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Unproductible! Losing Clarity In The Law of Product Liability

A recent European Union case has the potential to greatly increase producers' liability for defective products by awarding damages without it being proven that the actual product was defective. Instead, it only had to be shown the production series had a significantly increased risk of failure.

12:00, 4th November 2015
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Would Brexit make the UK a Safe-Haven for European fugitives?

Sir Hugh Orde, the former head of the Association of Chief Police Officers, has this month shifted the Brexit debate away from economic issues toward issues of European criminal justice. If the UK were to leave the EU, would the UK become a safe haven for European Criminals avoiding extradition?

12:00, 29th October 2015
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Shake up for EU Trade Marks

This year the European Union have introduced changes to the pan-European trade mark system, in the process simplifying the fee structure for taking out protection over multiple classes of goods and services. What might the implications be for businesses and national trade mark protection?

12:00, 24th September 2015
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The Dublin System: Preventing ‘Asylum Shopping’

The British public is not short of articles about the EU 'Migrant' Crisis, but few address an important point: Since many refugees travelling on to Northern EU States, such as the UK, Germany, and Sweden, have previously resided in Greece or Turkey, how are they still classed as refugees?

12:00, 18th September 2015
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A Brief Introduction to EU Asylum Law

The multiple tragedies, the chaos across Europe’s borders and the fact charities are having to step in and help clearly show there are huge gaps in Europe’s system for dealing with refugees. However, the issues cannot be properly understood without knowing of the law and policies themselves.

12:00, 15th September 2015
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Setting Precedents: Dutch Judiciary v Climate Change

In June of this year, the Dutch judiciary became the first to take a stand against climate change, holding the Dutch government to account on green house gas emission targets. What was the reason for success, and could NGOs in other jurisdictions follow suit, or will this be the first and last?

12:00, 14th September 2015
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‘The right to be forgotten’ – the answer to revenge porn?

This week the first person to be found guilty of the new ‘revenge porn’ offence has been sentenced. However, whilst this may give the victim a feeling of justice, it does not remedy the situation; images remain online. How might the right to be forgotten help victims of revenge pornography?

12:00, 2nd September 2015
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How to Save the Internet 101: Net Neutrality & Competition Law

Net neutrality is the concept of all internet service providers (e.g. Sky, Virgin Media, BT etc.) and governments should treat all data on the internet equally. It is idealistic, but at least half has potential, but is not without challenges. How might competition law help to remedy some issues?

12:00, 12th August 2015
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Brexit: Would Disruption to the Financial Industries Be Worth It?

The UK’s financial sector is heavily influenced by EU law and ensuring compliance is fundamental to the industry. Consequently, the instability and uncertainty created by Brexit is unlikely to be worth it, given how little is likely to actually change if we want to remain in the common market.

12:00, 5th August 2015
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The EU and the ECHR: Will They? Won’t They?

As the world becomes increasingly globalised, international law and supranational institutions are on the rise. This can lead to difficult questions about how various international powers relate. The EU's Lisbon Treaty provided for accession to the ECHR, but what is stopping them from gelling?

12:15, 16th July 2015
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Why Brexit May Not Be Worth It: A Competition Law Perspective

When it comes to leaving the EU and competition law, the question should not be 'what do we have to gain by leaving?', but 'what do we stand to lose?'. The EU competition regime is one of the best in the world, we'd still have to abide by it to trade with the EU, and we would have no vote in reform.

12:00, 6th July 2015
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Fiscal State Aid: EU Tax Scandals Explained

The EU Commission has launched a number of investigations into the tax arrangements between large corporations and relevant Member State tax authorities, as part of their wider clamp-down on the tax practices across the community. What is fiscal aid, and how is it allegedly 'exploited'?

12:00, 19th June 2015
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Regulating High-Frequency Trading: New EU Rules

This second part article considers incoming EU legislation which deals specifically with the problems caused by high-frequency trading. Legislation consist of an EU Regulation, in force in 2017, and a EU Directive, with an implementation deadline coinciding with the Regulation's commencement date.

12:00, 18th June 2015
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Can Sturgeon Save the Human Rights Act and Prevent ‘Brexit’?

The Scotland Bill, currently making its way through Westminster, gives legal basis to the Sewel Convention, providing the Scottish Parliament with a right of veto over areas of shared competence. Could this pose a problem for Cameron in repealing the Human Rights Act, and leaving the EU ('Brexit')?

12:00, 15th June 2015
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