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Will Perjury Pressures Prevail for Pacquiao’s Pulled Punches?

Controversy has surrounded the Floyd Mayweather vs Pacquiao boxing match, on which $300 million was resting for the fighters alone. Non-disclosure of a serious shoulder injury later came to light, which should have been disclosed pre-fight by Pacquiao. What does the threat of perjury mean for sport?

11:00, 29th June 2015
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Hypocrisy And The Human Rights Act: Article 10

The very same media organisations that are so critical of the Human Rights Act 1998 serially utilise Article 10, the freedom of expression, to further their own causes. By using Article 10, newspapers can justify practices and actions which would otherwise be an invasion of privacy under Article 8.

11:00, 23rd June 2015
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Fiscal State Aid: EU Tax Scandals Explained

The EU Commission has launched a number of investigations into the tax arrangements between large corporations and relevant Member State tax authorities, as part of their wider clamp-down on the tax practices across the community. What is fiscal aid, and how is it allegedly 'exploited'?

11:00, 19th June 2015
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Regulating High-Frequency Trading: New EU Rules

This second part article considers incoming EU legislation which deals specifically with the problems caused by high-frequency trading. Legislation consist of an EU Regulation, in force in 2017, and a EU Directive, with an implementation deadline coinciding with the Regulation's commencement date.

11:00, 18th June 2015
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Holiday Company Liability: Greater EU Regulation Needed?

In 2006, two children died tragically of carbon monoxide poisoning after a defective boiler leaked in their Corfu holiday apartment. Last month, an inquest jury found Thomas Cook negligent, which has raised the question of whether EU regulation is sufficient - mounting pressure for harmonisation.

11:00, 9th June 2015
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Regulating High-Frequency Trading: The UK

A technological development has gone under the radar outside professional circles: high-frequency algorithmic trading. This automated method of buying and selling on the financial markets can generate huge wealth for those that utilise it, but when it goes wrong, it can bring a market to its knees.

11:00, 8th June 2015
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EU Waste Policy: The Commission’s Ambition for Circular Economies

In December 2014, the Commission announced that it was withdrawing its circular economy package and would be reissuing ‘a broader and more ambitious approach’, which looks beyond solely waste in an attempt to ‘close the loop’ on the circular economy. This is a positive move, despite opposition.

11:00, 2nd June 2015
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The Negative Impact of UK Banking Reform

There has been talking of a number of the UK's large banking institutions moving their headquarters overseas as a direct response to recent banking reform, implemented in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. What are these measures, and why are they encouraging banks to move operations abroad?

11:00, 22nd May 2015
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The Legal Mechanisms of a Greek Exit

The euro was designed to be irreversible. It was a bold move made in financially sound times; exit did not seem feasible. However, with Greece teetering on the edge of a euro zone exit, Alex Hitchcock explores the legal complexities that such a move might entail given there is no 'formal' route.

11:00, 21st May 2015
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War on Google: Vestager Strikes Back

Under Margrethe Vestager (the new Commissioner for Competition), the European Union has entered a new, dynamic era of competition law enforcement. One of her more significant first moves has been to reinstate the investigation into Google's dominance in vertical search markets, particularly shopping

13:14, 14th May 2015
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The PSC Register: Looking Behind the Corporate Veil

The Persons of Significant Control Register, due to introduced early next year, significantly changes the way in which organisations and individuals can conceal the true ownership of UK limited companies. Whilst some concessions to business were made, the PSC is a strong move for transparency.

11:00, 5th May 2015
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Employment Law Changes 2015: Shared Parental Leave

Unlike ‘fixed’ maternity and paternity leave, shared parental leave enables parents to share the first year of leave for their child who is born or expected to be adopted on or after the 5 April 2015. What are the conditions placed on this enhanced regime, and what difficulties might it face?

11:00, 30th April 2015
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Tackling Tobacco: A Step in the Right Direction?

In March 2015 MPs voted in favour of legislation on standardised plain packaging for all tobacco products, and in April the display ban became effective. Do these measures deserve the criticisms they have attracted or are they merely white noise? How have similar measures worked overseas?

11:00, 22nd April 2015
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The Big Potential of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act

In the run up to the general election, the Coalition have snuck a piece of legislation through Parliament which on first glance appears to instigate powerful changes in our employment sector. However, the actual impact depends on whether the next government follow through with implementation.

13:39, 21st April 2015
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