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KCTL: New Year, New Team

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About The Author

Liza Hartley (Editor-in-Chief)

Liza is an English graduate from Cambridge University, currently studying the GDL at City University of London. Her main areas of interest are Public, Planning and Housing law. Outside the law, she enjoys reading, playing hockey and travelling to new cities.

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The Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn

Some people say 30 is the new 20. Apparently, this year, March is the new January.

Even without the unique challenge of COVID-19, the last year and a half has been a challenging time for Keep Calm Talk Law, with many of the previous editorial and writing teams moving on to focus on what we hope will be long, successful careers as solicitors and barristers.

Behind the scenes, the last year and a half has been a process of replacing those team members – not an easy task – while continuing to publish content as regularly as possible. After a few months off over the holiday period, Keep Calm Talk Law will return this month with new articles, and a new team.

After two years writing for KCTL and another year and a half as editor-in-chief, Peter Lennon will be stepping back from his role to focus on his ongoing training contract. He will stay on to assist the new team as a Consulting Editor, and steps back confident that the site is in good hands. KCTL is resoundingly grateful for all the work Peter has done for the publication over his many years of involvement. 

Liza Hartley will be taking over as KCTL’s new editor-in-chief. Liza has been working as Keep Calm Talk Law’s Deputy Editor since September 2019, and this transition has been in the works for some time. Liza is a GDL graduate from City University of London, with an undergraduate degree in English from Peterhouse, Cambridge University. She is looking forward to taking the reins and continuing the good work while completing her legal studies. 

In addition to the top spot, the core team at KCTL remains small but is growing steadily. Regular Writer Naz Khan is joining the editorial team alongside talented new editor Samuel Barron and new Family Law editor Elizabeth Shaw. In addition to the excellent writers we have taken on over the last year – Elijah Granet, Callum Reid-Hutchings, and Suleha Baig – we have some new additions for the New Year, including Jalal Chohan, as well as a number of talented upcoming guest writers.

After a few months’ break and a difficult year for just about everybody, we’re excited to get back to business as usual. To get the ball rolling, we have a slate of articles lined up for March and April, including:

  • The Biggest Challenges Facing the Legal Profession in 2021, from outgoing editor-in-chief Peter Lennon. Our annual update, slightly later than usual this year.
  • From incoming editor-in-chief Liza Hartley, an update on the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on the status of Uber drivers as workers.
  • An article from our long-time sports law writer Mark O’Neill on a potential class-action claim over concussions in rugby union. 
  • A piece from new regular writer Jalal Chohan on the current state of judicial review.
  • A piece on the Equality Act from Annie Fendrich.
  • Luke Cuthbert’s analysis of the Internal Market Bill’s initial illegality and its status in light of recent developments on Brexit.
  • A look at the future of mobile health (mHealth) applications from Oscar Newman.

If you would like to contribute to the UK’s most exciting legal review, have your work reviewed by our editorial team, and gain valuable legal writing experience in the process, then please visit the Contribute page of our website for details on how to become a KCTL writer.

For the latest articles straight to your inbox, you can subscribe for free. Alternatively, follow @KeepCalmTalkLaw on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.

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