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Statelessness is Not a Solution to Extremism

The British Government’s approach to fighting the threat of terrorism with enforced statelessness represents a major disembarkation from international law, and several fundamental legal principles. Policy makers are being very shortsighted; this is not the way to tackle extremism on home soil.

12:00, 9th March 2015
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Prisoner Voting Rights: A Clash Between Human and Natural Rights

With reference to prisoner voting rights, Sam Winders explores the divergence between legalistic discussions held in the courtroom, and the common will of the people. Does this ultimately boil down to a conflict in two distinct conceptions of law? Natural justice v law as a tool, with function?

12:00, 5th March 2015
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Drone Strikes under International Law

Over years the years, use of attack drones inside and outside of armed conflict has been controversial. Questions have been raised over whether the USA's extensive use of drones has been legal. Breaches of state sovereignty, international humanitarian law and human rights law are all apparent.

12:00, 3rd March 2015
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Social Media and Unfair Dismissal: Bad News for Employees

The damage social media can cause to employment relationships struck a little too close to home in recent months, with a Clifford Chance trainee making the national press for an alleged jihadist video. Where do employees stand in claims for unfair dismissal over misconduct on personal social media?

12:00, 26th February 2015
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Freedom of Speech, Within Limits

Freedom of speech. It is one of our fundamental human rights. It is a right that stands up against oppression and can instigate change. It is a right that allows us to tell the world what we want the world to hear. Balancing this right with rationality, however, is creating tension.

12:31, 6th February 2015
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CIA Interrogation Tactics Unveiled

Global shock and outrage have followed recent revelations that CIA agents were complicit in and party to acts of torture against detainees suspected of terrorist offences, demonstrating a significant digression by the USA from its international commitments for the protection of fundamental rights.

12:00, 4th February 2015
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The Palestinian Position

Few conflicts are as fraught with public opinion and historical background as that of Israel and Palestine. Palestine’s quest to receive accepted statehood is far from complete; yet with no specific guidelines as to what constitutes a state's existence, an outcome for this conflict looks bleak.

12:00, 29th January 2015
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Britain, Europe and the Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act 1998 is one of the most debated Acts in the UK. The Conservative government has indicated that it will repeal the HRA, and leave the ECHR in favour of a ‘British Bill of Rights’. However, it is difficult to envisage how this proposal fits with the UK's constitutional framework.

12:00, 13th January 2015
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Our Liberties in Anti-Terror Law

Following concerns raised by David Anderson QC regarding the recently proposed Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill by Home Secretary Theresa May, what impact are we likely to see on pre-existing anti-terror laws and how are measures balanced with our liberties should this Bill receive royal assent?

12:00, 5th January 2015
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Britain First: An Affront to Liberal Democratic Values

This week's by-election contest in Rochester will include Britain First: an extreme right-wing political party that, amongst other things, campaigns against Muslims in Britain. This reprehensible political party demonstrate a need for constitutionally entrenched human rights protection in the UK.

12:00, 18th November 2014
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Decriminalisation of Abortion

Abortion is a sensitive debate that is consumed by religious and ethical arguments. By examining the legal and ethical arguments on both sides, the effects that decriminalisation of abortion might have in Great Britain can be analysed to show that a woman's right to choose is of utmost importance.

12:00, 5th November 2014
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The Downfall of Head of State Immunity

The long-standing convention of head of state immunity allows heads of state, such as Prime Ministers, Presidents and Monarchs, to avoid criminal prosecution from another country's jurisdiction. However, this convention is fading in light of the growing recognition and protection of human rights.

12:00, 30th October 2014
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Extradition reform: new legislation, old practice

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 came into effect in July, bringing with it a whole host of legal developments to the pre-existing Extradition Act 2003. Jessica Johnson provides a scathing review of the lack of legal development the 2014 Act has brought despite strong scrutiny.

11:00, 29th September 2014
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Prisoners’ Voting Rights: Addressing the Unaddressed

Prisoners’ voting rights are frequently debated, clearly representing an area of law ripe for reform. Joseph Switalski discusses the rationale that underpins why prisoners are denied the right to vote and how that policy is reconciled within the wider aims of the criminal justice system.

11:15, 11th September 2014
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