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Employment Law Changes 2015: Shared Parental Leave

Unlike ‘fixed’ maternity and paternity leave, shared parental leave enables parents to share the first year of leave for their child who is born or expected to be adopted on or after the 5 April 2015. What are the conditions placed on this enhanced regime, and what difficulties might it face?

12:00, 30th April 2015
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Tackling Tobacco: A Step in the Right Direction?

In March 2015 MPs voted in favour of legislation on standardised plain packaging for all tobacco products, and in April the display ban became effective. Do these measures deserve the criticisms they have attracted or are they merely white noise? How have similar measures worked overseas?

12:00, 22nd April 2015
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The Big Potential of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act

In the run up to the general election, the Coalition have snuck a piece of legislation through Parliament which on first glance appears to instigate powerful changes in our employment sector. However, the actual impact depends on whether the next government follow through with implementation.

14:39, 21st April 2015
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A Copyright Monopoly: Live Streaming eSports

The business of eSports has become extremely lucrative in recent years, with the market has evolved in a way that permits monopolistic control by the game studio. The studio holds copyright over streams and recordings of the game, making disputes between competitors and publishers rather difficult.

12:00, 15th April 2015
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Should Diabetes Be Deemed a Disability?

It is undisputed that diabetes can have a significant on a person's day-to-day activities. However, the questions recently arose: should Type 2 Diabetes be considered a disability in the work place under the Equality Act 2010, and is abstaining from sugary products a 'treatment' under the same act?

12:00, 13th April 2015
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'I Honestly Have No Idea': Good Faith and Insurance Contracts

The concept of 'utmost good faith' in insurance law is intended to give the insurer some certainty over the risk they are taking on. However, over the years it has become a source of uncertainty for the assured, who are put in the position of honestly having no idea what facts they must disclose.

12:00, 6th April 2015
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Vidal-Hall v Google: Can Big Brother Be Defeated?

The latest installment in this test case has arrived, confirming there is a discrete tort of misuse of private information, and suggesting non-pecuniary damages are available for breach of EU data protection laws. However, this case also raises wider questions: can we avoid Google's all-seeing eye?

12:15, 30th March 2015
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Protecting British Brands: Thomas Pink v Victoria’s Secret

In July 2014 the High Court ruled in favour of the British clothing brand, Thomas Pink, in an action against lingerie specialist Victoria’s Secret for trade mark infringement of the word ‘PINK’. Hearsay evidence of confusion was found to be weak, but nevertheless decisive in this matter.

12:00, 25th March 2015
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HSBC: Shielded from the Criminal Law?

The latest tax evasion scandal has put HSBC in the spotlight worldwide. However, it appears that no criminal sanctions are being imposed against the bank itself, only against a number of the individuals who employed HSBC's services. Should HSBC be prosecuted to deter other institutions?

12:00, 19th March 2015
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Israel’s Booming Hi-Tech Industry

Israel has had an astounding year of foreign investment, most notably in its Hi-Tech industries. With tech giants such as Dropbox, Microsoft and Amazon making Israeli acquisitions, is the future looking bright? What opportunities might this present for UK companies with international presence?

12:00, 18th March 2015
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The Big Butt in Kim Kardashian’s Claim

Towards the end of 2014, the media alleged that Kim Kardashian was bringing a claim against fellow instagrammer, Jen Selter, for infringement of copyright in her supposedly protected bottom. This poses the interesting question: could such a copyright claim be successful under English Law?

12:00, 17th March 2015
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A Consumer-Neutral Look at Jurisdiction in E-Commerce

EU law is notoriously protective of consumer rights. However, is this protective approach appropriate in the sphere of e-commerce, specifically in relation to the question of jurisdiction? Typically internet shoppers are more price-savvy, and with a higher tendency to take their business elsewhere.

12:00, 4th March 2015
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Social Media and Unfair Dismissal: Bad News for Employees

The damage social media can cause to employment relationships struck a little too close to home in recent months, with a Clifford Chance trainee making the national press for an alleged jihadist video. Where do employees stand in claims for unfair dismissal over misconduct on personal social media?

12:00, 26th February 2015
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The Rihanna Row: Where Fashion Clashes with Privacy

Rhianna has been successful in an action against Topshop for using an image of her on t-shirts without permission. This clash between two big names has yet again tested the flexibility of the common law, using passing off to enforce image rights, which are not formally recognised in English Law.

12:00, 20th February 2015
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