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We will not get the new youth justice system we need

This month, the government announced the launch of an extensive review into the youth justice system. However, with some key exclusions made to the review's terms of references, it seems unlikely we will get the new youth justice system that has been promised, ignoring pressure from all sides.

11:00, 2nd October 2015
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Reflections on a capital trial: we cannot justify capital punishment

Following a month working with the Office of the Federal Public Defender in California, including on a death sentence case, Josh Dowdall reflects on the use of capital punishment with the benefit of first hand experience. Can a death sentence ever really be justified in practice or in principle?

11:00, 29th September 2015
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Where is the Love? A Lament to Justice

This week the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta is being celebrated around the world. Yet there is hypocrisy in us celebrating it here in the UK, given the unrelenting changes that have been made to the justice system over the last five years. Would King John be proud of what he saw today?

11:00, 16th June 2015
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Addressing Wrongful Convictions

There is an inherent degree of risk of wrongful conviction in our criminal justice system. The CCRC was set up to combat this risk, but its gates do not open far, following a strict tick-box approach. There are however organisations that provide hope for those that have been wrongfully convicted.

12:00, 12th March 2015
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Criminal Justice and Courts Bill: An Attack on Judicial Review

The Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, a brainchild of Chris Grayling, aims to some relieve of the burden of judicial review. However, will the Bill in its current form alleviate the problems perceived by the Ministry of Justice, or is it an affront to democracy and the rule of law in the UK?

12:00, 12th February 2015
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Is the criminalisation of drugs the best approach?

The current state of legislation governing the possession, production and supply of drugs within the UK is a commonly debated topic. Arguments for the decriminalisation of drugs find their basis within concerns about public health. Is the Criminal Justice System the best way to tackle drug use?

12:00, 3rd January 2015
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Miscarriages of Justice in Prosecution of False Rape Claims

With so many elements stacked against victims of rape already, protection should be provided to victims of rape in reporting the offence they have been subject to. Focus should be shifted and continue to remain on actual and potential victims of rape, not possibly falsely accused individuals.

12:00, 17th December 2014
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Is Ched Evans Being Unfairly Treated?

When an individual is found guilty of a serious crime, such as a sexual offence, there is a need for the public to be protected, and imprisonment is the initial protectional solution. However, upon the offender's release, rehabilitation is key for continuing protection. Should this ever be denied?

12:00, 10th December 2014
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Making Criminals “Pay Their Way”

The Criminal Justice and Courts Bill was unveiled in February 2014. The Government has described the Bill as ‘ambitious’, because the Bill attempts to rectify a variety of problems within the criminal justice system, which notably proposes that criminals pay court costs incurred from their cases.

12:00, 8th December 2014
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Ministry of Justice Loses Mesothelioma Costs Battle

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that develops as a result of exposure to asbestos. A recent proposed change by the MoJ to disallow sufferers of mesothelioma to recover their costs from their defendant employers that had caused their exposure to asbestos has been opposed by the High Court.

12:05, 13th November 2014
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Fundamentally Dishonest Personal Injury Claims

The growing phenomenon of claimants fraudulently or grossly exaggerating personal injury claims has provided a significant challenge for the courts. The government has responded with the 'Criminal Justice and Courts Bill', which proposes to allow courts to dismiss fundamentally dishonest PI claims.

11:00, 24th October 2014
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The Rotherham Abuse Scandal

The stories that have escalated from the Rotherham abuse scandal have left people questioning how should negligent agencies and the exploitative perpetrators be punished. Despite the resignation of several people of authority, there are further punitive and preventative measures that must be taken.

11:00, 15th October 2014
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Time for a New Perspective on the Dangerous Dogs Act

Legislation that attempts to prevent and prohibit instances of dog attacks has recently been reformed in order to provide greater punishment of owners of the attacking dog, yet, as Amy Ling analyses, there still remains unfair legislation prohibiting the keeping of specific dog breed types.

11:30, 23rd September 2014
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Johnson’s presumption of guilt is no solution to Jihad John

Atrocities being committed by Islamic State apparently involving English nationals have made many demand prosecutions and justice. In light of such events and demands, some politicians have been positing drastic ideas, including, as Chris Sykes discusses, the removal of the presumption of innocence.

11:30, 15th September 2014
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