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Decriminalisation of Abortion

Abortion is a sensitive debate that is consumed by religious and ethical arguments. By examining the legal and ethical arguments on both sides, the effects that decriminalisation of abortion might have in Great Britain can be analysed to show that a woman's right to choose is of utmost importance.

12:00, 5th November 2014
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The Downfall of Head of State Immunity

The long-standing convention of head of state immunity allows heads of state, such as Prime Ministers, Presidents and Monarchs, to avoid criminal prosecution from another country's jurisdiction. However, this convention is fading in light of the growing recognition and protection of human rights.

12:00, 30th October 2014
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Extradition reform: new legislation, old practice

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 came into effect in July, bringing with it a whole host of legal developments to the pre-existing Extradition Act 2003. Jessica Johnson provides a scathing review of the lack of legal development the 2014 Act has brought despite strong scrutiny.

12:00, 29th September 2014
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Prisoners’ Voting Rights: Addressing the Unaddressed

Prisoners’ voting rights are frequently debated, clearly representing an area of law ripe for reform. Joseph Switalski discusses the rationale that underpins why prisoners are denied the right to vote and how that policy is reconciled within the wider aims of the criminal justice system.

12:15, 11th September 2014
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Liability in War

A decision from the UK Supreme Court last year provided for the Ministry of Defence's liability in failing to adequately train and equip soldiers in instances that had been presumed to fall within the scope of 'combat immunity'. Jessica Johnson discusses the progression of state liability in war.

12:00, 4th September 2014
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Controversy behind the Scottish Referendum: Prisoners’ Voting Rights

The referendum on Scottish independence will be held on Thursday 18th September, as provided for under the Scottish Referendum (Franchise) Act 2013. However, as Ivonna Beeches discusses, the referendum has controversially reawakened the ongoing debate of the ineligibility of prisoners to vote.

12:00, 29th August 2014
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An Introduction to the Assisted Dying Bill 2014

Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill 2014 passed its second reading in the House of Lords on the 18th July 2014. Amy Ling analyses how the private members bill aims to balance the arguments for and against assisted suicide whilst focusing upon the direct needs of those it will be applicable to.

12:00, 28th August 2014
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Would it be right for the UK to leave the ECHR?

Following recent ministerial dismissals, Conservative policy demonstrating progression towards an exit from the European Convention on Human Rights and/or the European Union appears to be gathering momentum within the party. Emily Clements examines these developments and their possible consequences.

12:00, 22nd August 2014
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Is the criminal records scheme compatible with Article 8 ECHR?

The application of the government’s criminal records scheme has lately been subject to extensive litigation. Specifically, questions have been raised about whether the scheme in its entirety is compatible with Article 8 ECHR. Georgia Mitchell provides an analysis of several of these decided cases.

12:00, 20th August 2014
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Has the Law on Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders been Clarified?

The Court of Appeal recently held that there is a legal duty upon medical practitioners to involve and consult patients when placing a DNR order on their medical files; a failure to do so could breach patients' human rights. Helen Morse discusses the impact of this decision upon medical procedures.

12:00, 31st July 2014
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The Burqa Ban: a Step Backwards in the Fight for Rights

The European Court of Human Rights recently upheld the French ban on the wearing of clothing designed to conceal one's face in public. Ivonna Beeches discusses the problems of a statute which is discriminatory in fact yet is still permissible as long as its wording provides an acceptable frontage.

12:00, 23rd July 2014
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A Gilded Cage is Still a Cage

A recent decision of the UK Supreme Court has demonstrated how protection of human rights is provided to everyone regardless of any disability. Jade Rigby discusses how the the Supreme Court's decision will ensure the protection and recognition of the rights of those that require care from others.

12:00, 23rd June 2014
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Employment Law and Religious Rights - Striking a Balance

Employers can be placed in the difficult position of balancing the working needs of a business with he religious beliefs of their employers. Georgia Mitchell analyses a decision of the Court of Appeal which concerned an employee's supposed right, based on religious beliefs, not to work on Sundays.

09:26, 21st June 2014
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The Semi-Secret Terror Trial - A Leap of Faith in the Judiciary

A recent decision by the Court of Appeal provides furthers discussion on 'secret trials', and when they should be allowed. Merry Neal discusses why this particular anti-terrorism case will be heard partially behind closed doors, and the effects this has upon the rule of law.

10:18, 13th June 2014
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