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Protecting the Green Belt from Urban Sprawl

The green belt protects surrounding areas from encroaching developments of cities, yet the urgent need for increased building of homes is putting the green belt under threat. Several housing developments appearing in London are demonstrating how the green belt can be protected from urban sprawl.

12:00, 28th October 2014
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Facebook Consumes WhatsApp

Facebook's recent acquisition of WhatsApp represents one of the biggest acquisitions ever seen at a staggering cost of $19 billion. During the process of the deal, the European Commission carefully decided that the two companies were not close competitors in order to approve the acquisition.

12:00, 16th October 2014
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The Emergence of ODR

Under Civil Procedure Rules, Alternative Dispute Resolution has become an obligatory consideration before the commencement of legal proceedings. Technological advances have allowed for Online Dispute Resolution, making this useful means of dispute resolution more accessible and effective.

12:00, 13th October 2014
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Unified Patent Court - A Real Proposition?

A proposed Unified Patent Court (UPC) would unite patent litigation across the Europe Union (EU). The decisions of the UPC would be enforceable across the EU. Maxi Kussatz discusses the UPC's bases, and its potential to allow patent holders to have greater and wider enforcement of their patent(s).

12:00, 6th October 2014
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Private Enforcement of EU Competition Law: Worth the Risk?

Competition law consists of legal rules intended to protect the process of competition in order to maximise consumer welfare and achieve economic efficiency. Matt Bogdan discusses changes in enforcement of competition law in the European Union and the effects these have on a micro and macro level.

12:00, 1st October 2014
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Revisiting 'Debt Relief Orders'

Debt Relief Orders (DROs) are a relatively new concept of helping individuals in dire financial states, without resulting in bankruptcy. Yasmin Daswani discusses the effectiveness of DROs in comparison to the drastic measure of being declared bankrupt, and how DROs should have increased application.

12:05, 25th September 2014
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Employees Clashing over Commuting

Recent developments in employment law concerning an employer's right to relocate a work place have solidified the courts' approach to determining the constructive dismissal of employees when their workplace has been sufficiently relocated. Jade Rigby presents an analysis of this approach.

12:10, 22nd September 2014
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Freehold Covenants: A Radical New Approach Needed

Difficulties arise when determining whether the benefit or burden of a freehold covenants will pass to an assignee. The Law Commission has tried to reform this unnecessarily complex area several times, yet the government has not acted. Ryan Turner presents why reform is necessary in the near future.

12:20, 18th September 2014
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How ‘Seriously’ was your Reputation Harmed?

Requiring 'serious harm' to be suffered by a party subject to defamatory comments had yet to be interpreted greatly following enactment of the Defamation Act 2013, that is until a recent decision of the High Court. Emily Clements comments on the decision and the impact of this requirement.

12:20, 17th September 2014
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How Long Until Privacy Prevails?

Last month, Lord Neuberger gave a speech concerning the need for privacy law reform. As consumers, we are increasingly giving more and more personal information to second and third parties. Chris Bridges presents some ideas for heightened data regulation to protect this valuable information.

12:15, 13th September 2014
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Sufferers of work-related stress: doubly neglected

Work-related stress (WRS) proved to be a hot topic at last month's XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2014. Hannah Larsen discusses how the courts determine the liability of employers when their employees suffer from WRS as a result of their working lifestyle and the remedies available.

12:30, 9th September 2014
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A Redefined Equitable Remedy

If you have placed somebody in a position of responsibility whereby they are to act on your behalf for your benefit, assuming a fiduciary position, should a bribe they receive in breach of their duties be a proprietary interest of yours? According to the UKSC, it should. Equity is marching onwards.

12:00, 8th September 2014
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Should Casinos Stop Gambling Addicts?

In a recent High Court case involving The Ritz Hotel Casino, the court had to determine whether the casino owed a duty of care to a punter to prevent them from continuing to gamble. Jade Rigby discusses the High Court's reasoning and presents the drastic effects such a duty of care could impose.

12:00, 5th September 2014
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The Effectiveness of Entire Agreement Clauses

Entire Agreement Clauses (EACs) attempt to contain all agreements between contracting parties within the four corners of the final, written contract. Whilst this practice can provide certainty, Helen Morse discusses how, despite EACs, courts can look beyond beyond the four corners of the contract.

12:00, 2nd September 2014
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