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It’s Time to Talk About Brexit: An Introduction

With the chance of Brexit drawing ever closer, we are publishing a series articles discussing the legal implications of a Greek exit. With 2/3rds of our law deriving from EU law, what would be left? This introduction covers a history of the union, and the powers it has developed since inception.

12:00, 11th June 2015
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Holiday Company Liability: Greater EU Regulation Needed?

In 2006, two children died tragically of carbon monoxide poisoning after a defective boiler leaked in their Corfu holiday apartment. Last month, an inquest jury found Thomas Cook negligent, which has raised the question of whether EU regulation is sufficient - mounting pressure for harmonisation.

12:00, 9th June 2015
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EU Waste Policy: The Commission’s Ambition for Circular Economies

In December 2014, the Commission announced that it was withdrawing its circular economy package and would be reissuing ‘a broader and more ambitious approach’, which looks beyond solely waste in an attempt to ‘close the loop’ on the circular economy. This is a positive move, despite opposition.

12:00, 2nd June 2015
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A Humanitarian Crisis On EU Borders

The number of migrants who have died in the Mediterranean trying to reach European shores on unseaworthy and overcrowded boats has reached a disastrous high. Current policies are not enough; the EU is not taking responsibility for correcting the irrational and unproductive debate about migration.

12:00, 28th May 2015
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The Legal Mechanisms of a Greek Exit

The euro was designed to be irreversible. It was a bold move made in financially sound times; exit did not seem feasible. However, with Greece teetering on the edge of a euro zone exit, Alex Hitchcock explores the legal complexities that such a move might entail given there is no 'formal' route.

12:00, 21st May 2015
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A Web of Influence: Freedom of Information and the Black Spider Memos

The 'Black Spider Memos’, private letters to government departments from Prince Charles, will shortly be in the public domain subsequent to an extensively litigated freedom of information request and a Supreme Court judgment. This simple FOI request has raised questions of constitutional importance.

12:00, 28th April 2015
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Vidal-Hall v Google: Can Big Brother Be Defeated?

The latest installment in this test case has arrived, confirming there is a discrete tort of misuse of private information, and suggesting non-pecuniary damages are available for breach of EU data protection laws. However, this case also raises wider questions: can we avoid Google's all-seeing eye?

12:15, 30th March 2015
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A Consumer-Neutral Look at Jurisdiction in E-Commerce

EU law is notoriously protective of consumer rights. However, is this protective approach appropriate in the sphere of e-commerce, specifically in relation to the question of jurisdiction? Typically internet shoppers are more price-savvy, and with a higher tendency to take their business elsewhere.

12:00, 4th March 2015
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A Bonkers Bonus Cap? Reigning In Remuneration

In recent years bankers have been consistently vilified. It therefore comes as no surprise that legislators are capping their remuneration. However, is a cap on bankers' bonuses a commercially sensible solution, or a knee jerk reaction to the blame placed on senior bankers for the financial crisis?

12:00, 18th February 2015
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Politics in Competition Law

Following their influx into the European Union, American technology companies have been greeted with a degree of political hostility towards their dominant market position. This has notably seen EU politicians impetuously attempting to push competition law enforcers against these technology giants.

12:00, 3rd February 2015
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Have food waste laws passed their use-by date?

Food poverty has had a particularly damaging effect on society’s most vulnerable. 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink is thrown away by British households each year. Current laws are contributing to such excessive food waste and prevent help being given to those subject to food poverty.

12:00, 27th January 2015
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The European War on Google: The Android (Part I)

Whilst Google Inc. is loved by many, it has developed quite the rap sheet as far as the EU is concerned. The EU continues to attack their search engine, but now has an additional target: the Android operating system and its alleged competition law infringements. Are these allegations really fair?

12:12, 7th January 2015
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Juncker’s Commission: Time To Review Competition Law Enforcement?

The election of the European Commission is a particularly important event because of its impact upon setting the EU’s policy direction of the EU, and this is particularly noticeable and important for competition law, which looks to be enforced robustly over this commission's term in power.

12:00, 9th December 2014
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Controversy Behind the European Arrest Warrant

The House of Commons recently approved the coalition government’s bid to readopt the European Arrest Warrant (“EAW”), which it had opted out of in 2013. The EAW has raised issues with its potential to infringe upon the human rights of suspects. Why has this controversial measure now passed scrutiny?

12:00, 27th November 2014
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