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The Pistorius Verdict Explained

Oscar Pistorius has been found guilty of culpable homicide and one firearms offence. The former Olympic athlete now faces a prison sentence of up to 15 years. Joseph Switalski explores how Judge Masipa reached her verdict by careful examination of the unusual facts of Reeva Steenkamp's death.

13:11, 12th September 2014
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Judge’s Remark Sparks Uproar over Victim Personal Statements

Judge White was recently overheard commenting on the inadequacies of Victim Personal Statements (VPSs), which describe the impact of an offender's crime upon the victim and are made before sentencing or at an offender's parole hearing. Christopher Sykes discusses the effectiveness and value of VPSs.

11:00, 25th August 2014
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Anonymity of Rape Defendants

Allegations of sexual assaults can have drastic consequences, often causing many to forget the truism: 'innocent until proven guilty'. In light of this year's allegations against the Oxford Union president, Ben Sullivan, Yasmin Daswani discusses the possibility of anonymity for those accused.

11:00, 23rd August 2014
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Employment Tribunal Fees: the Fight for Justice

The recent changes made to fees payable for Employment Tribunals has resulted in a significant decrease in the amount of claims being made by employees. Sophie Cole-Hamilton presents what changes were implemented and discusses the mounting legal challenges that are fighting for employees' justice.

11:00, 14th August 2014
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Blurred Boundaries: have politics become an unwelcome influence upon the Lord Chancellor?

Our Lord Chancellor, Chris Grayling, has been exposed to criticism during his tenure. Yet should we have some sympathy for this position that goes in the face of the separation of powers and is becoming increasingly politicised? Christopher Sykes discusses how this conundrum is being approached.

11:00, 7th August 2014
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The Burqa Ban: a Step Backwards in the Fight for Rights

The European Court of Human Rights recently upheld the French ban on the wearing of clothing designed to conceal one's face in public. Ivonna Beeches discusses the problems of a statute which is discriminatory in fact yet is still permissible as long as its wording provides an acceptable frontage.

11:00, 23rd July 2014
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The Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill - Is it Needed?

In the Queen's Speech last month, the Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism (SARAH) Bill was announced in an attempt to prevent claimants from recovering damages in negligence if the harm was the result of an action of social responsibility. Ryan Turner analyses the Bill's necessity.

13:14, 1st July 2014
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‘One punch’ Manslaughter: One Dissatisfied Public

'One punch' manslaughter has received public attention recently due to the lenient prison sentences that have been imposed upon those guilty of the offence. Jessica Johnson presents an analysis of the sentences imposed, and discusses whether stricter sentences should be imposed for this offence.

11:00, 27th June 2014
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The Semi-Secret Terror Trial - A Leap of Faith in the Judiciary

A recent decision by the Court of Appeal provides furthers discussion on 'secret trials', and when they should be allowed. Merry Neal discusses why this particular anti-terrorism case will be heard partially behind closed doors, and the effects this has upon the rule of law.

09:18, 13th June 2014
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How Would the Prison Book Ban Fare Judicial Review?

In review of prison framework, the Ministry of Justice's "prison book ban" has great expectations of reducing illicit substances entering prisons. Francesca Norris provides several grounds upon which a judicial review of the policy could be brought to determine its illegality and proportionality.

11:00, 27th May 2014
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All Bark and No Bite? ‘The Pitbull’ Gerrie Nel

Gerrie Nel, the prosecutor they call ‘the Pitbull’, recently cross-examinatined witnesses in the Pistorius Murder Trial. Joseph Switalski demonstrates why Mr Nel's advocacy sparked criticism from esteemed legal viewers, and how the prosecution's case could have been better presented.

11:00, 22nd May 2014
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Students and the Cuts to Legal Aid

A concern emanating from cuts to legal aid is that aspiring lawyers are being forced out of progressing into the legal profession. Saema Jaffer discusses what predicament the cuts to legal aid are putting students in and the implications those cuts are currently having upon junior lawyers.

11:22, 13th May 2014
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Criminalising the Transmission of STDs

The criminalisation of the transmission of STDs is a controversial issue. Following developments in case law, Jade Rigby analyses the consequences of imposing a criminal sanction under s. 20 of the Offences Against the Persons Act 1861. Does this criminal sanction act as a needed deterrent?

11:15, 8th May 2014
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Legal Aid – A Line in the Sand

The consultation over legal aid reforms has been largely ignored, and the battle between the Ministry of Justice and practicing barristers continues. Ryan Turner looks at the most recent action taken by the profession and further examines the impact of Grayling's legal aid reforms.

12:17, 10th March 2014
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