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Can Sturgeon Save the Human Rights Act and Prevent ‘Brexit’?

The Scotland Bill, currently making its way through Westminster, gives legal basis to the Sewel Convention, providing the Scottish Parliament with a right of veto over areas of shared competence. Could this pose a problem for Cameron in repealing the Human Rights Act, and leaving the EU ('Brexit')?

11:00, 15th June 2015
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India's Child Labour Reforms: Undoing Decades of Hard Work

Recent proposals for reform from the Indian government would allow children under the work of 14 to work in 'family enterprises', undoing many years of hard work to eradicate child labour. Not only is this ethically flawed, it defies economic sense and will drastically undermine social equality.

11:00, 4th June 2015
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A Humanitarian Crisis On EU Borders

The number of migrants who have died in the Mediterranean trying to reach European shores on unseaworthy and overcrowded boats has reached a disastrous high. Current policies are not enough; the EU is not taking responsibility for correcting the irrational and unproductive debate about migration.

11:00, 28th May 2015
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Scrapping the Human Rights Act: what do we stand to lose?

Following their successful election campaign, the new Conservative Government is pushing ahead with its pledge to repeal the Human Rights Act and replace it with a British Bill of Rights. Will they actually be able to make any material changes, or is the whole exercise a big waste of valuable time?

11:00, 18th May 2015
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Beyond the Chaos: Transitional Justice in International Law

In times of great social and political conflict, mass human rights abuses are, sadly, quite common. When these abuses come to an end, the transition back to 'normal' society is rarely problem free. Should perpetrators be brought to justice, or should a 'forgive and forget' policy be adopted?

11:00, 12th May 2015
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Suicide and Europe: The Legal Duty to Prevent A Lawful Act

The answer to the question of whether there is a legal duty to prevent suicide is a difficult one, buried behind often complex, and arguably illogical, academic arguments regarding the distinctions between acts and omissions. There is a legislative gap which the courts are reluctant to fill.

11:07, 7th May 2015
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A Web of Influence: Freedom of Information and the Black Spider Memos

The 'Black Spider Memos’, private letters to government departments from Prince Charles, will shortly be in the public domain subsequent to an extensively litigated freedom of information request and a Supreme Court judgment. This simple FOI request has raised questions of constitutional importance.

11:00, 28th April 2015
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Rightsinfo: Play Your Part In Awakening The British Public

Rightsinfo intends to change the way we communicate about Human Rights, provide clear and reliable Human Rights information that can be easily shared, and to use infographs and stories to bring Human Rights to life. It has the potential to change perceptions, it just needs to be shared.

11:00, 27th April 2015
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The UK’s Approach to Detention: Anybody and Everybody

Last month, Channel 4 broadcasted an undercover documentary into the notorious Yarl’s Wood detention centre. This coincided with a parliamentary inquiry into the detention of asylum seekers. Together, they have highlighted an urgent need to reform the UK's asylum seeker detention policy.

10:59, 23rd April 2015
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The Benefit Cap: Disregarding a Child’s Best Interests

The much debated benefit cap was recently the subject of an appeal heard before the Supreme Court. Could the Supreme Court declare the Welfare Reform Act 2012 unlawful pursuant to either the Human Rights Act 1998 or obligations imposed on the UK by a UN Convention on Children's Rights?

11:00, 16th April 2015
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PD v Merseyside Police: Time to Change Policy On Strip Searching?

During the five-year period between 2008 and 2013, an appropriate adult was not present in 45% of strip searches of children below the age of 16, and 49% of them were release without charge. Are strip searches of children really being proportionately used, or is it time for a policy change.

11:00, 9th April 2015
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Tackling UK Caste Discrimination

Some politicians would have the public believe that caste discrimination does not exist within the UK, however research suggests otherwise. It is believed that between 50,000 and 200,000 people in the UK are considered to be 'low caste'. This is unacceptable. Caste discrimination must be outlawed.

12:00, 26th March 2015
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Modern Slavery: Victim Protection v Perpetrator Punishment

Slavery is not a concept confined to history books. It exists today as a clandestine practice that causes silent suffering, even in the UK that outlawed the practice nearly two centuries ago. The Modern Slavery Bill is the latest attempt at combating slavery, but does it take the correct approach?

12:00, 23rd March 2015
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Protecting the Civil Liberties of Mental Health Detainees

The UK has come far in recognising and understanding mental health conditions. However, problems remain, and the most recent proposals from the Human Rights and Equality Commission have been met with some criticism, despite their positive intentions. More fact specific recommendations are needed.

12:00, 16th March 2015
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