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A Duty of Candour in Our Hospitals

There is a high level of good medical care in the United Kingdom. However, several recent incidents highlight considerable room for improvement for the prevention of future preventable mortalities. Emily Clements explores a proposed introduction of a duty of candour to strengthen medical standards.

12:00, 9th June 2014
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How Would the Prison Book Ban Fare Judicial Review?

In review of prison framework, the Ministry of Justice's "prison book ban" has great expectations of reducing illicit substances entering prisons. Francesca Norris provides several grounds upon which a judicial review of the policy could be brought to determine its illegality and proportionality.

12:00, 27th May 2014
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Is There Really a ‘Right’ to be Forgotten?

Has a decision from the European Court of Justice this week created a 'right' to be forgotten? By analysing the decision of the ECJ who held that Google should remove listings from their search engines, Chris Bridges explores whether a right to be forgotten is simply a construct of existing law.

12:00, 17th May 2014
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Insanity and Automatism: The Dysfunctional Defences

While there have been improvements to the law of insanity in recent decades, there is still a long way to go until the defences of insanity and automatism are satisfactory. Extensive reform has widespread support, however, to-date, Parliament has appeared reluctant to pursue full reform.

12:08, 29th April 2014
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Immigration Income Requirements: What is the real purpose?

Immigration has been a political hot topic of late, with the coalition government promising to cut net migration during their term. One way they have done this is by introducing new rules on income requirements to bring families to the UK. However, the government's justification does not add up.

12:18, 26th April 2014
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The Fate of Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures

The Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act 2011 was introduced to replace the anti-terrorism control order, which was much stricter than its successor, yet delivered the same goal. However, TPIMs are criticised on grounds of human rights and in-effectiveness. Are these criticisms fair?

12:08, 13th April 2014
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Stop & Search: Fundamentally Flawed or Institutionally Racist?

Police 'stop and search' powers are prone to criticism, with the latest case coming to a head in the Court of Appeal in February. However, on what grounds are these powers criticised? Is the law itself at fault by being too draconian, or is it police conduct that brings the bad name to the table?

12:38, 8th April 2014
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Extradition Part 2: A Political Tool

Jessica Johnson looks at the law governing extradition, this time with a focus on category 2 countries, specifically Russia and the USA. Whilst extradition may seem legal in nature, is it really just a political tool that reflects the current status of international relationships?

12:20, 2nd April 2014
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An exploration into the modern prison system: Does incarceration work?

The matter of imprisonment has always evoked controversy within society with many thinking the entire system is proving to be ineffective, with too many criminals reoffending upon release, and what's more, at great expense. However, what alternatives are there that are actually feasible?

13:03, 29th March 2014
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Part 1 of the Extradition Act 2003: The Role of the ECHR

Jessica Johnson looks at the influence of the ECHR on Extradition within the UK, with particular regard to category 1 territories. Are UK judges are becoming more involved with semi-political decisions due to the Human Rights Act 1998? The first of a two part series on extradition in the UK.

12:16, 18th March 2014
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Online Bill of Rights: What might it look like?

Twenty-Five years ago yesterday, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the internet, filed the memo that led to the creation of the web. On the internet's 25th birthday, Berners-Lee has spoken out for online privacy, lobbying for an international online bill of rights, embodying original principles.

12:17, 13th March 2014
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Whole Life Orders – The Balance of Justice

The Court of Appeal recently decided on the validity of the imposition of life orders in light of the European Convention of Human Rights Article 3 obligation of prohibition of torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Thomas Horton looks at the reasoning behind this decision.

12:26, 2nd March 2014
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Should we have a right to die?

The protracted court process of the ‘right to die’ appeals will come to a conclusion soon when the Supreme Court hand down their judgment. This article will provide a summary of the proceedings so far, and also give some comment on the possible outcomes for the parties involved.

11:58, 22nd February 2014
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State Immunity vs. Fundamental Human Rights

On the 14th January 2014, the ECtHR presented its judgement in the case of Jones and others v UK. Two UK individuals unsuccessfully appealed the House of Lords decision that Saudi Arabia could not be sued in the UK for torture and false imprisonment sustained abroad.

12:08, 20th February 2014
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