley Madison Scandal: It’s About More Than Infidelity

The recent hacking of alternative dating site Ashley Madison caused thousands of users’ details to be spread across the internet, causing quite a scandal. This has exposed, or reiterated, depending on your perspective, the issue of internet privacy and its vulnerability to attack and manipulation.

12:00, 14th October 2015
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Let There Be Light: Evaluating Legal Reform of Energy Companies

The rising cost of energy occupies a prominent position in political discourse. Ed Miliband pledged to freeze energy prices, and Jeremy Corbyn has gone further in advocating that the UK's leading energy companies should be nationalised. How has this worked out elsewhere. and should we consider it?

12:00, 8th October 2015
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The Ominous World of Investor-State Dispute Settlement

On 21 July 2015 a Canadian gold mining company announced that it had initiated international arbitration proceedings against the Romanian government pursuant to a bilateral investment treaty. A similar loss of sovereignty could be felt by the UK if it enters the TTIP with provision for arbitration.

12:00, 5th October 2015
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Cheats Never Prosper: Rethinking the Defence of Illegality in Tort

Following a recent case in the Supreme Court, Lord Neuberger announced that the proper approach to the defence of illegality needs to be addressed by the court as soon as appropriately possible. What improvements could be made and what could be learnt from other jurisdictions?

12:00, 25th September 2015
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Shake up for EU Trade Marks

This year the European Union have introduced changes to the pan-European trade mark system, in the process simplifying the fee structure for taking out protection over multiple classes of goods and services. What might the implications be for businesses and national trade mark protection?

12:00, 24th September 2015
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Living in an Interconnected World – A Legal Conundrum

It is no secret that the tech sector is booming, in part to the growing trend of inter connected devices; the internet of things. Whilst this has many excited, it may make those that are legally minded a little dizzy. These developments pose some novel questions, particularly regarding privacy.

12:00, 17th September 2015
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Cheesy Porn: A Fetish For Unauthorised Product Placement

A popular pornographic video streaming site has recently attracted attention from the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese consortium, following use of the protected cheese name in an advert for the streaming service. Hypothetically, how might litigation over this matter play out in the English courts?

12:00, 9th September 2015
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Legal Process Outsourcing: A Worm’s Eye View

Legal Process Outsourcing, on a very basic level, is the exporting of legal services to lower wage regions or countries. With training contracts more competitive than ever, graduates should not write LPOs off; they provide similar experience to a traditional firm, with additional benefits.

12:00, 26th August 2015
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Sunday Trading: Is there a need for a modern day Sabbath?

Chancellor George Osborne has proposed relaxation of the rules governing Sunday trading. Whilst specifics are still on the table, what are the arguments for Sunday trading, and do the alleged economic benefits outweigh any social factors? Further, should a Christian day be given preference?

12:33, 21st August 2015
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How to Save the Internet 101: Net Neutrality & Competition Law

Net neutrality is the concept of all internet service providers (e.g. Sky, Virgin Media, BT etc.) and governments should treat all data on the internet equally. It is idealistic, but at least half has potential, but is not without challenges. How might competition law help to remedy some issues?

12:00, 12th August 2015
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Public Service Broadcasting Pt II: Cutting The Licence Fee

Following up on an earlier comparison between public service broadcasting in the UK, USA and Germany, this article provides an analysis of how we might reduce the licence fee at the BBC's next Charter renewal. Is it time the BBC went subscription only, took adverts, or cut premium content?

12:28, 7th August 2015
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Public Service Broadcasting Pt I: How Do We Compare?

With the upcoming renewal of the BBC's Charter, we compare British public broadcasting with that of Germany and the USA. Is the BBC really as bad as the British think? The Germans have a much higher licence fee, with lower public perception, and the USA a grant of a mere $445 million USD.

12:00, 6th August 2015
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