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A Global Perspective on Anti-Suit Injunctions

Anti-suit injunctions are a key way in which a party to an arbitration agreement can protect their right to bring a claim according to its terms. But the extent to which they are welcomed varies in different jurisdictions, in a way that seems linked to the underlying origins of each legal system.

12:00, 4th July 2017

Commercial Awareness: The Fortnightly Round-Up (w/b 19th June)

Understanding the complex world of commerce is vital for aspiring commercial lawyers. Keep Calm Talk Law's fortnightly round-up continues, providing a succinct and manageable guide to the commercial stories you should know about.

19:00, 25th June 2017

The People v Tony Blair? Examining the Crime of Aggression

The life of Tony Blair is beset with calls for him to face charges for 'war crimes' at the ICC in The Hague. However, such demands are flawed: they advocate prosecuting Blair for the wrong offence. Instead, the Crime of Aggression is more appropriate - despite uncertainties surrounding its scope.

12:00, 24th March 2017

TransAm Trucking v ARB: Time to Freeze Out Judge Neil Gorsuch?

The Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearing of Donald Trump's nominee for the empty seat on the US Supreme Court discussed one of Gorsuch J's past decisions: TransAm Trucking v ARB. His dissent in this case suggests he may not be as good a fit for the Supreme Court as it might seem.

13:00, 22nd March 2017

Lord Lester's 'Five Ideas to Fight For' - And How Brexit Changes Them

Lord Lester QC's book, published in April 2016, outlined the importance of fighting for five key ideals. Almost one year and a Brexit vote later, the protection that these principles are afforded is under threat, and the nature and content of the battle for them has changed.

12:00, 21st March 2017

No Safety, Know Pain: Time to Celebrate the HASWA 1974

Health and safety legislation is invariably greeted with scepticism. Myths concerning bans on conkers and the putting up of Christmas decorations have meant that the importance of the law in this area oft goes unnoticed. But it is time to give credit where it is due.

12:00, 10th March 2017

Time for Stark Changes? Examining Pop Culture in Legal Education

Reading dusty tomes and learning by rote the names and facts of cases to supplement daily lectures has long been the staple approach for legal education. However, it might be time for some law courses to rethink their approach to teaching. What roles can 'Pop Culture' and Virtual Reality play?

12:00, 24th February 2017

An Age-Old Question: The Law of Refugee Age Testing

Keep Calm Talk Law makes its comeback with an examination of law covering the tests through which the age of young asylum seekers is determined, following controversial claims from the tabloid press late last year that some refugees were falsifying their age to facilitate their entry into the UK.

12:00, 10th January 2017

Don’t just do something, stand there! Reforming the EU

There is now a fourth significant turning point in modern British history - Brexit. Brexit could be the shock that the EU needs to reform. For the European Union to survive, it must understand that member states are significantly frustrated at the way it has operated over the past decade.

12:00, 4th August 2016

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TransAm Trucking v ARB: Time to Freeze Out Judge Neil Gorsuch?

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18th Nov 2016

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11th Nov 2015

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11th Nov 2014

From Noticeboard to Broadsheet

13th Oct 2014


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