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Grenfell Tower Fire: A Turning Point for Corporate Manslaughter?

The Grenfell tower fire in June 2017 proved to be the largest loss of life in London since World War Two. Due to its seriousness, the tragedy could set yet another milestone in the shape of sculpting the law surrounding the recently created 'corporate manslaughter' offence.

12:00, 20th November 2018
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Cohabiting Property: Problems and Proposals for Rights of Cohabitees

With more and more couples opting to live together without first getting married, the law is having to try and adapt to this modified approach to cohabitation. It is, at present, failing - particularly where (as is common) the couple has not planned their property rights in the event of a break-up.

11:00, 7th August 2018
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‘Sex for Rent’ Arrangements: Why They Exist and How to Tackle Them

There has been a rise in so-called 'sex for rent' arrangements, whereby landlords offer discounted or free accommodation in return for sexual favours. Some worry that the law cannot tackle this problem. These are misplaced; the required provisions do already exist, but lack effective enforcement.

11:00, 22nd May 2018
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Taming the Dragon: Keeping Welsh Law Accessible in the Devolution Age

Changes to the devolution arrangement have highlighted an increasing problem for Welsh lawyers: the inaccessibility of Welsh law. As Supreme Court justice Lord Lloyd-Jones explained in a recent speech, there are several ways to resolve this issue. His proposal is preferable, but still has flaws.

11:00, 15th May 2018
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Inventing Intention: Problems with Common Intention Constructive Trusts

Common Intention Constructive Trusts allow courts to assign interests in property to persons who have not complied with formality requirements. Though a useful tool for the courts to use upon the break-up of unmarried couples, the courts have - at times - contradicted key principles of property law.

11:00, 25th August 2017
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Questions Without Answers: The Grenfell Tower Disaster

While the political fallout from the Grenfell Tower fire has been intensely covered by the media, legal questions that examine the effectiveness of the relevant regulations, as well as notions of accountability, have been given less airtime and scrutiny. But is this an oversight?

11:00, 28th June 2017
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At Home and at Work: Consequences of the Immigration Bill 2015

Though heavily criticised both for the rhetoric and factual accuracy of this speech, the Home Secretary’s continued focus on immigration is reflective of the topic’s dominance in public concern. What are the proposed changes, and do they have any merit in terms of potential efficacy?

12:00, 13th January 2016
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The Housing Bill: Ignoring Those That Need It Most

The Conservative's Housing Bill aims to address 'unfinished business'. However, three key policies contained therein, namely 'start homes', extension of right to buy, and a mandatory requirement to charge market rate rent to 'high earners', ignore the needs of those that need help the most.

12:00, 27th October 2015
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Dissecting the ‘Calais Crisis’

Migrants and refugees are referred to by the British public and press interchangeably, with no regard or differentiation between their circumstances. Further David Cameron has referred to those in Calais as 'swarms', nothing short of dehumanising. How do we compare to other European countries?

11:00, 18th August 2015
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Right to Buy: The Re-invention of Thatcher’s Social Revolution

Loathe it or love it, the “right to buy” (RTB) was a policy that defined the Thatcher era. However, the new Conservative government have committed to extending the scheme beyond state-owned housing to the 1.3 million tenants of housing associations in England. This has been met with much opposition.

11:00, 25th June 2015
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How Vulnerable? Re-assessing Homelessness

In many ways it seems obvious that a person without a home is likely to be in some way ‘vulnerable’. However, statutory interpretation has meant that this has been made far from simple, with counterintuitive and harsh results. Thankfully The Supreme Court has recently offer a re-interpretation.

11:00, 26th May 2015
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The Benefit Cap: Disregarding a Child’s Best Interests

The much debated benefit cap was recently the subject of an appeal heard before the Supreme Court. Could the Supreme Court declare the Welfare Reform Act 2012 unlawful pursuant to either the Human Rights Act 1998 or obligations imposed on the UK by a UN Convention on Children's Rights?

11:00, 16th April 2015
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The Beginning of the End for Section 106?

Section 106 gives local planning authorities to place obligations on certain developments, over and above what is possible with planning conditions. However, these orders are not being used to their full potential, and are gradually being eroded by regulation change. But is the tide changing?

12:01, 25th February 2015
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Living In Squalor

Rented accommodation is usually based on an assured shorthold tenancy, and landlords do not require any reason or fault of the tenant to evict them with the powers afforded under a 'section 21' notice. Greater protections are needed for vulnerable tenants living in substandard accommodation.

12:00, 11th December 2014
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