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‘The right to be forgotten’ – the answer to revenge porn?

This week the first person to be found guilty of the new ‘revenge porn’ offence has been sentenced. However, whilst this may give the victim a feeling of justice, it does not remedy the situation; images remain online. How might the right to be forgotten help victims of revenge pornography?

12:00, 2nd September 2015
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On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: UK mass-surveillance

Edward Snowden's revelations earlier this decade where not targeted at the USA alone. Snowden believes that '[GCHQ] are worse than the US.' This came to a crux in late 2014 before the Investigatory Powers Tribunal. GCHQ's powers remain legal, with details behind a different set of closed doors.

12:03, 27th July 2015
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For your eyes only: Down the rabbit-hole of mass-surveillance - USA

The threat of terrorism in modern times is clear. However, the practices of intelligence agencies was less so until Edward Snowden's revelations. Can flagrant abuses of the right to privacy be tolerated in light of the protection such practices give us, or is it the first step to an Orwellian state?

12:00, 3rd July 2015
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A Web of Influence: Freedom of Information and the Black Spider Memos

The 'Black Spider Memos’, private letters to government departments from Prince Charles, will shortly be in the public domain subsequent to an extensively litigated freedom of information request and a Supreme Court judgment. This simple FOI request has raised questions of constitutional importance.

12:00, 28th April 2015
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Vidal-Hall v Google: Can Big Brother Be Defeated?

The latest installment in this test case has arrived, confirming there is a discrete tort of misuse of private information, and suggesting non-pecuniary damages are available for breach of EU data protection laws. However, this case also raises wider questions: can we avoid Google's all-seeing eye?

12:15, 30th March 2015
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The Rihanna Row: Where Fashion Clashes with Privacy

Rhianna has been successful in an action against Topshop for using an image of her on t-shirts without permission. This clash between two big names has yet again tested the flexibility of the common law, using passing off to enforce image rights, which are not formally recognised in English Law.

12:00, 20th February 2015
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The EU Data Protection Regulation and UK Business

In 2012, the European Commission proposed major reforms to the protection of personal data by publishing a draft Data Protection Regulation. This draft Regulation is unlikely to come into effect for at least three years, yet data collectors face a dramatic increase in their responsibilities.

12:00, 4th November 2014
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How Long Until Privacy Prevails?

Last month, Lord Neuberger gave a speech concerning the need for privacy law reform. As consumers, we are increasingly giving more and more personal information to second and third parties. Chris Bridges presents some ideas for heightened data regulation to protect this valuable information.

12:15, 13th September 2014
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From DRIP to an ocean of trouble for the UK Legislature

The introduction of the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act in response to the ECJ's judgment in April, amongst other considerations, has demonstrated a blatant disregard for the protection of fundamental rights. Thomas Horton provides a comprehensive analysis of DRIPA and its likely fate.

12:00, 6th August 2014
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Is There Really a ‘Right’ to be Forgotten?

Has a decision from the European Court of Justice this week created a 'right' to be forgotten? By analysing the decision of the ECJ who held that Google should remove listings from their search engines, Chris Bridges explores whether a right to be forgotten is simply a construct of existing law.

12:00, 17th May 2014
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It's not the end of the line for data retention

On Tuesday the CJEU came to the conclusion the European Data Retention Directive was, and always had been, invalid, marking a significant step for the protection of privacy. However, is this the end of the line for telecommunications data retention within Europe, or just a minor setback?

12:15, 10th April 2014
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Online Pirates, prepare to be boarded! Right after we borrow a ship…

The Digital Economy Act 2010 provided for a stringent scheme to combat online piracy. However, due to a number of difficulties this has not yet been implemented. An alternative voluntary scheme has been suggested, but there are doubts as to whether it can succeed given opposition from stakeholders.

11:59, 5th April 2014
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Online Bill of Rights: What might it look like?

Twenty-Five years ago yesterday, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the internet, filed the memo that led to the creation of the web. On the internet's 25th birthday, Berners-Lee has spoken out for online privacy, lobbying for an international online bill of rights, embodying original principles.

12:17, 13th March 2014
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The Leveson Inquiry: The Media & Data Protection

The Information Commissioners Office has recently provided some draft guidance to media organisations on the applicability of the Data Protection Act 1998 to journalists. However this guidance highlights a strong difference in opinion between the ICO and the Leveson Inquiry, which should prevail?

13:21, 15th February 2014
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