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From Noticeboard to Broadsheet

About The Author

Chris Bridges (Executive Editor)

Chris is an IT and Data Protection solicitor at a top 20 full service firm and the founder of Keep Calm Talk Law. He also contributes to Computers and Law and other sector specific publications.

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A New Keep Calm Talk Law Website

Nearly a year on from launch, Keep Calm Talk Law has progressed rapidly to one of the UK's premier online law journals, all without charging a penny. Today we have launched our new 'broadsheet' style website, evolving from the previous noticeboard. This, we feel, is quite the metaphor for our rapid progression.

This change is not just for metaphorical purposes. We believe the new design reflects the growing number of professional readers we have obtained over the past six months. The support of the profession is something we have always strived for, but this is not to say we are letting go of our aspiring lawyer roots. We will continue to make the publication appeal to both aspiring and practising lawyers, with articles that assume little to no knowledge of the topic at hand.

In addition to the new design, the new website brings a host of new features, including the opening of comments to unregistered readers.

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support. With this, we are sure Keep Calm Talk Law will only continue to grow.

If you come across any bugs on our new website, please get in touch on admin@keepcalmtalklaw.co.uk to assist us in ironing these out.

For archival purposes, we have attached a snapshot of the old website at the bottom of these page.

Check Back Soon For Another Significant Development...

To further our commitment to aspiring lawyers, we will be launching a legal careers access scheme before the year is out.

Whilst it is considered difficult to make it into any division of the legal profession, it is widely known that the Bar can be, and usually is, the hardest. For many, it begins to seem like there is no real prospect of success; this is particularly true where the aspiring barrister is from an under represented group with no industry contacts.

Aspiring barristers face crippling tuition fees for the BPTC, with even less prospect of funding than that seen by aspiring solicitors. Once the question of funding the BPTC has been overcome, aspiring barristers are then faced with the daunting prospect of seeking pupillage.

This is no news for aspiring barristers and those lucky enough to have obtained pupillage and tenancy. Yet, comparatively little easy-to-access support is available for aspiring barristers in need of career advice. Resources for solicitors are extensive; LawCareers.net has been around for many years, and 2014 has seen the rise of Aspiring Solicitors, a fantastic initiative to help hopeful solicitors secure the all-important training contract. In addition to the aforementioned resources, hopeful solicitors are frequently given the opportunity to speak to qualified solicitors, with a well-trodden circuit of law firm sponsored university recruitment events.

Despite the difficulty faced in making it to the Bar, aspiring barristers simply do not have the same resources available to them. This needs to change.

Instead of simply commenting on this less than ideal situation, here at Keep Calm Talk Law, we want to do something about it. We want to give aspiring barristers the help and motivation they need and deserve.

Through our programme, Access Bar Careers ('ABC'), we will facilitate the provision of personalised careers advice with the support of practising barristers.

ABC is currently set for a late 2014 launch. If you are a practising barrister that would like to get involved, or represent an organisation that would, please contact the ABC team on abc@keepcalmtalklaw.co.uk.

A Snapshot of the Old Keep Calm Talk Law


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