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From DRIP to an ocean of trouble for the UK Legislature

The introduction of the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act in response to the ECJ's judgment in April, amongst other considerations, has demonstrated a blatant disregard for the protection of fundamental rights. Thomas Horton provides a comprehensive analysis of DRIPA and its likely fate.

11:00, 6th August 2014
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Gruelling roaming charges: a thing of the past?

On April 3rd 2014 the European Parliament voted in favour of abolishing roaming charges incurred by mobile phone usage abroad by Christmas 2015. The ultimate aim of such a move is to create a single telecoms market. Jessica Johnson analyses how this decision removes a huge barrier within the EU.

11:00, 20th May 2014
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Is There Really a ‘Right’ to be Forgotten?

Has a decision from the European Court of Justice this week created a 'right' to be forgotten? By analysing the decision of the ECJ who held that Google should remove listings from their search engines, Chris Bridges explores whether a right to be forgotten is simply a construct of existing law.

11:00, 17th May 2014
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Domain Names, Trademarks, and Squatters

With the launch of .london domain names this week, Chris Bridges looks at the value of domains, the rights of trademark holders in relation to domains, and the frowned upon practice of domain squatting. Is enough being done to protect rights holders, start-up businesses, and ultimately end users?

11:05, 1st May 2014
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Groundless Threats, Groundless Reform

Threats can be as scary as this tiger for a business. Whilst facing up to a tiger is not recommended, businesses are often too scared to make a stand against an intellectual property threat, even when it might be groundless. More extensive reform than that suggested by the Law Commission is needed.

11:13, 22nd April 2014
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It's not the end of the line for data retention

On Tuesday the CJEU came to the conclusion the European Data Retention Directive was, and always had been, invalid, marking a significant step for the protection of privacy. However, is this the end of the line for telecommunications data retention within Europe, or just a minor setback?

11:15, 10th April 2014
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Online Pirates, prepare to be boarded! Right after we borrow a ship…

The Digital Economy Act 2010 provided for a stringent scheme to combat online piracy. However, due to a number of difficulties this has not yet been implemented. An alternative voluntary scheme has been suggested, but there are doubts as to whether it can succeed given opposition from stakeholders.

10:59, 5th April 2014
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Competition v Intellectual Property - Clarity but little substantive change

Competition is a key pillar to the EU. But, to obtain true competition, innovation must be encouraged, requiring protection of intellectual property. A regulation update has provided clarity over when technology transfer agreements will be permissible, but provides little substantive improvement.

12:21, 27th March 2014
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Google to get a slap on the wrist for ‘stalking adverts’?

Last Thursday (16th January) the High court handed down judgement in Vidal -Hall & Ors v Google Inc, with an outcome Google will surely be dismayed by. Google are to be sued here in the UK for breach of privacy, potentially under an entirely new tort of misuse of private information.

13:10, 25th January 2014
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Social Media & Contempt of Court

The Contempt of Court Act 1981 has long restricted comment that could be seen as prejudicial to a court case, or those involved. Traditionally, this only concerned the media. However, social media has opened publication to the masses, leaving users in precarious positions, without guidance.

14:26, 18th January 2014
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Bitcoins: A Triumph or Disaster of the Modern Age?

The Bitcoin has recently had a surge of interest from speculators and the media alike. Some see the Bitcoin as the currency of the future. Others see the Bitcoin as a tool of criminality and tax evasion. The US Senate recently praised virtual currency, whilst China seeks to ban it.

12:29, 21st December 2013
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Legitimate forms of protest in the 21st Century

We live in an age of rapid change, in which technological progress is exponential. However not everything is changing so quickly. Whilst certain forms of protest, such as discrimination, are no longer acceptable, society is failing to accept new forms of protest that our technological age needs.

13:50, 8th December 2013
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Freedom of Design: Should 'simplicity' be protected?

Last week some finality was finally brought to the first round of the Apple v Samsung disputes when a US court handed down final judgement on the amount of damages due to Apple for the breach of numerous patents. However, should these damages have been awarded, can Apple really protect simplicity?

13:08, 1st December 2013
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A Case Study: Are patents a help or hindrance to innovation?

Criticism of patent systems around the world has been rife in the last few years, so much so it is getting to a point where many are beginning to question the benefits patents actually bring to innovation. Whilst patents have in recent years been abused, they do have significant benefits.

12:06, 18th November 2013
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