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The Biggest Challenges Facing the Legal Profession in 2020

"Commercial awareness" is perhaps the most overused and least understood phrase in the industry. Our look at the year ahead takes a broad approach to the topic, from Brexit and the criminal justice system to mental health and cybersecurity.

12:00, 14th January 2020
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'In Your Defence: Stories of Life and Law': An Interview with Sarah Langford

'In Your Defence' follows the the stories of eleven individuals, the details drawn from multiple real-life cases. In conversation with Keep Calm Talk Law, barrister and author Sarah Langford discusses life at the bar for women, motivations for writing and the crumbling criminal justice system.

12:00, 5th March 2019
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'Under the Wig': An Interview with William Clegg QC

In a interview to mark the release of his book - Under the Wig: A Lawyer’s Stories of Murder, Guilt and Innocence - William Clegg QC, one of the country's most respected criminal barristers, talks to Keep Calm Talk Law about his book, cuts to legal aid, diversity at the Bar and much more.

12:00, 5th October 2018
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Book Review: 'Stories of the Law and How It's Broken' by the Secret Barrister

'Stories of the Law and How It's Broken', written by anonymous barrister 'The Secret Barrister', takes a sobering look at the realities of the crumbling English and Welsh criminal legal system. A definite must-read, it is hoped the book's success will help save a system on the brink of collapse.

00:37, 2nd April 2018
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Commercial Awareness: The Fortnightly Round-Up (w/b 31st July)

Understanding the complex world of commerce is vital for aspiring commercial lawyers. Keep Calm Talk Law's fortnightly round-up returns from a short break, providing a succinct and manageable guide to the commercial stories you should know about.

18:00, 6th August 2017
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In Time: Access to Justice for Victims of Domestic Violence

The Court of Appeal has ruled that regulations which restricted the access to legal aid for domestic violence victims, based on Grayling’s flagship Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO), are invalid and now must be amended. Amy Ling considers the judgment.

12:00, 15th March 2016
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‘What Price Justice?’ Criminal Court Fees are Punishing the Vulnerable

In April 2015, the former Justice Secretary Chris Grayling announced plans to charge those convicted with criminal court fees, on a sliding scale. Whilst it may seem logical to make criminals pay their way, it has some serious implications for justice; this must be given greater thought.

12:00, 22nd October 2015
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Solicitor Advocates: A Help or a Hindrance to Family Practice?

In recent years, the dynamic of the legal profession has undergone significant change. One such change is the rise of the solicitor-advocate, demand for which has been exacerbated by cuts to legal aid. The family bar are unhappy about this, alleging poor advocacy. But do their complaints stand?

12:00, 1st September 2015
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Legal Aid: Pro bono picking up the slack?

Michael Gove's first speech as Lord Chancellor started by recognising the gaps left in the justice system by the ongoing legal aid cuts. However, it was merely false hope. His solution: lawyers should take up the slack of legal aid by working for free, often without the appropriate expertise.

12:00, 14th July 2015
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Legal Aid: The Wigs Are Off

In recent weeks, the ongoing saga over legal aid has once again come to the attention of the national press. The appointment of Gove as Justice Secretary brought some optimism, which has now been shattered by the announcement of the second 8.75% cut to legal aid fees for criminal solicitors.

12:00, 9th July 2015
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Where is the Love? A Lament to Justice

This week the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta is being celebrated around the world. Yet there is hypocrisy in us celebrating it here in the UK, given the unrelenting changes that have been made to the justice system over the last five years. Would King John be proud of what he saw today?

12:00, 16th June 2015
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Free DNA Testing In Family Courts

In a move to combat drawn out proceedings by providing swift certainty as to paternity, DNA tests are to be made available free of charge in family court proceedings from September 2015. Whilst this appears to be a positive move, it is not without flaws. Are DNA tests during proceedings too late?

12:00, 27th May 2015
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Divide and Conquer: Dual Contracts and Legal Aid

Last week, the profession lost its latest Court of Appeal attempt to prevent cuts to legal aid. The latest round of reforms are being rushed through before the General Election, and threaten to do significant damage to the justice system. Coverage of the saga to date, and a look at the judgment.

12:00, 2nd April 2015
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‘The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers’

Whilst legal business may be booming, the reputation of the profession continues to take blows. However, does the legal profession deserve tarnish? What is the cause of this negative perception? Most importantly, what can be done to reverse the continuing decline in our profession's public standing?

12:07, 27th February 2015
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