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Our First Birthday

About The Author

Chris Bridges (Executive Editor)

Chris is an IT and Data Protection solicitor at a top 20 full service firm and the founder of Keep Calm Talk Law. He also contributes to Computers and Law and other sector specific publications.

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A year ago today, Keep Calm Talk Law published its first article. Much has happened since then, therefore I would like to take the opportunity to recognise some key achievements & contributors, highlight upcoming developments, and most of all, thank our loyal reader base.

The Statistics

As of yesterday, we have over 25,000 unique readers. This is a staggering achievement for our first year, particularly so considering our team members are all ‘new on the block’, and that the project has been entirely without financial backing. Our growth has been almost entirely organic, and we are proud of this fact.

We have published exactly 339,461 words, equating to around 679 A4 pages. This would not have been possible without our fantastic team and guest contributors.

Our Team

We were fortunate enough to start with a sizeable team of eight writers. A year later, we have over 20 team members for the website alone, each of which has without a doubt earned their place. This does not include our extensive team of Ambassadors at universities and other institutions across the country, which have also been of great value.

The Regular Writers we have are a key part in maintaining the breadth of quality legal commentary found on our website, and we cannot thank them enough for the time they commit. It is refreshing to find such a broad range of persons from various backgrounds that are getting involved.

We are proud to give aspiring lawyers the opportunity to be read by a sizeable professional audience, and we are committed to continue doing this. There are many talented writers among aspiring lawyers and I think it is fair to say on behalf of all of the Editorial Team, we find it rewarding giving them the opportunity to flourish.

We are delighted to say that our writers are proud to be a part of Keep Calm Talk Law. Not only have they contributed to a unique project, they have enjoyed doing so and have taken valuable skills from it.

Here is what a few of our writers had to say about their experience thus far:

Being part of Keep Calm Talk Law allowed me to continue legal writing after university, motivated me to keep abreast of the latest legal developments and helped me improve both my writing and editing skills. Being a first-hand witness of the journal’s day-to-day rapid development, I can only see the Keep Calm Talk Law becoming the leading go-to journal for students, academics, businesspeople and legal practitioners alike.


Writing for Keep Calm Talk Law is a great talking point with anyone you meet, particularly with potential employers! 

I highly value the platform Keep Calm Talk Law has provided me with to demonstrate my commitment to entering the legal profession. I appreciate the structured framework writing for the journal offers aspiring lawyers, such as myself, to deepen their legal knowledge in areas outside of their studies.


The editorial feedback received on articles I have submitted has been second to none. The Editorial Team put in a staggering amount of time and effort in order to help writers develop their skillsets, and ultimately ensure we are portrayed in the best possible light.

Further, being a part of this unique project has proven invaluable in my search for a career in law. Few people of my age or career stage can claim to have had the same experience.

We value all of our writers extremely highly. However, a special mention must go to a few in particular:

  • Georgia Mitchell, for showing an impressive development in her writing ability over the past year;
  • Hannah Larsen, for always taking feedback on board gratefully, a delight to work with;
  • Amy Ling for her consistent high quality first drafts; and
  • Helen Morse, who is extremely dedicated and diligent, despite joining our team relatively recently.

A special mention must also go to the entire Editorial Team who put in an extensive amount of work behind the scenes to ensure our articles are of the highest quality, despite their busy personal lives and careers. I would like to thank Thomas Horton in particular, who has been invaluable and shown unrelenting commitment.

We are constantly making additions to our Editorial Team, and I am looking forward to working more closely with Jade Rigby, Amy Ling, and Matt Bogdan, our latest Section Editors.

Interested in joining our team? We are always interested to hear from enthusiastic individuals that take pride in their work. We operate as a strong meritocracy; we take on team members based on their potential, not their credentials, and promote based on enthusiasm and dedication. Please see the ‘Join Us’ page for more information.

Future Developments


We are currently making good progress on a number of partnerships with outside organisations to further concrete our fledging reputation as a go-to place for easy to comprehend, no strings attached, high quality legal commentary.

This should see further contributions from trainees, pupils, and other junior lawyers.

Legal Events

We have always aimed to be a 3D organisation, and this is soon to become a reality. 2015 will see a multitude of events open to both aspiring and practising lawyers.

Careers Access

Several members of our team are involved in a project called ‘Access Bar Careers’ (‘ABC’), which is launching in just two weeks time. ABC aims to provide aspiring barristers with easy to access mentoring sessions with their qualified counterparts, and is generating a substantial amount of interest throughout the profession.

We are backing this project with publicity & marketing, software provision, hosting, and a feed of our articles. I look forward to seeing this benevolent project flourish.

Final Remarks

I am confident our second year will be as prosperous as our first, if not more so.

More importantly, I hope our readers continue to hold us in the highest regard; we are dedicated to continue providing the same service, and with exciting developments just around the corner, we hope we will be able to improve on this already high base.

If you have any feedback about Keep Calm Talk Law, whether positive or negative, we always appreciate hearing it; this can be left easily via our online feedback form.

Interested in partnering with Keep Calm Talk Law? We would love to hear from you. Please contact Chris Bridges, Director & Executive Editor, on chris.bridges@keepcalmtalklaw.co.uk.

For the latest articles straight to your inbox, you can subscribe for free. Alternatively, follow @KeepCalmTalkLaw on Twitter or Like us on Facebook.

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