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Fighting a Losing Battle? Justifying the Iraq War under International Law

With Sir John Chilcot soon to release his long-awaited report, one of the major issues that is likely to be examined is the legality of the initial invasion under international law. What valid justifications might there be for the UK and US invasion of Iraq, and are they likely to hold?

11:00, 5th July 2016
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The Case Against the Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act 1998 was greeted with much fanfare when it was announced. More than fifteen years on, the great constitutional change envisioned by the New Labour has turned sour, having failed to live up to its aims. Why has it gone wrong and how can we restore its noble vision?

11:00, 28th April 2016
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Is Mass Surveillance Safer in the Hands of Parliament?

The Government has now published the draft Investigatory Powers Bill that it hopes to see through Parliament by December 2016. However, the Bill is not what it seems and has been subject to widespread criticism. What 'safeguards' to privacy does the Bill contain, and are they effective?

12:00, 11th March 2016
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Civil Partnerships: Are We All Equal Before the Law?

Since the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, same sex couples have been able to both marry and enter into civil partnerships. However, opposite sex couples have only the option of marriage (religious or civil). This clearly creates inequality in position; can the government justify it?

12:00, 2nd March 2016
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Lethal Injection Drugs in the US: Glossip v Gross

Capital punishment is rarely out of the spotlight due to persistent questions over the humaneness of the methods employed. Though the recent US Supreme Court case of Glossip v Gross appears to confirm lethal injection as the most humane method, the reasoning of the majority lacks legitimacy.

12:00, 19th February 2016
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Freedom of Speech in a time of Terrorism

When it comes to national security the relationship between the importance of freedom of expression and that of public safety is complex and fraught, particularly with regards to journalism. What did the Court of Appeal make of this issue in Miranda v SoS for the Home Department?

12:00, 8th February 2016
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Counter-terrorism in China: Public Protection or Minority Oppression?

Terrorism dominated the media for over a decade. It is not just IS attacks in Europe that are feared, however. In China, a rise in the number of clashes with Muslim Uighurs has led to the introduction of a new anti-terror law, which raises a number of concerns on grounds of basic human rights.

12:00, 15th January 2016
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The Sanctity of Life? An Update on Abortion Law in Northern Ireland

On 30 November 2015, the High Court handed down judgment in a landmark judicial review brought by the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission on the matter of abortion law. The ground breaking decision could be the first step to bringing Northern Irish law in line with the rest of the UK.

12:00, 14th December 2015
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Do US airstrikes on a MSF hospital in Kunduz constitute a war crime?

On 3 October 2015, a hospital administered by Médecins Sans Frontières in Kunduz, Afghanistan was hit by a US AC-130 gunship. Twelve members of staff and seven patients were killed, leaving many others wounded. Does the attack constitute a war crime, and could a prosecution be brought?

12:00, 18th November 2015
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The Illegality of Guantanamo Bay

The Guantanamo Bay detention camp, a prison where accounts of torture and incarceration without trial have been rife, remains a highly controversial aspect of US foreign and domestic security policy. What are the implications of international law on Guantanamo Bay and why has it not been stopped?

12:00, 30th October 2015
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‘What Price Justice?’ Criminal Court Fees are Punishing the Vulnerable

In April 2015, the former Justice Secretary Chris Grayling announced plans to charge those convicted with criminal court fees, on a sliding scale. Whilst it may seem logical to make criminals pay their way, it has some serious implications for justice; this must be given greater thought.

11:00, 22nd October 2015
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Tinker, Tyler, the Creator, banned. Why?

The line between art and obscenity is a fine one. 'Tyler, The Creator', a controversial hip-hop star, has recently been banned from the UK by the Home Secretary, using powers granted to combat terrorism. Is this an example of how such measures may start infringing on our own lives and rights?

11:00, 1st October 2015
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Reflections on a capital trial: we cannot justify capital punishment

Following a month working with the Office of the Federal Public Defender in California, including on a death sentence case, Josh Dowdall reflects on the use of capital punishment with the benefit of first hand experience. Can a death sentence ever really be justified in practice or in principle?

11:00, 29th September 2015
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Drone Strikes, ISIS and the Right to Self-Defence

Tensions have always been high on the topic of drones, but never more so in the UK since the strike on Reyaad Khan earlier this year, a British national believed to be a serious threat to the country, involved in planning attacks on UK soil. Was this legally justifiable as self defence?

11:00, 28th September 2015
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