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Changing of the Guard: Moving Keep Calm Talk Law Forward

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About The Author

Bláthnaid Breslin (Joint Editor-in-Chief)

Bláthnaid recently graduated from the University of Nottingham with a first class degree. She is currently undertaking the BPTC in London, funded by a Lord Denning scholarship, and will begin the BCL at Oxford in September. She has a particular interest in land law and social housing. Outside the law, Bláthnaid is a talented tennis player who played for the University of Nottingham Ladies’ II Team.

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©Gabriel Villena

After nearly two years at the helm of Keep Calm Talk Law, Keir Baker is stepping down from his role as Editor in Chief in order to focus his energy on his training contract at Morgan Lewis and Bockius LLP. Under his stewardship, the Journal published 165 articles on a wide variety of topics penned by a diverse group of talented authors. During that time, Keep Calm Talk Law also celebrated its fourth birthday.

Keir Baker's commitment to Keep Calm Talk Law will be missed. We are grateful that he will be offering his continued support to the Journal in his new role as Consulting Editor.

However, the show must go on: Keep Calm Talk Law remains a popular and valuable resource for both law students and lay persons seeking accessible and engaging commentary on contemporary legal issues. 

With this in mind, it is with pleasure that Connor Griffith and I intend to take over the running Keep Calm Talk Law, working together as Joint Editors-in-Chief. We hope that our combined efforts will go some way to filling Keir Baker’s shoes.


Connor Griffith has been involved with Keep Calm Talk Law since February 2017. Initially joining the Journal as a Regular Writer, he has been a prolific author of pieces on many different subjects. He has written 21 articles for the Journal, two of which are among Keep Calm Talk Law's most-read articles of all time: his criticism of the law involved in the conviction of Count Dankula, and his review of the bestselling book by the Secret Barrister.

Connor Griffith subsequently received a well-deserved promotion to Deputy Editor in April 2018. I am confident that his experience, as both a Regular Writer and as an editor, will prove invaluable as we seek to move Keep Calm Talk Law forward. He understands the Journal’s current strengths, how to maintain them, and how to develop them.

Meanwhile, I have been involved with Keep Calm Talk Law since February 2018, when I joined the team as Deputy Editor. In that time, I have been impressed by the dedication of the writers, the editorial team, and Keir Baker’s role in coordinating the two. Over the past few months I have got a feel for what the Journal is capable of; I hope to bring a fresh face and a new perspective to its operations.

The Current Position of Keep Calm Talk Law 

Keep Calm Talk Law has long been publishing articles that cover interesting legal issues. However, one of the most encouraging and exciting features of the Journal this year has been its  coverage of current affairs and contemporary legal developments.

Indeed, in recent months, Keep Calm Talk Law has been able to react quickly and publish articles dealing with high-profile news events. By providing comprehensive and accessible coverage of these stories, these articles have increased the Journal’s profile – both within the legal sphere and outside it. Some notable examples include:

  • Mark O’Neill’s concise explanation of the law of affray and how it relates to the charges faced by England cricketer Ben Stokes;
  • Connor Griffith’s in-depth examination of the high-profile legal saga that surrounded former EDL leader Tommy Robinson;
  • Ceylan Simsek’s detailed account of the case of Dr Hadiza Bawa Garba and its impact on the medical profession;
  • Ben Cisneros's comprehensive three-part series documenting the controversy enveloping the rugby world in light of Spain being blocked for participating in the Rugby World Cup 2019;
  • Peter Lennon’s engaging analysis of the Supreme Court's decision in Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis v DSD and NBV [2018] and its effect on police operations in the future.

In the #fakenews era the ability of Keep Calm Talk Law to provide reliable commentary on current events is a strength which Connor Griffith and I hope to preserve and develop during our time as Editors in Chief.

Future Developments

Keir Baker came to Keep Calm Talk Law at a time when many of the key players from its early days had moved on to their professional lives. As he has documented, it took time, investment and hard work to re-establish the Journal and return it to its status as a key resource for both students and practitioners. It is a legacy to be proud of.

Keir Baker ran the journal with great diligence; the methods he employed were key to its successful operation. In that respect, there is therefore little that Connor Griffith and I intend to change.

However, there are some changes that we hope to implement which will enhance the value of Keep Calm Talk Law to its readers. For example, we hope to introduce of a 'University' section to the website. Our statistics show us that articles dealing with topics traditionally covered on the LLB and/or GDL tend to do particularly well.

We hope that the creation of this section will be a useful tool for those studying or refreshing their knowledge of core legal subjects. Implementing this development will, of course, take time. We are therefore grateful to our writers for their support in its creation, and our readers for their patience.


Connor Griffith and I are very excited to have been given the opportunity to run Keep Calm Talk Law. We are confident that it will be a great experience for us, allowing us to interact with a wide range of people who all share one key characteristic: they are passionate about law as an academic subject. 

We intend to continue Keep Calm Talk Law’s commitment to its core values: access, opportunity, support, innovation. And we intend to ensure Keep Calm Talk Law remains a platform where anyone can have their work published – whatever their experience or qualifications.

If you have any feedback, thoughts, comments, questions or criticisms about Keep Calm Talk Law, please contact either Connor Griffith or Bláthnaid Breslin, Joint Editors in Chief, on connorrgriffith@hotmail.com or blathnaidbreslin@gmail.com.

For the latest articles straight to your inbox, you can subscribe for free. Alternatively, follow @KeepCalmTalkLaw on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.

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