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The Dublin System: Preventing ‘Asylum Shopping’

The British public is not short of articles about the EU 'Migrant' Crisis, but few address an important point: Since many refugees travelling on to Northern EU States, such as the UK, Germany, and Sweden, have previously resided in Greece or Turkey, how are they still classed as refugees?

11:00, 18th September 2015
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Should we talk about “rights” and “justice” within the family?

Human rights are correctly recognised by many as an international idea; one that is universal to all human beings. However, something that is less clear is how far horizontal effect of human rights extends. In the UK human rights apply between citizens, but what about within the family?

11:00, 20th August 2015
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Dissecting the ‘Calais Crisis’

Migrants and refugees are referred to by the British public and press interchangeably, with no regard or differentiation between their circumstances. Further David Cameron has referred to those in Calais as 'swarms', nothing short of dehumanising. How do we compare to other European countries?

11:00, 18th August 2015
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RightsInfo Report: The European Court of Human Rights Uncovered

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) is an often misunderstood supranational body. RightsInfo.org, a project run by Adam Wagner of One Crown Office Row, has published a beautiful Infographic report detailing what the Court does, who it protects, and why it matters. Why is it important?

11:00, 17th August 2015
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Sandra Bland: Lessons Learned From Another Needless Death In Custody

Every year there a staggering number of needless deaths at the hands of, or whilst in the custody of, law enforcement in both the US and the UK. A recent particularly shocking case highlights lessons that must be learned on both sides of the Atlantic to prevent further loss of life in custody.

11:00, 10th August 2015
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On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: UK mass-surveillance

Edward Snowden's revelations earlier this decade where not targeted at the USA alone. Snowden believes that '[GCHQ] are worse than the US.' This came to a crux in late 2014 before the Investigatory Powers Tribunal. GCHQ's powers remain legal, with details behind a different set of closed doors.

11:03, 27th July 2015
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Wrongful Conviction and Compensation: Hallam and Nealon

A recent case provides a remarkable illustration of the relationship between UK courts and the ECtHR. It also poses important questions regarding who should receive compensation following wrongful conviction. Should the claimant have to prove his innocence, not just that he was wrongfully convicted?

11:20, 17th July 2015
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The EU and the ECHR: Will They? Won’t They?

As the world becomes increasingly globalised, international law and supranational institutions are on the rise. This can lead to difficult questions about how various international powers relate. The EU's Lisbon Treaty provided for accession to the ECHR, but what is stopping them from gelling?

11:15, 16th July 2015
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For your eyes only: Down the rabbit-hole of mass-surveillance - USA

The threat of terrorism in modern times is clear. However, the practices of intelligence agencies was less so until Edward Snowden's revelations. Can flagrant abuses of the right to privacy be tolerated in light of the protection such practices give us, or is it the first step to an Orwellian state?

11:00, 3rd July 2015
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Can Common Law Human Rights Save a Nation?

The case of the Chagossians originates from the forced eviction of the islanders, who were required to leave their homes to make space for the construction of a US naval base. Their final appeal rests on Article 6 and Article 8, but would they receive such protection under the common law?

11:00, 1st July 2015
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Right to Buy: The Re-invention of Thatcher’s Social Revolution

Loathe it or love it, the “right to buy” (RTB) was a policy that defined the Thatcher era. However, the new Conservative government have committed to extending the scheme beyond state-owned housing to the 1.3 million tenants of housing associations in England. This has been met with much opposition.

11:00, 25th June 2015
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Hypocrisy And The Human Rights Act: Article 10

The very same media organisations that are so critical of the Human Rights Act 1998 serially utilise Article 10, the freedom of expression, to further their own causes. By using Article 10, newspapers can justify practices and actions which would otherwise be an invasion of privacy under Article 8.

11:00, 23rd June 2015
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State-Organised Murder: The Death Penalty in the 21st Century

In 2015, support for the death penalty in the UK is estimated to be at 48% of the population, and our new Justice Secretary has previously voiced his support for reinstatement. Might the UK come to this? What are the arguments for and against, and how effective is the death penalty in prevention?

11:00, 22nd June 2015
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Where is the Love? A Lament to Justice

This week the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta is being celebrated around the world. Yet there is hypocrisy in us celebrating it here in the UK, given the unrelenting changes that have been made to the justice system over the last five years. Would King John be proud of what he saw today?

11:00, 16th June 2015
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