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Paid and Displayed: Is the BBC at risk of Discrimination Lawsuits?

The publication of the salaries of the BBC's 96 highest paid stars has shone a light on a major gender pay gap within the corporation. Might these new figures leave it having to fight off pay discrimination lawsuits?

12:00, 21st July 2017

The Last Laugh? The Failure of IP law to Protect Comedians

The law of IP across many jurisdictions has struggled to provide adequate protection for comedians, as demonstrated by an upcoming case in America involving Conan O'Brien. There is evidence that shows comedians have thus resorted to using social norms to protect themselves, and each other.

12:00, 11th July 2017

Altruism or Exploitation? Fiscal Privileges for Charitable Trusts

A trust that is considered to be for a charitable purpose is given certain fiscal privileges, but it is debated by legal academics and philosophers alike whether these provisions are necessary to encourage the creation of such trusts or unjustifiably risk potential exploitation.

12:00, 26th June 2017

Alright for SAAMco? Redefining Negligence for the Legal Profession

The scope of negligence liability faced by legal professionals was authoritatively determined in the late 1990s; the law was stable and well-known. But a Supreme Court decision from earlier this year heralded a new approach - so should lawyers start to worry, or breathe a sigh of relief?

12:00, 11th April 2017

Unexpected Item in the Sacking Area? Summary Dismissal in Adesokan v Sainsbury’s

The right of employees to claim for wrongful dismissal is an important limit on the managerial prerogative of employers to run their business how they please. However, as examined in a case from earlier this year, this right is of limited scope and the extent of its application is hotly contested.

12:00, 7th April 2017

Authoritative Guidance or ‘Inspired Discussion’? Lord Hoffman on Implied Terms

It is over a year since Lord Hoffmann's controversial approach to implied terms was overruled by the Supreme Court. The law, having been reverted back to its prior state, is generally considered more satisfactory now. But why?

12:00, 28th March 2017

No Safety, Know Pain: Time to Celebrate the HASWA 1974

Health and safety legislation is invariably greeted with scepticism. Myths concerning bans on conkers and the putting up of Christmas decorations have meant that the importance of the law in this area oft goes unnoticed. But it is time to give credit where it is due.

12:00, 10th March 2017

Fair A Lease? Newman v Clarke and the Strictness of the Self-Dealing Rule

Equity's emphasis on fiduciaries being loyal to their principal has created a number of stringent rules. One - the rule against self-dealing - is particularly rigorous. However, a case from late 2016 shed light on how the courts have tried to limit unfairness caused by this rule of strict liability.

12:00, 3rd March 2017

You’ll Never Walk Alone: How Hillsborough Put Negligence on a Wrong Turn

The impact of the Hillsborough is still being felt right across society and across the law. Indeed, the fallout of the disaster saw the creation of a precedent applied to negligence claims for psychiatric harm. Though of the highest authority, is it time for that decision to be rethought?

12:00, 14th February 2017

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Altruism or Exploitation? Fiscal Privileges for Charitable Trusts

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11th Nov 2015

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11th Nov 2014

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13th Oct 2014


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