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Ministry of Justice Loses Mesothelioma Costs Battle

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that develops as a result of exposure to asbestos. A recent proposed change by the MoJ to disallow sufferers of mesothelioma to recover their costs from their defendant employers that had caused their exposure to asbestos has been opposed by the High Court.

12:05, 13th November 2014
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Blurred Boundaries: have politics become an unwelcome influence upon the Lord Chancellor?

Our Lord Chancellor, Chris Grayling, has been exposed to criticism during his tenure. Yet should we have some sympathy for this position that goes in the face of the separation of powers and is becoming increasingly politicised? Christopher Sykes discusses how this conundrum is being approached.

12:00, 7th August 2014
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Students and the Cuts to Legal Aid

A concern emanating from cuts to legal aid is that aspiring lawyers are being forced out of progressing into the legal profession. Saema Jaffer discusses what predicament the cuts to legal aid are putting students in and the implications those cuts are currently having upon junior lawyers.

12:22, 13th May 2014
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Complex Criminal Cases – what next?

In the wake of R v Crawley, there is serious uncertainty surrounding very high cost cases. This could not have come at a worse time, with criminal proceedings just launching for the extremely high profile and complex LIBOR Scandal. Thomas Horton looks at the issues involved and the future for VHCCs.

12:08, 6th May 2014
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Legal Aid – A Pyrrhic Victory

Opposition to the government's legal aid reforms continue. However, a controversial deal was struck last week between the Criminal Bar Association and the Ministry of Justice, which threatens to damage the unity created between two sections of the legal profession by the legal aid crisis.

13:27, 3rd April 2014
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Legal Aid – A Line in the Sand

The consultation over legal aid reforms has been largely ignored, and the battle between the Ministry of Justice and practicing barristers continues. Ryan Turner looks at the most recent action taken by the profession and further examines the impact of Grayling's legal aid reforms.

12:17, 10th March 2014
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Legal Aid: The Day of Action – What Next?

On 6th January, criminal lawyers took a very drastic step and staged a half day protest against the proposed cuts to the legal aid budget. Ryan Turner examines possible outcomes. Were these protests just? Will participating barristers efforts be rendered fruitless? Where next?

12:04, 16th January 2014
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Are cuts to legal aid impeding the course of justice?

Government austerity measures have taken their toll in many areas, but should justice be one of these? This question has been recently answered by Lord Neuberger in his critical 'Justice in an Age of Austerity' speech, legal aid cuts come at the cost of justice.

11:38, 16th November 2013
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